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Version: 1.0a

Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter is a game about a guy (or a girl) who obtains special powers and tries to use them to corrupt, control and transform others for his advantage.

This game is now complete!

Your name is Jack Harding (or Amy Harding, if female) , you are a 32 year-old man and your life couldn't be worse. You have a boring office job that isn't going so well recently. You have no girlfriend and you live in a small apartment on the bad side of town. To make things worse, you've just been threatened with a firing if you aren't able to make more sales within the next 30 days.
Dejected by this news you make your way home. As you arrive at your apartment door a weird looking woman bumps into you and you experience all manner of images running through your mind. Soon, you can't take it anymore your world goes blank.
The next morning you wake up in your bed like nothing happened. As usual, you get yourself ready for work and leave your apartment when you see your hot neighbour getting inside her car. Like always you greet her with a: "Good morning!" But like always, she just ignores you. Then you suddenly hear something else: "Why does this creep greet me every morning? Can't he see that I don't want anything to do with him?"
Where did this come from? It sounded like your neighbour's voice but she didn't say anything? Wait. Did you just read her mind?
Can you use your new ability to turn your life for the better?

Amy/Jack Harding - The Protagonist

Ms. Maria Daniels - Your boss

Jane Moore - The moody secretary

Lilly - The prude

Tanisha - The cheerful

Frank - Your best friend

Ivan - The Jerk

Lea - Your hot neighbour


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Review by Yetirbar

Version reviewed: 1.0a on 02/04/2018

ok not bad and not really reviewing it, just wanna know how to get all the achievments in this

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 01/04/2018

DO NOT install Directplay. it is not needed to play the game. it can be annoying to remove and it has been said to stop some things from working.


i was expecting to dislike this when i saw what kind of game it was. but it was mroe enjoyable than expect. with some  glitches and poor dialog (shit,the hell,any use of fuck outside of sex. ect) choices aside.

this was a decent experience. good job!

was able to go to the club which should only be on saturday while on thursday night.

sometimes choices are not visable.

was not able to meet the bar owner on thursday. when does this happen at the office or the bar?

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 09/08/2017

So, if you excede the work requirements, it just becomes a grind?  Hopefully future versions will include more stuff you can learn about your co-workers - using your amazing mental powers! -  that can help you advance!

Review by ranker01

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 03/24/2017

Looks good so far, please update it soon. =}

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 02/26/2017

Keep up the good work! Lots of work

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