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Version: 1.4.6

Female Agent

Female Agent is a text-based RPG that stars a Western intelligence officer who's sent undercover into Bangkok's red light district.  She'll have to navigate her way through a sex-fuelled urban underbelly to take down a dangerous international terrorist.

Will she succeed or become trapped in Bangkok's criminal underworld?

(UPDATE 29 March 2019 – bug fixes.  See changelog for details)

Female Agent is the story of a Western intelligence officer sent undercover into Bangkok's red light district.  There she has to strip, suck and fuck her way towards catching a dangerous international terrorist.


  • The player character is a customisable secret agent from one of five intelligence agencies.
  • The game features various scripted and randomly generated NPCs.

1.4.7 (29 March 2019)
Bug fixes.

1.4 (11 March 2019)
This version adds the Lifepath, an absurdly detailed interactive character generator that's been described as "a game within the game" by dev testers. Play through your agent's unique backstory from childhood, through university, to her agency career before being selected for the mission.

It also adds S.U.R.P.S.,the RPG ruleset that will provide randomness, replayability and character improvement for all future versions. Stats, skills, experience points and dice-based task resolution all added.

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Review by alexcross

Version reviewed: 1.4.6 on 03/11/2019

I have liked this game in the past.  However, the link to download is not actually a link to download.  It is a link to play the game, at the website www.femaleagentgame.com, so it is the same as the "Play Now" button except that it doesn't warn you that you are going offsite.  If you jump through the hoops to get to the free download (go to the Patreon page, and, from there, go to the Discord page, sign up, find where the download is, and download it), this gives you an html file.  It still needs to connect to the website (see above) to get any images.  That website is not available from all locations, and, even if it was, I might want to play the game in a location where I do not have access to the internet.

In general, in previous versions, I have liked the game.  That was before I realized that it is accessing offsite (or off machine) images in order to play.  That is a "feature" that I do not like.

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: on 09/20/2018

I've played a lot of games on this site, and this is one of the gems.

There could be more content, but that counts for every game on this site, it's definitely enough to warrant a download.

I'd also like to emphasize the good writing style.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: on 07/17/2018

This is an amazing CYOA type of game. Perfectly fits my taste of gradual mental transformation of the main character. I really hope, that the author continues to develop it and does it reasonably quickly :)

Review by fresh

Version reviewed: on 06/01/2018

Because you can only play the prologue so far I would not call this a beta. The story was entertaining for as far as it went though. There were still flags that indicated points where the creator intends to improve certain parts of the story. I would like to see more.

Review by xavia91

Version reviewed: on 06/01/2018

Good game so far, but only the prolog is playable, linear but with a good amount of options to choose from on a regular basis.

I liked the options given, also I don't know what happens if you play a little more prudish ;)

Overall the game still needs lots of work, the sex scenes are rather simple and since they are reoccuring regularly that might be a good point for improvement.

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