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Version: 1.0.0a

Spa Recreation
by Dorrick

Hello there! This is Dorrick.

After a few months on this site, I decided to try it myself and started to work on my own game ‘Spa Recreation’. It’s built in Twine SugarCube and is my attempt of an Erotic Novel Game.

At the start three things were important to me. First, I have fun with it and work gladly. Second, it should not be too long, so that my motivation does not suffer. And Third, it should be finished and completed.

How many times have I seen on this site, how others start fully motivated and then the game stagnates after months.

That’s why I’ve decided for myself to release the game only when it’s completed.

So I worked in my spare time on the game. This was partly difficult, because I had previously no experience with Twine and English is not my first language.

The Game is relatively linear and has 12 different endings. (Spoiler in the Discussion Thread)

In the end, I have to say that the work has been a lot of fun and I already think about other game ideas. Let’s see what the future holds.

You can PM me for any Feedback, bugs or other issues.

And I hope you enjoy my little game.


Warning contains flashing images


Read before Download:

There are currently two Download-Versions of this game.

First I just wanted to use pictures and GIFs, but in the end my file was 2GB in size and that’s quite a lot. Therefore, I also made a version with Webm, which is only 100MB in size. However, the video quality of the Webm-Version is significantly lower than the GIF-Version.

The main character (You) is a young man who wins a stay in a new but secluded Spa in the mountains. The lucky guy, or perhaps not?

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 1.0.0a on 09/24/2019

A game with a nice length of playability with replayability and a lot of great media included. Character based stories are usually more compelling too, so it's a plus that this is included with characters like Miss Jensen. However, the design choice of images appearing after words are clicked is a nuisance to navigate. 7/10.

Review by Kahaan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0a on 09/24/2017

An interesting game, well made and well written.


Though I do not feel it was worth the 2Gb i needed to download.

Review by MattewIsHere

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/18/2017

Pretty cool man! Granted, i'm not one for those "hypnosis used on MC" kind of people. I'm more of the opposite. But this game is pretty good. One problem though: I tried to download the .7Z version of the file but when I tried to extract it, it seemed like it couldn't extract the GIFs at all. I am using 7-zip, so if that's the problem and I should be using WinZip, could you let me know I really want to fully enjoy this game in all of its GIF-JIF-goodness! :)

Review by CourtneyHC

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/17/2017

Very hot. Love the images, both still and animated!

Review by resniperowl

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 09/12/2017

Can I be honest? I'm not actually a big fan of this game, mostly because of the amount of GIFs/vids in the game. There is simply just not enough writing and too many GIFs.

Perhaps I spent a little bit too much time reading erotic fanfictions, but when I read a sex scene, I get to imagine the scene the way I see it in my head, and then I get to make little details that aren't explicitly stated within the story. 

But with something that's GIF/vid heavy like this game was, I don't get that. I get what I see, no imagination needed. And... I just have a hard time getting into it.

I COMPLETLEY APPRECIATE the fact that you decided to release this game completed, and perhaps this is a silly complaint to have. But as Robert Browning once said, "Less is more."

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