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Book of Lust

A NSFW time-management/rpg/visual novel in which you play as Jake Hart; a somewhat average young man.  One day, he's given a mysterious spellbook and accidentallyreleases a succubus.  Embark on a journey of complete and utter degeneracy as you mind control, swap bodies, birth demons, and order your personal succubus to possess those around you.


Fetishes so far:

-Mind Control
-Body swap
-Hentai Dialogue


There will be Male/Male and Female/Female pairings, but I wanted to try keep them optional.  You won't see any of these unless you actively start looking for them.


Olivia's Room

Jake in (Possessed) Olivia's room.


Possessing Cassandra

Your demon possessing Cassandra.


Swapping Bodies


Swapping Bodies with Olivia.


TFGames thread here


Most of what's available and isn't available to do is in the Read Me.

Use the Save Salvage Button incase I break the saves again.  Load up a broken save file, go to options and click the button.  It'll reset the game but you'll keep all your exp.

Assume the role of a wolf named Jake Hart.  A spell book falls into your possession and when you decide to open, you unleash a succubus into the world.  You deal with the consequences.  It seems as though not all consequences are bad.

Jake Hart - The protagonist and the current owner of the Book of Lust.

Cassandra Hart -  Your older sister.  Attends the university that Jake applied to.

Olivia Hart - Jake and Cassandra's mother.  Is possessed by the succubus when Jake opens her book.

Mel Price - Cassandra's boyfriend.  Wears a school hoodie a lot.

Valerie Price - Mel's sister.

Mia Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Donovan Woods.

Donovan Woods - One of the Hart's neighbors.  Married to Mia Woods.

Julia Woods - The neighbor girl.  Daughter of Mia and Donovan.

Succubus - Was released from the Book of Lust by Jake.  Both her true name and extent of her power are unknown.

Caroline Waters - A strange bunny girl.

Book of Lust v0.0.60.1a (SubscribeStar Build)

-Added more onto Caroline's BodySwap quest.
-"Not enough mana" text will show when discussing bodyswapping/dreamwalking with Caroline if Jake doesn't have right amount of mana.
-Added Bodyswap capabilities with Julia, Valerie, and Mia.
-Added Mia's bedroom.
-Added Bad end while playing as Julia and making the succubus leave when learning "Command - Possess"
-Added Variant of the Jake/Caroline/Julia Threesome scene when trying to bang either Caroline or Julia while they're in the same room.
-Fixed looping event(softlock) when having compulsion sex with Mel as anyone but Jake.
-Fixed placeholder sex giving compulsion stats and text.
-Fixed Obedience and Infatuation not working on Mia.
-Fixed Valerie not receiving Influence when using "Small Talk".
-Fixed Possessed placeholder sex with Cassandra while playing as Olivia not working.


Book of Lust v0.0.59.1a

-Added Valerie Price.
-Added Valerie's Room.
-Added Valerie's Talk/StatsMenu functionality.
-Finished the Price Den's Background.
-Added Sex Scene with Valerie while playing as Jake.
-Added Barebones Placeholders for characters with no scenes. Stat adjustments should available for Sex/Dominate Mind/Compulsion/Impregnations.
-Added a way to delete save files.
-Added a warning on the load menu if a save file is Corrupted.
-Fixed inf/love/lust penalty still remaining on Julia when failing to have sex with her.
-Reworked Jake's Character portrait's anatomy a little.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1c (Public Build)

-Fixed Softlock when Mel visits while Cassandra is Possessed.
-Fixed Julia getting pregnant while playing as Caroline during her visit.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1b

-Fixed not being able to seduce Caroline when getting kicked out of Mel's room during Caroline's Body Swap Quest.
-Fixed Cum hotkey not working during Mia scene.
-Fixed typo.

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1a

-Added Mia Compulsion scene while playing as Jake.
-Added Bunny-Suit Sex scene during Caroline's Bodyswap quest.
-Finished Mia's Character Portrait.
-Fixed Caroline's Dreamwalk being repeatable
-Finished Mia's Portrait.
-Fixed Mia and Mel sharing Lust Values.
-Removed Caroline vanishing when her mood hits -100.
-Fixed error message when trying to bodyswap back with Caroline.
-Fixed Discuss actions with Caroline not updating her vanish timer.
-Fixed Julia's dating advice not saving through scenes (including save/load).

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by relattic

Version reviewed: on 01/08/2020

really enjoyed this game the first time i played it. second playthroigh is a bit.. difficult to chew..

also. i download the newest version the game ONCE every year to see if swapping with Julia is finally available. it's not ^^ so... not going through all of this again until it is ;)

not really interested in all the story bits that have been added lately.

but generally ... good game

Review by Banarok

Version reviewed: on 01/03/2020

As a transformation game i have to give it a "meh" not much actual transformation happening, possession yes, transformation not really. but the possession cause a form shift into a sluttier version so it's not completly no TF just very limited.

Now i actually like the game the dialogue is deliciously cheesy, and the art is nice, the story is showing promise and the spells are fun to try out, so all it really needs is more content that seems to be quite steadily flow in to make it really good.

interface could use some work, walking around at the moment require quite a few too many clicks i think, having a map view and pick where you wanna go rather then how it is now "Clicking up the travel mode, click arrows to walk, click buss station, click location, click movement arrows untill you get where you want, then click down the travel mode", the huge amount of clicking for travel kind of becomes a pain if you wanna spend time with different people each day and since people move around you have too so it's a lot of clicking travel mode and arrows and get a bit tedious.

Overall i recommend for people to try it.

Review by Gilded Lyrea

Version reviewed: on 11/02/2019

This game is shaping up to be very interesting, and what's available so far is qute fun to mess around with. The progression system is quite interesting, and more or less rewards you for using the more unusual options at your disposal by giving more exp for them, though you can certainly just go through the same scene over and over again to unlock everything if you want to. The spells are all fun and interesting to use, as they should be, since they're the main focus of the gameplay. The side stories you can fulfill are interesting, since they act as a sort of puzzle that you have to figure out which characters and powers to use in what way in order to complete them, and they reward you with more scenes that you couldn't otherwise access. 

However, like all things, there is a caveat here: as this game is in development, and as of the time I'm writing this, you have very few options available to you for any given character. Almost none of the spells work on every character yet, and the more complex the spell, the fewer characters it works on so far. The most interesting spells, which are the ones that most heavily affect gameplay, those being the possession spells and the mind control spells, work on very few characters, and the characters they do work on seem to have very few options and scenes when under the effects of those spells. You can only possess three characters, two of which have almost no scenes to speak of while playing as them. You can only make your succubus control a grand total of two characters so far, including the one she starts the game as. The only characters you can effectively mind control so far seem to be your immediate family, with the spell being able to be cast on other characters but without the option of actually commanding them to do anything. While I can understand why the writer/developer has chosen to add new characters before fleshing out the available spells, it continues to frustrate me somewhat that almost every update goes by without really adding functionality to any spells except for the most basic ones.

Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: on 11/27/2018

I played this before not updated versions but I am certain somewhere on hard drive I have say I completed didn't sit well with me.


Some part me wishes you could play girl character and had dad and brother but that just me thinking it...mix and match you think.


Guy characters are nice just they get kind dull when you limit them and you set restrictions. they can't do this or that unless you have money like what heck why not. You have to build up desire bar what heck. Demons are made of horny desire...its bizzare you have build it up bar every time. He could just go in room masturbate come back nope...he has get inspiration I guess. Level up his powers before he releases the demon and continue her journey he could send her back or seal her?


My option would been for his sister...send her to hell token of love to demon. His sister's room could get renovated for nursery where is love I have no love for that sister she beat him right so I see nothing in her future besides sending her where she belongs.


If there was girl character what would she done differently if she had sister who never helped her out against bullies? I don't know? Or if that was brother instead who shined up motorcyle everyday and had fetish for his sister. Father who drank beer/went to sleep and worked all day and they had mom who was stripper. Well nothing everything... its just idea you never see people putting that in game.

So in this game literally you given task to do what whatever person failed before and had his soul literally drained...by succubus who enjoyed thought of it or maybe he passed who knows to level up all the skills to point until final one...become demon master?


If I had that book I put back where I found it relabel book of boring art it stay hidden baby...but that just me.

Review by rubymajster

Version reviewed: on 11/12/2018

Oki, this game isn't good also is isn't bad it's normal... if you are furry and like manual draw stuff its ok, still i think must be have done witf draw art sex scene, but i see worst game than this ott good 20 min time with for your life, also sorry for my english im learn yourself

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