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Version: 0.0.5(hotfix)

Version: 0.0.5

Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

by Tawda


I'm working on on completely revamping the middle section to create a looping storyline, if anyone could suggest some ideas, that would be appriciated.

I would like to point out that,THE .RAR DOES WORK with chrome on windows. 

Just a concept, this is my first game however and I don't know much about code. It is more of a CYOA story than a game with a few choices.

Kinda the plot of ready player one but sissifed....

dystopian future with no jobs, the only outlet being a VR world created by one mega corperation...

It's a linear game.


added stat system

added another pathway

added two new endings

added longer intro

added more hypno

fixed a couple of spelling errors


changed intro and story so there is less plot holes

added more of sister ending

added an alt ending

fixed some typos and got rid off more unused files, getting the overall file size to 150MB

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Review by v1d30g4m3r

Version reviewed: 0.0.5(hotfix) on 05/05/2018

no bad game, promising and cool inspiration. keep working so we see how its develop

the only remark I got is that you review the route and titles of some of the lasts photos some got a different name or didn't link with anything apart from that everything is good



Review by jakehunter9

Version reviewed: 0.0.5(hotfix) on 04/08/2018

Every version gives an error for WinRAR saying file is in an unknown format or damaged.  Help?

Review by tailoredsissy

Version reviewed: 0.0.5(hotfix) on 04/08/2018

I have to say, even though you kinda took the Story basics from Ready Player One and completly changed the game - it feels more unique now. You took some time and changed a lot compared to the beginning.

I dont know how you plan the game in the future (because you added some endings) but I think with you new Status attributes and other additions that you could focus more on the path to the player feminasation. In my opinion it guess to fast from arriving in the sissy game to full Transformation - but thats propably something you are working right now. Slow and understandable m2f is always better than just instant transformation.


But right now, the game is nice and enjoyable. A lot of pictures doesnt really work/are missing. I am excited what you have planned for the future and will follow the development. So in Overall: nice done for your first game. :)

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.0.5(hotfix) on 04/07/2018

Hot Fix:  Please tells us what you hot fixed because I do not see any changes.

Update:  First I would like to say that I can tell the developer is working very hard to improve the game they are trying to make here and for that CONGRATULATIONS, they really are listening to the reviewers.

Now for the review:  I like how is is shaping up and giving you some options.  Is it complete?  No, but the developer is showing a lot of progress since it first came out and I strongly believe with more feedback (good feedback not nasty) from players it will be even better.

Writing errors still are there.   Example: near the beginning the sister comes up stairs and says "have just woken up come on"  The "you" is missing.  When reading the story, you will find a bunch of small errors like this.  If you do not undterstand English (which is ok not to) well, you might want someone else to proof read it so there are less grammer errors.

Near the end there are pictures failing to load in and this needs to be fixed.  Almost all the pictures on secretary side did not show up and the classy pictures on the sister's side too.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that this linear game/story and while the end does tell you different endings, the beginning and middle feels like kids rollercoaster ride.  It has a few simple turns and bumps but nothing that is going to make you scream in excitement.  The beginng of the story feels like it is getting developed pretty well, the middle still feels like a rushed job, and the ending in not to bad.  I would like to see a lot more in the middle and more added to the "secertary" side at the end.  In time I would like to see the Main Character running away from his sister and "enfocrments" at the beginning where choices he makes on the run will either corrupt him into joining his sister's VR world or allowing him to get away completely.

Overall:  Because it is not a looping type of game, you might play it a few times and forget about until you come across it months or years down road and play it just to refresh your memory.  It is not a bad game to play while killing a little bit of time.


(I reserve the right to change my review should there be errors in it or new content is added)

Review by Brianna

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 04/07/2018

.rar file is corrupt for 0.0.5. 

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