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Version: 7.0

Version: 7.2

Alone Amongst Demons The Change

This is the second game I am making about alone amongst demons.

This time around you start off as the friend of Juka after Juka has already left on his journy for a few days.

you encounter the possesed form of Juka and that is where the story starts.


if you encounter bugs or probelms please use the forum to adress them or send me a private message.





You play as Jack a Friend of Juka

and your first mission is to find out what happened to Juka. and why he is acting so strange.

In the end, the only thing Jack get's for all her trouble is a curse,

and now he seeks to cure his infliction before it changes him even more

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Review by zarock

Version reviewed: 7.2 on 04/27/2020

I feel like the game somehow lost the spirit of the original Alone Amongst Demons, particularly after reintroducing Shina. The section before that was interesting and enjoyable in its own right, but the Shina portion was not quite right for me. A couple of the characters felt different to me than when I left behind at the end of the first game, at least while around humans, and the overall feel of that portion of the game seemed quite different than the original. This review is for version 7.0, not 7.2.

Review by Ambi

Version reviewed: 6.1 bugfix on 02/22/2018

As this game is developing, it is becoming more and more enjoyable!  The author, Gibendels has spent quite a bit of time and attention to detail so the story is progressing smoothly and people you meet and interact with change over time.  The overall story is fun, well paced and straightforward, the characters are likable & attractive and the overall layout of the game/maps is nicely done!  I definitely enjoyed playing this game, especially after the end of what seems to be the "first chapter" of the game, which sets the table for the rest of the game, and whatever else is to come.  There are some wonderful hints about what the author has planned for future versions of this game, and it looks like the "unlucky" protagonist will have even more wonderful dilemmas facing them soon! 

So the game is good, but  I'd also like to make two suggestions... 

During its later parts, the game uses a quest system, which I like alot.  Gibendels added a questbook that makes sure the character can't get too far off track, and also adds dialog and hints in the game text.  Honestly either one would suffice to keep the player from getting too frustrated, and sometimes making things a little vague lets the player 'struggle'  in a good way and enjoy the game a little more when they succeed at a task.  Where many authors don't give enough hints, I think there may be too many in this game.

The main characters in the game pick up some very interesting things during the adventure, and some of those manifest themselves as "Key Items" during the game, but aside from one weapon, hardly any clothing, equipment, jewelry or other items find their way into the character's inventories.  I'd love to see some clothing and other character-appropriate items make their way into inventory, especially the ones that seem to be the centerpiece of some of the (very enjoyable) scenes in the game. Items would really flesh out the sparse character-equipment screen and add a bit of depth to the characters as well.

Liked it!  Subscribed for Updates!  Thank you for making good games!

Review by hathios

Version reviewed: 5.0.0 on 09/17/2017

I like the game even the twist in the middle.

For those who have trouble sneaking passed the guards the Inn you need to enter has a backdoor.

Don't try to hard it is easy to pass them you only have to watch their movment it repeats itself so you will find a gap.

Review by coc121

Version reviewed: 5.0.0 on 09/17/2017

an enjoyable game so far but I have to say the game ended for me at the sneaking past the guards event, namely you can't sneak past the guards! I tried everything, saving at literally every pixel and still no go, either you reduce the nmuber of guards or their movement speed or you may have others like me giving up

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on 08/10/2017

Like the first game, this one looke like it will be good.  Not much content atm, but enough to say "here I am, play me!"  A nice continuation so far... no bugs noticeable so far, no crashes, no music going weird and skippy on us...  the trolling with all the empty chests is cruel tho!  And the mimic *somewhere* gave me a heart attack, remembering the mimic from the first game... laughed tho, afterwards!  Good job combining a callback with a jump scare! After this is finished, maybe think about making an all-in-one version with this and a remastered AAD1?  Would be interesting, maybe switching perspectives between days, paralleling Juka and Jack.  Really loving the more save slots in this game, but the music is worse imo (but then, I am a sucker for the piano track from AAD1... so nice!).  Looking forward to seeing where this takes the story, and tyvm for the good games!

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