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This database contains the games that were originally found in the wiki and the forums, but in a nice, clear, and concise format that is easily searched. Forum members may add new game listings, write reviews, hold contests, and much more.

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 There is currently a contest running on TFGS. The theme of the contest is Game Night! with a deadline of Jan 1st, 2020 (Eastern Time).

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 » Featured Community Favorites

   Old School Blazin' for HTML by ikkabod has 583 likes from the community
   TF Card Battle for HTML by ApolloSeven has 516 likes from the community
   Welcome to STRAPford for HTML by kittysarah has 406 likes from the community
   Strive For Power for Other by Maverik has 405 likes from the community
   You're Dead, Try Again for HTML by nimble has 195 likes from the community
   Chains of Society for HTML by LewdHeart has 142 likes from the community
   Better Earth for RPG Maker VX Ace by Hito125 has 139 likes from the community
   SlaveGirls Rising for RPG Maker VX Ace by KavenBach has 68 likes from the community
   RWBY: Chibi-Quest for RPG Maker MV by kyrukei has 43 likes from the community
   entre nous for HTML by Blauz. has 35 likes from the community
   Revenge Sucks for HTML by ivanoff has 34 likes from the community
   Mind Control Dating Simulator for HTML by ZZZoom has 34 likes from the community

 » Recent Game Submissions

   MariaPerez has released Forest Fairytales on 07/21/2019 for HTML
   CoffeeGirlWorks has released Atlantia on 07/21/2019 for Unity
   pizzacat has released Immoral Sorceress on 07/20/2019 for RPG Maker MV
   bestbabynumberone has released The Dionysus Cup on 07/16/2019 for Ren'Py
   relattic has released BMO TV on 07/06/2019 for Unity
   ziztazlut has released Impetus on 07/06/2019 for HTML
   balthamel19 has released CNT University! on 07/03/2019 for RPG Maker MV
   NoobSalad has released Cloud 10 on 06/29/2019 for HTML
   SissyAutist has released Become a Girlfriend: Remastered on 06/27/2019 for HTML
   BigEiffelTower has released Blacked & Whited on 06/26/2019 for HTML
   OVERDRIVE has released Lewd Souls 3D on 06/25/2019 for Unity
   DragaX has released Suddenly a Girl on 06/24/2019 for HTML

 » Recent Game Updates

   throwawaylady has updated Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition on 07/22/2019 for Unity
   JanuaryNight has updated Enchanted on 07/22/2019 for HTML
   aaaac has updated Monsters of the Forest on 07/21/2019 for HTML
   splendidostrich has updated Newlife on 07/21/2019 for Java
   SlavesOfRome has updated Slaves Of Rome on 07/20/2019 for Other
   P-Sweezy has updated Mess with the Blood on 07/20/2019 for RAGS
   Malhavok has updated Queen of the Seas on 07/20/2019 for HTML
   GateKeeper has updated Last Stand of Ra on 07/19/2019 for HTML
   vinfamy has updated LifePlay on 07/19/2019 for Other
   Proxxie has updated The Proteus Effect on 07/19/2019 for RPG Maker MV
   icarue has updated Orchard University Recarded on 07/19/2019 for RPG Maker MV
   daviezwei has updated Healslut on 07/19/2019 for Ren'Py

 » Latest reviews from the community

   Red-XIII reviewed Enchanted on 07/23/2019
   stacytv reviewed The Gold Rush on 07/23/2019
   JaradLichLord reviewed Forest Fairytales on 07/23/2019
   meem reviewed Fantasy Armor on 07/23/2019
   meem reviewed Forest Fairytales on 07/23/2019
   meem reviewed Battle School Transformia: Legend of the Dragon Maid on 07/22/2019
   Morion reviewed Submansion on 07/21/2019
   prismgoy reviewed Monsters of the Forest on 07/21/2019
   falla1n reviewed Forest Fairytales on 07/21/2019
   jessie reviewed Student Transfer (Collab VN) on 07/21/2019
   foxdsx reviewed Atlantia on 07/21/2019
   meem reviewed Impetus on 07/21/2019

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