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Version: 0.601

A Haunted Honeymoon Vacation

A Haunted Honeymoon Vacation is a chose your own adventure styled visual novel game. The premise is that the protagonist  was ditched at the altar on his wedding day by his fiance. Try as he may want, she won't respond to any of his attempts to get in touch with her outside of a note that said "I'm sorry". With non refundable honeymoon plans, his best friend convinces him that he may as well take advantage of the planned trip. What could go wrong? Ultimately your choices throughout the story will impact your your options as things unfold and ultimately how the story ends.

This game is being developed with Twine 2 and SugarCube 2.18

I'm sure there are typos and some of the grammar may be pretty bad. This is honestly the first time I've ever tried writing fiction.

Please PM me or post on the discussion thread any bugs/issues you have. Feedback or ideas are always appreciated as well.


Minor formatting changes and bug fixes.

.6 Beta

Pornstar ending path completed

Lots of small rewrites and changes throughout the story.

Some back end stuff that will be invisible to readers.

Sidebar image permanently removed.

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Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: 0.601 on 12/28/2020

If you're looking for sex, you will be disappointed. There is a small amount, but you have to play through a lot of setup and ghost story to get it, and it's not given much space in the story or game.

The ghost story is not "spooky" in any way, so it's not that kind of story either. It's more of a shared-body story than anything else.

The writing is good relative to a lot of tf games you'll come across, but maybe not good enough to be interesting by itself. It has to rely on the plot hooks and transformation elements to keep you interested, and neither of those have much sparkle.

I kept bumping up against unfinished paths that told me to go back and pick another option. I think only a tiny number of the intended endings were implemented. Even with those it felt like things were cut short and rushed. 

I don't think there's really enough here that is finished as intended, and I was mostly bored by both the story and the sex, such as it is. Choices barely exist, and most of them lead to dead "not finished, turn back" dead ends.

While this could have evolved into a good game if it had been continued, it seems to be abandoned. I wouldn't advise anyone to spend time on this, unless you have a special and intense fascination for shared body stories, but even in that case you'll probably come away frustrated by the lack of completed content.

Review by silverdreamdancer

Version reviewed: 0.601 on 09/24/2020

Just to echo what others have said here. Solid writing, more like a very unconventional ghost story than a standard TF game.

I can't wait to see some of the dead paths completed.

Is there a `good` ending so far?

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.601 on 11/08/2018

This story has one of the absolute best plots I've encountered on this site. I was expecting just some TF porn, didn't get exactly that, but I won't say that I'm disappointed. It was kinda depressing and even scary at some points, but definitely worth playing.

Review by MikeMike

Version reviewed: 0.58 on 07/13/2018

Okay, this is one amazing story. It have multiple endings - and with multiple I actually mean MULTIPLE!! as in too many to count. I loved the story, loved the setting and as it is now, it is no complete for some of the endings and storylines, but many - if not most of them are complete, both those with bad ends and good endings (including a few happy endings)...

The game do have a few bugs - coding errors, and red lines, but there arent any errors that end up being game killers.

Play it and enjoy yourself, because this is a sure keeper.

Hopefully this will get updated very soon....



Review by thelandcruzer

Version reviewed: 0.58 on 07/10/2018

I don't write many reveiws, but this is a very great story.

I hope to see more of the path completed soon.

As a writer my shelf this has a sory line that keeps you playing to find out what happens.

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