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Version: .00033

Blood Magic
by Novin

Note: Top link is for Linux, second link is for Mac, third link is for Windows

This is one of two projects I've been working on for the past while. It's a pretty straightforward RPG at the moment, though the plan is to have a Trails In Sky/Cold Steel-like structure as things progress. As for the tags, all of the transformation tags are featured in the game so far, but there's admittedly not much content beyond the changes at the moment(Though there's a reasonable amount before).


For a brief introduction(Longer intro in plot tab):

Our main character is a destitute nobleman struggling to make ends meet. He finds himself in a small border town named Draelas, from which he'll begin a journey that will inevitably force him and those he meets to change in very unexpected ways.



If you don't mind I'd appreciate any feedback in the game's thread that you can provide, negative or positive I won't take it personally, though I'd prefer to get specifics on why X is bad or good. Oh, and if you find a bug feel free to beat me over the head over it, I won't mind. There shouldn't be anything major in this version.



Known bugs:


    • Sometimes when skipping text in a few of the cutscenes, movement routes can be broken causing the game to no longer be able to advance. This happens very rarely, but it CAN happen.
    • Mac version has trouble saving. Removed a plug-in for that version that might fix the problem, but whether or not that fixed worked is unknown.


Welcome to the world of Ethar. It is a world of magic in which there are three types of mages: True Mages, Mage Practitioners, and inscribers. In Ethar one in one hundred humans are born as what are known as True Mages: those who can freely manipulate reality with a mere thought. Mage Practitioners, on the other hand, are normal beings, who, through dedicating their life to the study of magic, are able to cast spells through chants. As for Inscribers, they allow others to use specific magic spells by inscribing etharite dust on them in the form of tattoos.

Within these three methods of using magic, there is one taboo among most human societies: magic must not be used to directly alter the body. This form of magic is known as Blood Magic and was originally created by a mage known in the Empire as The Betrayer, one of the Three Immortals that helped found the Empire of Namor in which this story begins.

The Empire of Namor is an ever expanding Empire founded 500 years ago after a hard fought War of Liberation against the now extinct Elven Race. In the Empire there are many noble houses that hold varying degrees of power. Some have seats on the Emperor's council, others have little left of their power beyond their name and seal. Our main character belongs to one such a house, House Basurde. Without a penny to his house's name our main character has left home in search of fortune.

0.0003: Initial IGDB Release


  • Made it so that Sina can actually hit things without missing
  • Fixed bug in Rila fight where Rila would stop attacking if player survived two attacks.
  • [Mac Version]Turned off save plug-in because of bug preventing mac users from saving. May or may not work?


Slightly increased Sina's damage output.

  • Increased Sina's health.
  • Fixed glitch when talking to Sina at the first camp from the wrong side.
  • Added a save prompt at the end of the dungeon.
  • Decreased Shifting Abomination's HP by 200 points.
  • Added doors to buildings in starter town. They're locked, though.
  • Fixed money not being lost when it should be.
  • Fixed respawning chests. They now despawn instead.
  • Added a one-time use healing crystal at the end of the Suspicious Ruins
  • Hid dead bodies


  • Minor house-keeping bug fixes.
  • Found the disappearing deck of cards.
  • Slightly edited Quad explanation
  • [MAC] Added Save Plug-in that may fix the inability of mac users to save.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by EyeLoch

Version reviewed: .00033 on 09/19/2018

I very much enjoy the characterisation and worldbuilding on offer here - the tone of the narration amuses me too, without taking me too out of the feel of the game.

Review by deathgod

Version reviewed: .00033 on 08/24/2018

would love to see more of this game it is good so far but going forward if mutation is what i think it is gender bending is possible maybe even make true blood mages say succubus's or something

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: .00033 on 06/19/2018

EDIT: SABRINA the Teenage Witch, altho CLARISSA's World had the same actress playing the main character... sorry about the mixup...  XD

UPDATE:  Played through to end of current content, figured out that the reason I couldn't get past the camp is that there was another tent to get into after the top one, where the catgirl was playing a card game.  T_T  Also figured out why this doesn't grab me as good as Afterlife does.  While the story is good (better than most stories on this site! (most games: Plot? What is this plot thing you speak of?)), it is A LOT slower to get off the ground than Afterlife imo.  Only rats, and 2 fights (one of which you're SUPPOSED to lose in) before where I got stuck the first time (I thought it was the end of content bc couldn't get past it  XD).  I mean, I love the story, ESPECIALLY with catgirls involved, but it really only picked up the pace during the forest and then maze... that I got hopelessly lost in a *few* times...  Also, never could figure out how to get back to recharge at the giant floaty mana crystal... but it's prolly bc I suck... or bc it's 2 am.  Even without that, still beat maze boss!  Still good game, with loads of potential!  (and CAT GIRLS!  ... and apparently Salem the Talking Cat from Clarissa the Teenage Witch gets involved!)  Rlly looking forward to seeing where this goes!  ... juuuust gonna keep saves, and reload to at least the beginning of the maze... nope, got lost too much in it... after the maze!  Definitely after!  At the boss fight, ya!  Sounds good!  Yep!

END THOUGHTS:  Good start, GREAT plot (not just saying that bc cat girls... *shifty eyes* ... ok, catgirls help, but there IS a good plot here!), and well fleshed out characters so far!  Takes a bit to wind up to playability, rather than just story, but worth the wait!  Between this and Afterlife, it's clear that the author has a great talent for making memorable and distinct characters, as well as thinking up story lines for them to follow!  Also... to paraphrase Christopher Walken:  Needs more Cat-Girls! (original is Cow Bells) *nya!*  =^_^=

Fave line so far:  "You WILL let me pet you!"  *HISS*   =^_^=

OLD: Not much here yet... rlly not much here yet.  Mostly, it's just an introduction to get you used to the characters.  Content for me seemed to stop at the first "free night" in the caravan.  However, the content that IS there is rlly rlly good!  TONS of potential, hoping this gets finished!  Engrossing story so far, and characters that seem like characters, rather than just "generic person A".  My current fave is the scary innkeeper lady.  IDK why, but she is my fave so far.  Seriously, if you're looking for an actual GAME on this site, look into this!  No transformations yet that I've found, but only played through once.  The content that IS there, I'd rate at least an 8/10.  That's minimum.  Trying to decide if it comes up to Secret of Evermore/Secret of Mana levels.  It's almost got that SNES rpg feel to it.

Review by yearhyearh

Version reviewed: .00033 on 05/25/2018

Astonishing amount of quality and effort here, unbelievable that you can do this alongside afterlife. 

Would support a patreon based off this game

Does one cardinal sin by not having proper alt text for beating the "unbeatable" boss, though. C'mon, just give me a little something, even if it's just flavor text.

Review by Iiie

Version reviewed: .00033 on 05/24/2018

So, a second game by Novin I finished and I must say: seldom are games on this site this engaging. Your games hold my attention not for their fetish content alone, but for their story, setting, characters, etc. 

The difficulty is balanced, I don't breeze through encounters, if I don't strategize, then I lose, but I also don't need to savescum or grind in order to progress. Rarely seen with RPGmaker games.
I really hope your games will get frequent updates, keep the pace! If you need any help, with graphics or writing, just ask! 

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