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Version: 1.10.1

Version: 1.6.3

Female Agent

Female Agent is a text-based sexpionage RPG.  It stars a Western intelligence officer, who'll be sent undercover into Bangkok's red light district.  She'll have to navigate her way through a sex-fuelled urban underbelly to take down a dangerous international terrorist.

Will she succeed or become trapped in Bangkok's criminal underworld?

Current state of the game
Female Agent is in active development.  Right now you can create your own unique character, including a dynamic customisable avatar, and play through the story-driven tutorial that leads up to her operation in Bangkok.

We're currently working on Version 1.11, which is targeted for early release on Jan 31 2021 (and general release on Feb 14).  This version will add facial expressions to the avatar.

Current features

  • Customisable avatar
  • RPG task resolution system with stats, perks, levels, dice rolls etc
  • Play through key points in your heroine's backstory, shaping her for the challenges ahead

Planned features

  • Build your character into an intelligence officer, then play through a long-term undercover mission as a stripper/whore in the Patpong red light district
  • Develop your character through side missions and exploration
  • Wardrobe & Style system allowing you to set the avatar's clothing and makeup in each scene
  • Lots more!

DISCLAIMER: Female Agent is a work of fiction. The game does not include explicit depictions (spoken, visual or written) of underage characters, incest, bestiality or any other content forbidden by the Patreon TOS.

  • Customisable heroine

Version 1.10 [31 Dec 21]

  • Added three foreign backstory adventures (Swiss finishing school, Africa volunteering, Corfu holiday repping), each with one new nude scene and one new sex scene.


Version 1.9 [30 Nov 20]

  • Added teen backstory and first interactive sex scene.
  • Added tattoos & piercings.


Version 1.8 [31 Oct 20]

  • Added youth backstory and dice roller.


Version 1.7 [6 Oct 20]

  • Launch of new UI, avatar and refactored source code (for faster updates).


Version 1.6 [24 Apr 20]

  • Test of new sex scene mechanics.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 1.10.1 on 01/16/2021

The following was my original short review written many many years ago:

"This is an amazing CYOA type of game. Perfectly fits my taste of gradual mental transformation of the main character. I really hope, that the author continues to develop it and does it reasonably quickly :)  "

As we all now know that was just wishful thinking, but I decided to try the 1.10 version nevertheless. And I have to admit I'm not disappointed. This might not be the update of Female Agent we're all waiting for, it's still just the prologue, but let's forget about the game's history for a moment and consider this update as a stand alone game. As such it is really well made and thought through. It has good writing, descriptive enough, but not too much, so the pacing is just right. The graphics are pretty (and sexy) and the mechanics seem to work fine.

The corruption theme is developed nicely and the player has a lot of freedom how far they want to go. Although let's not fool ourselves, we all want to see all of the smut. ;-)

I loved the blowbang scene with all of its little variations. That's exactly the type of character I like to play in such a game.

As for the three "main" scenes/scenarios at the end I'm torn between working class and middle class. The former has more exhibitionism and promiscuity involved, but the latter seems to have a better setting and mood. They're both really hot and well written. The elite scenario is also pretty good, but feels somewhat bland in comparison. Maybe because it literally lacks the meat ;-) and the whole lesbian path doesn't seem all that well based in the storyline. The sex scene itself is really hot though and written just as good as the rest of the game. 


I suggest giving this update a try, even if you're a disappointed fan of the game. It might not give you Bangkok, but if you put any bias aside, you should really enjoy this one.

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 1.10.1 on 01/15/2021

I supported this game for a while. But, unfortunately, he's been working and reworking the same content for more than 6 months now. I was willing to be patient at first, but I eventually bailed.

That said, the game has an interesting character creation system that is very elaborate and interesting. The main problem is that the game really hasn't progressed into the meat of what is billed as the main story (i.e. your first real undercover job).  Instead, the dev has done a lot of work underneath the hood, revamping the sex interaction scenes, and adding visual content, mostly an avatar system. Most of the sex, the last time I played, was still text-based.


The game has a lot of potential, but a lack of good follow-through by a TEAM of developers undermines it.

Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: 1.9.1 on 01/08/2021

Have not played since the revamp (v1.4.8 is the last version I played before this). I do like this latest version - it has a really good sex scene, and I like the new avatar a lot. But there's even less content here than there was when I last played and reviewed it more than a year ago, when it actually seemed on the cusp of actually getting to Bangkok.

What's here is really good, and I encourage anyone who reaches the end of content on this version to also go and play the earlier version linked in the end page. There's a lot of really good scenes there that aren't present in this current version, and you get a much clearer sense of what the author is trying to accomplish with the extended prologue.

Author, do your thing but please please be wary of succumbing to scope creep. Perfect is the enemy of good. And there is so much that is good here.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 1.9.1 on 12/18/2020


I feel a litle lost .

Where is the actual game content here???????

I say its nothing wrong with the text quality or graphics.

Its just the intended gameplay is entirely missing.

I hate to say this the character generator has no use yet

All you get is a 18- early life description that 10 times as long as it has to be.

Its clear that this game gone sideways.

The game introduction is missleading.

There is no actual TF in this game, wait there is one age progression but its a NATURAL one. Its as mutch of a TF story as Lassie.


Review by taxeiraki

Version reviewed: 1.8 on 11/06/2020

Probably the slowest development in a game I actually never saw. We haven't been able to advance from the character creation since the first alpha was released.


And not happy with it, the developer decided to GO BACK, delete everything he had done and start anew, with EVEN LESS CONTENT than in the previous versions.


Seriously, WTF!? This is nothing more than a patreon milker. And it's a pitty, because otherwise it could be one of the best games ever.

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