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Version: Final - HTML

Version: Final Bug Fix 2

Slavers Game

My first game

It is a simpel escape game with nice partially hard puzzles

Please save often - not only quicksaves

there are 77 different bad endings or maybe ther is another top secret ending

and 2 complete different good endings one for the nice and one for the evil path

English isn t my nativ language, complain to google for bad spelling


Final bugfixed version

I hope I get all of this nasty little buggys killed


game thread





FAQ/small walktrough !!!SPOILER!!!



And now with the help of Strateg I could port it to HTML have fun who couldn t play it before


 You were invitet to a party with your friends it is a lot of fun there but something not right and you soon discover that you where abductet for a little game of a slavers ring

Evil Path:

1.   After the prologue go to the gardenhouse 
2.   spank the pony 
3.   find the harness
4.   go into the mansion 
5.   speak with lady red until you get the crop
6.   go upstairs read the second book two times
7.   go out of the room 
8.   wait for 7 rounds 
9.   go back into the room 
10.   read the book again 
11.   use the button in the bookshelf 
12.   after that open the desk 
13.   use this button
14.   go to the east room 
15.   search the room 
16.   take the exoflax
17.   go down 
18.   investigate the front door until you find the shiny something
19.   back to the pony 
20.   smack them again
21.   go back to the room with the bookshelf 
22.   look at the other books 
23.   tear the side out
24.   wait for the hidden door to appear 
25.   there you find the collar
26.   now clean it inside the kitchen with the exoflax
27.   go down to the basement 
28.   wear the harness and the collar 
29.   inspect the door 
30.   go into the scanner
31.   open the door for a longer tf sequence.
32.   search room 101 and wait talk to the mistress
33.   same game in the cell wait until the mistress shows up expunge all talk options wait again
34.   a key will be tossed inside the cell pick up and open the door
35.   upstairs go to the storage room search it 2 times look at the terminal open the doors and unlock the box
36.   end the tf inside the surgeon room mirror/search/scalpel/mirror
37.   back to the floor go upstairs sleep inside the black bed search the black bed
38.   find the hidden door inside the closet go down speak with charlie?
39.  proceed to the familiar dungeon 
Good path:

1.   Find Lady Red
2.   use the door till the last choice 
3.   go upstairs to the bedroom 
4.   search the room 
5.   open the drawer
6.   close the drawer 
7.   pick up the note 
8.   examine it
9.   go to the room with the fireplace 
10.   read the book 
11.   play the piano a couple of times until the harp shows up 
12.   play it until you find the key 
13.   after that search the room 
14.   open the hidden path to the basement.
15.   Talk with the maid 
16.   go back to the west stairs
17.   search there for the broom 
18.   go back to the spa 
19.   take the massage oil.
20.   Give the broom and the exoflax to the maid; she opens the way down.
21.   Go down
22.   talk to the second maid; she gives you a key to the ward. 
23.   Search the ward for a terminal 
24.   use the correct password advance all options
25.   go back to the floor where you found the second maid 
26.   search this room and proceed
27.   On the next terminal look at the surveillance system. first sp 2, then sp 1 
28.   again look at the other surveillance cameras
29.   go back to the ward
30.   find the gloves
31.   go to the other spa over the new tunnel
32.   Search for the plug in the storage room 
33.   go south 
34.   open the doors 
35.   use the sneak peek option on the right side 
36.   take the glass from the other one 
37.   combine the glass with the plug and the oil 
38.   go north
39.   search the pool
40.   examine the turtle egg
41.   take it and wear it.
42.   Now is the time to defeat Sybil
43.   Go back and enter the southern room examine everything take the key
44.   Backtracking to the mansion take the bottle with you (Bonus for Chapter 3)
45.   Go to the upper floor open the door to the second floor
46.   Go South then west to the toilet room use the chair take the rubish examine it steal the remote
47.   go to the briefing room search the room push the button use the remote activate the keyboard
48.   tip

Spoiler for Hidden

49.   go to the north/east sleep room use the keycard tip the numbers from examine the authenticator
50.   go down touch the victim inside the construct free her
51.   go back to the main hall speak with the victim go to the ward use the elevator
52.   go to the examination room look into the terminal view the second file tip in the password

Spoiler for Hidden

53.   go west search the room find the key
54.   back to the floor go south until you stand in front of the mistress give the right answer
55.   back to the main hall open the door run away.....
56.   export the variable name it ending part 1 or something else.... wathever
57.   find every other ending

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by bond567

Version reviewed: Final on 09/11/2018

this game is really fun and interesting game for rags~ better then most RAGs game on this site, the only problem is I can't find the password for the ward terminal so I'm stuck

Review by disgracelands

Version reviewed: Final on 06/10/2018

Played this when it first came out a fair while ago, having gone back to it after seeing the update (& the new Chapter IV) appear on here I can say that it's held up and improved pretty well! Ok, if I'm being honest, the writing in a few places is a bit up and down but considering the authors first language not being English, he's done well. It's relatively easy to understand what the hell is going on and is the wording in places is entirely forgivable.
Gameplay wise it's the usual RAGS affair with puzzles, great pics (different costumes too), story and weird game oddities happening here and there (a quirk of the platform more than anything else).

I recommend giving this (and it's sequels) a shot if you dont mind RAGS and are stumped for a complete game.

Be forwarned though that it does play heavily to Latex/BDSM and hypnosis/mind control fetishes and has a female protagonist, so if any of those things arent really your "cup of tea", then best give this a miss.
Also it is a touch on the unforgiving side in places and it's not always obvious which path to take (of which there are mutiple), but it's still a solid effort and complete as well, which is a rare thing for a RAGS game so all in all, it gets a thumbs up from me.

Review by The2ndPossum

Version reviewed: Final Bug Fix on 12/17/2016

This is a surprisingly good game that got a dissapointingly small amount of attention, probably due to the creator not giving any description of what it's about. I suggest you give it a go though because it's actually quite good and has a lot of fun little things for you to play around with (even if they don't all seem all that meaningful). There are also many ways to lose which can keep you entertained for quite a while in and of itself. All in all, definetly worth trying.

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