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by Deedee, psy



[Secretary Discord Server]

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[Secretary] is an erotic adventure/life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a few wrong decisions made his life fall apart, which lead him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinion on how to motivate subordinates might differ from your typical work relationship.

Some fetishes I plan to add are:

  • Corruption
  • Submission
  • (Forced) Feminization
  • Physical Transformation
  • Humiliation
  • A strong emphasis on BDSM
  • Bimbofication

Some fetishes are always within the game, as parts of the storyline depend on it (like BDSM and Feminizations), others depend on decisions the player takes within the game.

Gameplay information:

  • When you change to a newer version, use the Export Button under the avatar at your last stable savegame (please check if you're already beyond the last content, which is currently Sunday evening, first week). Then download the new version, start it and press restart (so all new variables get set) and paste the content of the export file into the dialog and press okay.
  • Some versions are simply not compatible to each other, mostly because something drastic happened during the game design process. I am very sorry, but there cannot be done a lot about this (for example any 0.3.x version is not compatible to 0.2.x).
  • If you're stuck check if someone wants you to remove or put on some clothes, and use the inventory menu to do this. If nothing else happens please feel free to ask at the discord server or the game thread, since this game is still in development!

 Last Changes:


Please check #bugs on the Secretary Discord Server before posting any new bugs. We have regular updates there and maybe your problem has already been taken care of!

  • Bugfixes! More than a breast machine

The bodyshop is now open for business including:

  • Add/remove penis, testicles or vagina
  • Resize penis and breasts from none to maximum size
  • Recolour your eyes
  • Cybernetically enhance strength, dexterity or stamina
  • Alter your milk and cum production
  • Go inhuman: add a knot, a equine-inspired cock... or both!
  • Unique events for all procedures, with separate variants depending who you want to perform the procedure (or skip it entirely and wake up the new you)
  • Talk to Alex and your therapist about your new "equipment"

GGG Girl:

  • Ability to talk to Alex about some of your more extreme fetishes
  • 5 new fetish-specific scenes
  • Note: while you can talk to her about foot, masochism and bondage fetishes, the scenes for require other content first, and will thus be in a future release

A special celebration:

  • One of your friends from the RPG group has an exciting announcement... and a fun celebration for you to join in on

New Toys:

  • Two new items at the sex shop - a wand vibrator, and a large dildo, with associated scenes and task


  • New foot-fetish events with your manager, Alex and your therapist, including new thresholds

A little phone therapy...

  • You can now call your psychiatrist for "help" with stress
  • Initial scene unlocks if your stress is too high to leave your flat, with additional followups unlocked based on your participation in her VR therapy trials

Standalone new scenes:

  • A new patreon-voted scene with Ezrabeth Prissy, the PR coworker
  • A new gym scene if you wear the "Megamilk" T-shirt while lifting weights
  • A new gym scene if you wear the "Cream Filled" shorts while doing cardio
  • New scene variant with manager hormone inspection if watersports fetish active
  • New option to research the Secretary Elevation and eXpansion Act of 2021
  • New bad end for VR overload
  • Possible to unlock gym if Bob is evil


Known Issues:

  • The game is not yet finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!

If the download needs a password it is always the gamename, written in lower case.

Yes, there is a plot.

While not yet complete, the wiki can answer many problems is in continual development:


You can see the full changelog [here]

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DianeAmanda

Version reviewed: on 04/02/2021

I absolutely love this game. There is a brilliant story line you can flow through by making your choices. Tell changes take time but this allows plenty of game play and allows you to anticipate what is coming. Couple this with the contents selections you can make give you the chance to do several different run throughs. 

Review by freya102

Version reviewed: on 03/03/2021

Latest version added a lot of content.

I found the game got a tad bit grindier which isn't great but the compensate you now have a fast mode which made replaying this a lot more enjoyable.

I think half the issue I have with the game now is the repeat of the stupid canteen mini-game, it really pulls the speed of the game to a grinding halt and it'd be nice if I could just skip it tbh because its just not very fun. Now that the game is a lot longer than it was before its safe to say we probably don't need the repeatable content as this is already a very long game compared to other games on the site.

The willpower requirements are a bit buggy and a bit annoying as I've managed to softlock my character because she can wear clothes that are above what her willpower allows and I kept getting "you can't leave without makeup" but then "leaving with makeup costs Willpower" and so I could never leave the house. Things that increase willpower aren't documented well and that needs to change so you have a means to managing willpower.

I think the dev has nailed the content side of the game they've just got to work on the progression flow. Progressing in this game can be a little frustraiting and at times it feels like the game is wasting your time but in fact you just haven't unlocked something yet. Fast mode helps a great deal with that but the game still feels bogged down but repeating content.

The new random events are a fantastic addition and reminds me of Cursed as its similar in how it works.

You can get the sense that this game's development is coming to an end soon because the games starting to feel very complete now.

Easily the best game on the site still.

Review by sappho

Version reviewed: on 02/15/2021

My favorite game on this site, seems to give you the freedom to be who you want to be (within the premise). I had a lot of fun exploring what was available and look forward to revisiting in future when there's (even) more content (what's here already is several days worth of play time).


Review by dckitty

Version reviewed: on 02/08/2021

Definitely one of the best games on this site. I have a few personal nitpicks, but these are things that should be remedied in the past (the developers have hinted at this being so anyway.) It's got a good story, good and interesting characters and it has a lot of ways you can play the game that you might personally enjoy. There's minorly obtuse things here and there I've yet to figure out how to get around, and it's kind of hard to get cash unless you specifically go down one of the routes you might not want to go down.

One of the best parts (minor spoilers) is how the game handles your character's transformation - you have so many choices of what to say and how your friends and loved ones refer to you from that point. It's... actually pretty wholesome.

For the record, one of my minor nitpicks is the game forces you down the submissive route cause there's really no way to do otherwise and I'd love to be a dominant trans woman instead of a submissive sissy, but that's something that's going to be added later. The other nitpick is that there's seemingly no way to do 'sexy' without also doing 'bimbo' and I really hate bimbofication as a kink. This game kind of seems like you can't want sex without also turning into a braindead bimbo... and that's kinda not my jam.

Other than those, however, it's a great game and I recommend it wholly.

Review by cumsluttysissy

Version reviewed: on 10/13/2020

This is one of my favourite games, the developers have a well lined story filled with lots of possible routes and something to fit almost every taste. They are very active in the community and takes suggestions for improvements, so I am excited to see where it leads.

Keep up the good work!

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