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Version: 2.1d

Version: 2.1c

Life Lessons

cWelcome to Life Lessons, my first game submission. All feedback is appreciated. My game is inspired by some of the other great games I have played on this site from such autors as DavinaDoubleD, Edna Schafer, HLF, White Raven and many more great folks.

This is Release Version 2.1d
The current content now includes 2 TF paths Kawaii/Anime Girl (Complete) and Bimbo (Under construction), it contains mostly MTF, MC, and Sex F/F. M/F, Self. It is Mostly viewing porn in the computer and physical changes in the Mirror until later in the path where you will. This will be ongoing and updated frequently. Although the path is 100% complete, that does not mean I will not add new content to it. Current path under development is the Bimbo path.

The following TF paths will be added in future updates (not necessarily in this order):
Cat Girl
Sissy Maid

More Paths may become available through feedback

In Life Lessons you take on the role of a recently graduated High School jock, who is self centered, egotistical, callous and vain. Attracting the attention of an erstwhile agent of Karma, you will be put in many situations, from which you will benefit by becoming a better person, or suffer the changes of fate...
The game world will change around you as the magic warps reality to conform to the changes you undergo. Every change during a path, gives you a ton of new things to see and explore in old and new areas and interactions with items. WARNING THIS GAME CONTAINS SOUND! I hate when people don't put that LOL.

Also some of the art I found for use in this game was made by the amazing Surody. Please take a look at his Patreon or Deviantart page.

There is a new RAGS download site, until they fix the issue on their main site:

Copy and Paste   http://bedlamgames.tumblr.com/post/128350243101/running-rags-games-on-windows-10

Also RAGS has renabled their site's downloads but i will keep both links here:

Copy and Paste   http://www.ragsgame.com/download/

Version 2.1d

1. Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong images to be displayed in the mirror, on Friday, after you got the Tattoo.


Your name is Kenneth Samuels. You have lived a privledged life. You have wealthy parents that provide for your every need. You are attractive. You excell at sports. All of these things have helped to make you the man you are today... A complete jerk. You are callous and cruel to others who do not fit the mold you have created. You do not believe there are consequence for your actions so you say and do whatever you want. One of these days, all that negative Karma is going to catch up with you...

You: Kenneth Samuels 18 year old recently graduate "Bro"

Emily: Your 15 year old sister

Doris: Your pregnant Mother

Steven: You workaholic Father

Kaname: Your sister's best friend

Jake: Your best friend

The Mysterious Woman: ???? Oooooo mysterious....

You go, you go play now! You look for hint for 4 hour! Why you be here 4 hour! You no come here aaaanymore! ;)


 HikkiG kindly posted a walkthrough on page 6. Thank you! This walkthrough is currently on for the Kawaii Girl path.

Version 2.1c

1. Spelling, grammar and name fixes


Version 2.1

1.All Friday content updated for the Tattoo shop. Content for Bimbo path currently ends with saturday morning talking to your sister.

Version 2.08D
1. Hotfix for a bug that would not allow proper use of the Men's room in The Mall. It blocked progression to the Kawaii Path: BJ Sub-path.

2. Fixed an issue in the Kawaii Path, in the Kawaii Room, where you could leave the shop before buying all three dresses. This would not allow you to take the Pink Hair Bows and stopped the game from progressing.

Version 2.08
1. Added a bigger hint on Wednesday, to go see Bambi, somehow the original conversation seemed to not convey it enough.
2. Adeed a new pic for hairbrush tangling
3. You must now have your purse with you before going to the Magic Box
4. Added the concert Wed night with emily.
5. Finally fixed food stacking up in the kitchen.
6. Added a lesbian interatction with Amy on Thursday. (optional)
7. Added Lingerie shopping after interacting with Amy before the sex scene (required only for amy scene)
8, Added Alexa to Victoria's Secret
9. Added lingerie to Victoria's Secret
10. Emily's room and closet now changes with her Bimbo change
11. Putting on the Pink Frilly Bra now shuts off the dream music from Tuesday night, so they do not overlap.
12. Added interaction with Mom and Dad for a CC on Thursday.
13. Thursday is a new outfit.
14. Removing clothing without wearing anything else will now show the player naked as the profile pic.
15. You now can not leave your room naked.
16. Tons of small bug, grammar and story flow/immersion fixes. (This update concentrated more on fixing than creating)
17. Added Friday content until end of day.
18. New models added for transformations
19. Added a new shop girl to The Magic Box and the Storeroom in back.
20. Dad now goes to work, even if you do not talk to him, except Thursday. He will stay until you get the Credit Card.
21. Content continues into Friday , CURRENT CONTENT ENDS AFTER: You leave the Magic Box and go to the Tatoo Parlor

Version 2.055 release

1. You must now must talk to Jake prior to sleeping monday night to start down the Bimbo Path.
2. Added people all over the game world, with interactions.
3. Added content until Wednesday night sleeping.
4. If you want to leave the bathroom prior to the Bimbo transformation video finishing, the music will stop and if you press pause on the video, so will the sound effects. If you do not press pause and leave the bathroom, there is no way to stop the sound effects, be warned.
5. Added the Library to Teria Lane 
6. Added color to MC's Bimbo path text, increasing Bimbo speech changes with words, actions and thoughts becoming progressively more Bimbo in nature (pink)
7. Added sexual interaction on the Bimbo path on Wed.
8. 4 new changeable outfits on the Bimbo Path on Wed.

9. Yellow dress bug is fixed.

Version 2.05 release

1. Bimbo content up to Tuesday night going to sleep is done.
2. Added Bimbo changes to Your Room and items in the room. Added new items to your room for future interaction.
3. Added new Porn and Computer Interactions for the Bimbo Path.
4. Added Bimbo transformation body part examinations, (also for all 3 sub paths within the bimbo path), to the Guest Room Mirror
5. Added Fabricio to the Salon
6. Added All the Bimbo Path Porn to the Surf For Porn (currently the only active one)
7. Added The Beach and The Nude beach (No People or interactions yet, until Wednesday Content)
8. Added Bimburg Red Light District and The Massage Parlor, Pussycat Club and Tatoo Parlor, Downtown Bimburg, The Alley Bar, (No People or interactions yet, until Wednesday Content)
9. Added further transformation with Fabricio (3 different based on which password you choose on the computer)
10. Added Dialogue for Emily, Mom and Dad based on current Transformation.
11. Added a secret transformation to one of the sub paths, within the Bimbo path. Have fun exploring.

Version 2.03 release

1. Fixed an issue where talking to Mom day 1, without choosing an option, caused the options to persist every day until chosen.
2. Fixed a wear issue with the Madoka dress not being wearable if you took it off after wearing the hairbows and wearing one of the other Kawaii store dresses instead.
3. Added Your Car to the Garage (It goes nowhere...yet)
4. Numerous minor bug fixes as well as some dialogue fixes for story flow.
5.the City of Bimburg. You can't get there yet but, it's on it's way...

6. Posted a fix for Lesbian Path where you could not have Amy comment on your Cosplay outfit


Version 2.0 Changes (Kawaii Path is complete.)

1. Made it a requirement to use makeup prior to watching the movie.
2. Various grammar corrections
3. Changed Porn and Masturbate options from Video Files to Gifs for numerous reasons.
4. Made the Anime on the Computer progressively more Cute and Kawaii through the tranformations.
5. Porn wil now change each day progressing into more hentai in nature as you transform.
6. Added interactions with other people, based on the Porn you watched, that lead to sex.
7. Added Andrea to the High School area.
8. Added Amy to Game Stop
9. Added Michael and Shelly to the Food Court
10. Added Sunday content.
11. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: Shemale
12. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: BBW
13. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: Lesbian
14. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: Pregnant
15. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: Blowjob Queen
16. Added End Of Game Kawaii Path: Stayin' Kawaiive (see what I did there, lol )
17. Numerous minor bug tweaks
18. Shortened original transformation music to better fit the scenes afterwards that do not require it.
19. Porn now changes each day when viewed
20. Moved restrooms to the first floor next to the food court for continuity reasons.



Version 1.04 Fixes:

1. Fixed some small spelling mistakes

2. Made things a little more clear with what to do next, hopefully without making it seem like it's completely on rails.

3. Fixed a major bug on Wednesday where you could wear the Madoka dress and it would revert you back to Metro.

4. Fixed a bug that caused the door to the Kawaii room to be inactive. (Now you can get to the end of the path)

5. Made the Thursday conversation with your sister less confusing as to where you should go next.

6. Added mediafire download option.

7. Fixed an issues with Porn choices.

8. Content is 100% reachable to the current end. Verified by several indipendant playthroughs.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MaidMarion

Version reviewed: 2.1d on 08/02/2018

Really enjoy the game but will probably stop playing it once the bimbo path/paths are done as goth and pregnacy are not my cup of tea, however the others apart from BBW are.

Review by XHollow1

Version reviewed: 2.1d on 08/02/2018

cant wait for finished bimbo path and starting the pregnant or goth path


Review by Kellianne

Version reviewed: 2.09 on 07/26/2018

Sorry you are having issues. I am using 2.6.1 and redownloaded it from the postings here , and it works fine. The wonderful Maawe posted the fixes in the discussion thread. If I could politely ask folks to post these kind of issues in the discussion thread, you might find the answers you seek there, instead of waiting here for a reply that will assuredly take much longer.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 2.09 on 07/14/2018

If you like TF games that are kawaii, the kawaii path is the ultimate destination to the cutest adventure ever. At least in my recent memory :P

*poofs off in a pink cloud of cuteness*

Review by estripadorpt

Version reviewed: 2.09 on 07/09/2018

The game is all good and stuff, but there is a bug in the ok anime shop when you are putting on the dresses, you cannot leave the store afterwards, atleast for me, help?

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