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Version: 0.0.03

The Black Jaeger
by BJaeger

The Black Jaeger

She's the finest star ship in the fleet, and tomorrow, it's where you're going to start your mandatory training aboard, under the Eden Act of 2532. You're nervous, it's such a big change, but also slightly excited at the prospect of being up in space amongst the stars. Along for the ride is your family, and along the way you'll find friends, lovers and masters, all there to help you along your journey.

Little do you know that there is an alterior motive for you and all the other boys to complete the mandatory service. Secretly, over the term of your service, you and all the other boys will be transformed into girls.

Will you embrace femininty and earn the love of the amazonian crew, or will you pathetically fight it.


This game is my way of learning twine and sugarcube so any feedback would be much appreciated. I hope to incorporate an inventory systerm and other such complexities at some point.

Enjoy and have fun! :p

Changelog v0.0.03:

  • Meet the Chief Maintenance Officer
  • Meet the Chief Medical Officer and undergo your mandatory physical examination


Changelog v0.0.02:

  • Meet the captain, and try to make a good first impression why don't you?

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Review by BattleGirl

Version reviewed: 0.0.03 on 12/16/2018

no pictures

Review by maestroeam

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 06/08/2018

Normally don't comment, but I had to after reading the ones below and seeing how underappreciated this intro is imo.

This is a really solid intro to a game that I hope keeps getting updated. I think the writing is pretty good compared to a lot of the stuff on this site.

Mostly though, I'm just really interested in and enjoying the setting. Not a lot of games take place in alternate societies or realities, especially with a different definition of sex and gender. So that's my favorite part that I'm hoping to see more of.

I know that this is an early demo, but I kinda was hoping for more choices. It felt a bit just like a story instead of a game, which I definitely don't mind but I'd prefer more opportunities to differentiate my main character. So I hope that's coming in future updates. Also I'm torn between wanting a description page for the characters so I can get a more accurate view of how they look physically or just waiting for their bodies to slowly be described in more detail as the story progresses.

Also, I think that if you are off-put by the way that the world works in this story, this might not be the game for you. It feels to me like this new societal direction is one of the strengths and focuses of the world, and I certainly wouldn't change it.

Great start!

Review by JoeCamb

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 06/08/2018

This is really a Choose Your Own Adventure story and not a game.  The existing choices affect which story you see, but not much else. Personally and speaking only for myself, I did not care for the of the Femdom stuff as I found it fairly derivative.  I am sure it will sell well with the fans of hentai though.  It follows their formulas pretty closely. 

Other reviewers were impressed with the writing.  The writer has a command of English grammar and punctuation so the writing reads like English as opposed to something translated from a foreign language.  That said, sentences like "The soft skinned, erect tower launched straight up with the foreskin wrapped around it’s head, her bald balls slip over the band and jiggle as her wrist moves them out of the way to reach her flooding pussy" are not the best erotic writing I've seen. 

In any event if Choose Your Own Adventure stories and hentai Femdom type stuff are your cup of tea, this is for you.

Review by SalaciousForm

Version reviewed: 0.0.01 on 06/08/2018

The game starts off by treating intense levels of sexism as a factually correct world view, and not merely a societally dominant narrative. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to relate to this in any measure. I can't suspend my disbelief around this. This is supposed to be sexy. These aren't even human characters. This decision unsettles any ability to relate with the characters by virtue of challenging the fundamental concepts of what people are like.

I mean, I can ignore the very confused ideas of how reproduction and human genetics works, but even that's a massive suspension of disbelief given this game is branded as sci-fi, meaning the expectation is set that it at least won't contradict any science it brings up, but there are no ins to relate or understand the characters in this game. They may as well be another species entirely, that is how inhuman they are.

Something like this might work if you were going for a harsh dystopian theme, but it really doesn't here, and all the other errors present are inconsequential in comparison. The entire thing feels like I'm reading some kind of alien cyborg's attempts at simulating human erotica.

Review by Gangrel

Version reviewed: 0.0.01 on 06/07/2018

I like what I see of the world building and back story.  I hope there is as many solid ideas put into the front part of the story for the path to get from start to finish remains compelling.

There are the usual spelling, homonym, grammer and coding errors, but this is 0.0.01 and I'm sure a quick run over by your proofreader will catch most of those.

I ticked Subscribe, so hurry update1!

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