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by Deedee



[Secretary Discord Server]

[Secretary] is an erotic adventure/life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a few wrong decisions made his life fall apart, which lead him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinion on how to motivate subordinates might differ from your typical work relationship.

Some fetishes I plan to add are:

  • Corruption
  • Submission
  • (Forced) Feminization
  • Physical Transformation
  • Humiliation
  • A strong emphasis on BDSM
  • Bimbofication

Some fetishes are always within the game, as parts of the storyline depend on it (like BDSM and Feminizations), others depend on decisions the player takes within the game.

Gameplay information:

  • When you change to a newer version, use the Export Button under the avatar at your last stable savegame (please check if you're already beyond the last content, which is currently Sunday evening, first week). Then download the new version, start it and press restart (so all new variables get set) and paste the content of the export file into the dialog and press okay.
  • Some versions are simply not compatible to each other, mostly because something drastic happened during the game design process. I am very sorry, but there cannot be done a lot about this (for example any 0.3.x version is not compatible to 0.2.x).
  • If you're stuck check if someone wants you to remove or put on some clothes, and use the inventory menu to do this. If nothing else happens please feel free to ask at the discord server or the game thread, since this game is still in development!

 Last Changes:

Version (13.04.2019)

  • Revamped the Stat system. New thresholds are in place to prevent characters from reaching certain stats to fast, but also help so you don't end up in a deadlock scenario.
  • Reach full feminization (for a Sissy Secretary) by being either a good or bad Girl or something in between.
  • Become  better acquainted with manager. Join her at a after work party, perform cunnilinctus, be at the reciving end of an enormous strap on.
  • You can finally become a Bad, bad sissy. Took me long enough to add that one (actually you have to be one if you want to see all scenes from above, but as a wise Sissy once said: You can be a "bad" sissy without being a bad sissy).
  • You can now talk about stuff with your friend who does not look like The Rock anymore, during your bar trips.
  • And many, many more larger and smaller scenes to make the world look more alive.
  • Inventory has been fixed for firefox, and quality of life functions have been added.
  • A few new clothes and haircuts have been added (no new makeup yet, sorry).

Version (16.08.2018)

  • Bugfix for the "event_admin_theme_recend_breakup" bug.
  • Changed Invetory within Wardrobe. Items can now be moved by simply clicking/tapping at them. This should make it useable for tablets.
  • Fixed some small bugs and typos.

Version (11.08.2018)

  • Loop for Female Secretary event has been fixed.
  • Both Unisex Secretary and Female Secretary are now accessible in the same playthrough
  • Gloryhole Theme accessible during psychiatrist visit
  • Added a new Gloryhole Theme during psychiatrist visit (accessible after first Blowjob at gloryhole)
  • Makeup is now wearable outdoors after the Female Secretary Event.

Known Issues:

  • No Content will stop after the 2nd to 3rd week. You can technically continue to play, but not much will change. Like at all. Just like real life.

If the download needs a password it is always the gamename, written in lower case.

Yes, there is a plot.

Here a few pointers to start the game.

Tuesday 28.Jun, 2032 

  • Pick up everything
  • Search your wardrobe
  • If you're a decent human being, for heaven's sake water your poor plant (it's in the living room)
  • Drink some coffee in your kitchen. Its relaxing.
  • Leave your home
  • Realize you're naked and put on some clothes. The blueish Text are your thoughts, they give you some information from time to time.
  • Go to work by going to the company.
  • Workday is pretty much a choose your own adventure cutscene. Different entscheidungen have different influence on different stats, but It won't lock any content, so choose what you're feeling most comfortable with.
  • Go home.
  • There might be a small incident. Decide what to do.
  • Try to calm down by playing some games. Or git gud in other games.
  • If nothing else helps masturbate.
  • Go to bed.


Wednesday 29.Jun, 2032 

  • Someone will be at your door. Put on clothes before opening the door. Or don't. Or put on someone elses clothes for fun. Who knows what might happen?
  • Be on time at work.
  • Work.
  • Deliver Food (or not :3)
  • Work again.
  • If your manager asks you to drop your pants and shoes you have to comply (by using your inventory) or you can be a little bit more sassy and drop more then asked. Your call.
  • Your butt is going to suffer anyway.
  • Enjoy the city. Visit the mall. Try to regain to your last pieces of manliness by buying normal underwear.
  • Go home. Wash your clothes again (the changes that this chain of events happenes again is almost zero... almost.


Other things:

  • Call your friend, try to meet them (if they response to your call).


 Version (06.08.2018)

  • Oh boi.
  • Drag and Drop inventory
  • Sound in the Options now mutes videos
  • A lot has changed. Like a lot. I really should have kept a better record. 


Version 0.2.5 (05.03.2018)


  • Bug that prevented progress during a certain "Reward" scene containing the Manager if the player choose to remove clothes manually has been fixed.


Version 0.2.4 (01.03.2018)


  • Forgetting your Chastity Cage should now behave as intended... hopefully.
  • Calling Alex on a Saturday after 3 pm should work as well


Version 0.2.3 (28.02.2018)


  • You can now visit the Psychiatrist for therapy even if you never accept the hypnosis sessions for real this time.
  • Bug that prevents you from wearing male clothing fixed.


Version 0.2.2 (27.02.2018) 


  • Chastity Cage can now be cleaned with the other sextoys.
  • Talking about nothing twice with the manager works now and can lead to unexpected results
  • You can now visit the Psychiatrist for therapy even if you never accept the hypnosis sessions


Version 0.2.1 (26.02.2018 ~ that went way to fast again)


  • Minor Bugfix for a faulty theme at the psychiatrist. You have to export, restart and reimport to fix this.

Version 0.2.0 (25.02.2018 ~ that took way to long :D. Version 0.2.0 is NOT compatible with any previous version)

  • Apply Makeup (After a certain event in the Storyline)
  • Different Haircuts
  • Body Modification (Only Breast growth at the moment. Decline the Manager on the 2nd day at first, before the first Disciplinary measure to get it).
  • Expanded storyline, more Hypnosis, etc.

Version 0.1.7 (07.10.2017)

  • Fixed the Masturbation Scene and added a tiny bit of new content.
  • Fixed the deadlock during the Disciplinary measure with the Manager
  • Added a few more items to wear, buyable at the “Tease me, Please me”

 Version 0.1.6a (05.10.2017)

  • Zoom should now work under Firefox
  • Hints are readded

Version 0.1.6 (05.10.2017)

  • Added Zoom (or rather scale, since the game is already big enough)
  • Removed Scrollboxes from room
  • Firefox export bug fixed

 Version 0.1.5a (05.10.2017 + a couple of seconds)

  • Removed the Import Button from the game. You can only access it if you restart the game now.

Version 0.1.5 (05.10.2017) 

  • Added Options
  • Font is now changeable (via options)
  • Added Tutorial Mode (via options)
  • Small Bugfix drung the Manager Task Event in the Morning

 Version 0.1.4 (04.10.2017) 

  • Removed the need to wear the tie from the evening event of your first Workday, since it seemed to cause some issues.
  • Removed the Cutscene Bug which prevented Cloth to be changed after the event from the first date with Alex.
  • Changed the way the first recurring Task from the Manager works after the first time. Now you can decide to comply with her demands or do things your own way. Again.
  • Office of the Manager is now a thing. Not much, but at least it does not bug out anymore.
  • Fixed Bug which made 2nd Bob date impossible.
  • 2nd VR Session is now the cliffhanger for s01e01.

 Version 0.1.3 (03.10.2017)

  • First Coffee date can now be completed no matter what you wear.
  • First Task from Manager should now be more dynamic and can be completed in some different ways (which all need you to change your clothes)
  • Added get Naked Option in inventory to quickly remove all clothes at all.
  • Added Cloth Sets. Only Clothes are stored. Other items like Plugs and Chastity Cages will be ignored.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: on 04/19/2019

I think this game is still a bit uneven. The core of the game with the boss and secretary is excellent. A lot of time can be lost doing everything else apart from that though. For example, it can take a lot of clicks for your character to put on some new clothing only for him to say that he won't go out in it. There are also a loot of 'hooks' in the game for future content and you can waste time chasing down those hooks only to find nothing there.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 04/14/2019

version 0.4.1

It is a major update you probably do not want to miss. Many of the minor glitches were fixed, including the topics with the therapist. The boss path was revamped and now much more reasonable. Your character were pushed a bit at a time and your stats were capped until certain events were triggered. You cannot just grind the bar for everything.

If you wished to see your avatar wearing a dress to work, it is finally there. Personally I think it is a bit over done, lol, but I say I am glad to see the ball rolling in the right direction.

------------------------------------------------------------- old review from 0.2.4

In short, this is the Perverted Education - Secretary edition. Yet it is not another PE. Comparing to PE, Secretary is more stat-wise, which you raise different stats while doing different actions, unlike PE which sum everything up with a single stat: daring. I cannot say which one is better. PE seems to be more focused and Sec seems to be more opened. It works mostly like the old classic game Cursed by Anonymous Man that used the outdating RAGS engine.

All in all, this game is extremely well thought out and implemented. I cannot wait to see more.

Review by DeadBoi666

Version reviewed: on 10/24/2018

First off just want to say, this game is fantastic and is honestly incredibly ambitious and beautifully stylised for a html game on this website, honestly the game just looks sick.

However I keep running into an issue on mobile. Whenever I try to load the game on my iPhone it comes this Error.

Error: RangeError: Invalid Date.

Stack Trace:

[email protected][native code]

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

[email protected][native code]

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

[email protected]://tfgameshost.com/Deedee/Secretary/secretary.

Would be awesome if you could figure this out for me, cheers x

Review by Switch25

Version reviewed: on 09/28/2018

An excellent game with a wonderful mix of feminisation and domination/humiliation.    I particularly like the scenes with your boss and the way she gradually steps you through levels of submission and humilation.

There is already plenty in the game to make it well worth playing but the author has left plenty of hooks in the story for further development.  Eqaully I am pretty certain I have not yet unlocked all the events in the game which depend upon the choices you make - some are not at all obvious.     

The game has a very intuitive interface and a nice visual design.   There are a few bugs as you get further into it but they are pretty easy to work round.

I am really looking forward to the next release.


Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: on 09/09/2018

A quality game that just keeps getting better. Highly recommended for anyone not put off by the sissy theme.


If you want to ask for advice on how to trigger events in the game, click the 'discuss the game' link. The forum thread for the game is extensive and has search functions.

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