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Man of the House

The story of a young man who recently lost his father, and is traveling to a new town to live with his mother and sister. He will soon learn that everyone in the town is a sadistic pervert bent on turning him into a number of different types of feminized sissy. 


I hate unfinished concept games as much as the next guy, and I had originally intended on writing the whole thing before posting, but I changed my mind as I realized that constructive criticism would probably improve the eventual product. The game is very unfinished at this point(Only one bad end currently exsists), but I have big plans for it (lol, doesn\'t everyone) and would enjoy people telling me what I could work on as I continue to develop it.


This game has EXTREME kink content, some of which are personal to me, others of which are not really as much my cup of tea, but most all of which are horribly perverted. Consider thyself forewarned. 

Right now only one fork in the very begininng of the game is active. Sorry.

To access the only active path, decide to walk the distance, don't hitchhike, and listen to the mysterious noise. 

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Review by JoukyuuKunitoshi

Version reviewed: Pre-Alpha on 06/14/2018

Kind of wish people would finish their games first then post. To me it seems it would be easier to have it all done then get to bug fixes and grammar corrections, rather than waiting on a community to give critiques that may end up shaping your game different then you planned from the start. Just my opinion.


Also said that to say: please don't mention that you planned to finish it before posting if you did the exact opposite.

Like telling a kid you were going to get them ice cream but got them brussel sprouts instead. Just pointlessly getting hopes up.

Review by innatemalk

Version reviewed: Pre-Alpha on 06/10/2018

Really enjoying what's on offer here so far. 

It's very early in development but the writing is strong and the game promises to go to levels that other games haven't gone. Really looking forward to seeing how things develop. 

Review by MaidMarion

Version reviewed: Pre-Alpha on 06/10/2018

From what I've played, I quite enjoyed, though will be waiting till some considerable updates have been released that have added more paths. I imagine the route with the milf and daughter will be the bimbofication path.

Review by Purzelkraut

Version reviewed: Pre-Alpha on 06/10/2018

Very nice! Keep up the awesome quality! :)

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: Pre-Alpha on 06/10/2018

As I play this game, I have already spotted some wrong words being used.  You will need to go over and check for grammer errors.


****** There Will be Spoilers ******


The story starts of pretty good but it turns into a "Makes no sense" path.  You play a 18 guy, but for some unknown reason you are being forced to move in with your mother in another state through the law.  If your character was seventeen I could see this but being that he is 18, he has every legal right not to go.  This should be changed from a "forced to move by legal terms" to "Asked to move in with your mother presented by a legal lawyer"


As of right now the story is short (with only one path) but over time it can get bigger and I am curious as to what other paths your character takes (hopefully a lot of choices)  I will wait for more updates.

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