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Version: 2.3

Version: 2.0.5

Version: 2.0.1

Eros Academy

NOTE - Game is on development Hiatus (long-term) due to some hardware failures in my rendering rig...some of which resulted in data loss in the files I used for the game (both the main files AND the backups -_-).


Update 2.3 is the most recent (and possibly last) update.


Update! v2.05 is Public!

Also, since I forgot to mention it before. Visit the Patreon main page if you need the MAC version, or if you want download options that aren't Mega. The direct link I add here is the Mega - PC version.

Release Notes

This update adds Ponygirl Play, Jobs at the Academy, and the Intro to Bondage Class. Included is:

- A new Location, the Stables (Found via Go Somewhere in the Main Hallway Menu)

- Ponyplay events at the Stables. Have Faith train to be a ponygirl and participate in Ponygirl races (with multiple results depending on Faith's Fitness Score)

- Work at the Academy!(Find the new option via the Main Hallway Menu) There are four jobs(Maid, Model, Scenario Actress, Dungeon Dom), some with unlock conditions. Which job you get is random until each has been done at least once.

- Attend a new class, Intro to Bondage. If Faith meets the requirements, she can volunteer to be the demonstration model for the class...or she can stand back and watch the instructor take that role...

- A few bugfixes for long-standing but not game-ending issues.


Salutations! I'm the developer of Eros Academy, a game that's been in development for just shy of a year and half. I've recently revamped my patreon as I'm now developing a second game. However, Eros Academy is still receiving active monthly updates. To give you some idea of the size and amount of content, the current Public Build (v2.01) contains 685 unique 3D renders, around a quarter of which are part of  80+ two or three frame animations. The current Patreon Only build (v2.05) has an additional 55 renders and several more animations, introducing Pony Play, an Intro to Bondage class, and Jobs the main character can do around the academy.

So far the game contains only a limited amount of Transformation Content - Physical Breast Expansion and Futification for the MC and one of the datable characters. Though there are a number of things things like Catgirl and Ponygirl play, as well as a Dom/Sub mechanic that might be considered mental transformation as well.

You can find links to download the game(PC and Mac), more information on what my Patrons get, and details on another of my upcoming games via my:

Patreon Page

The linked version in the TF database is the current Public release. Please visit my Patreon Page for more information on the current Patreon Only version.


What is Eros Academy?


Eros Academy hovers somewhere between a Dating Sim and a Visual Novel. The basic settings of the game is that, some years in the future, a new company founds an institution called Eros Academy. This academy offers both a place for people to learn about their sexuality and a safe haven to practice that sexuality. They offer four major services.

Erotic Exercise - Nude Yoga Classes, Tennis, and Volleyball are just the beginning. The Academy offers everything from simple naked sports to sex-based workout programs.

Classes - The Academy offers hands on instruction in everything from oral sex to bondage play.

Scenarios - Attendees can select from a whole host of scenarios they would like to experience. Be it playing as a fantasy damsel in distress, or a naughty schoolgirl seducing their professor.

Groups - Eros Academy allows groups of like minded individuals to use their facilities to practice their kinks. (Currently, the major group that has been implemented is the Exhibitionism Group)


Though there is quite a bit beyond these to find around the academy in general.

Game Play

For the purposes of the game, you play as Faith Imati, a young women who has worked up the courage to check out her local Eros Academy. As you guide her to explore the ever-expanding world of Eros Academy, you can meet and develop relationships with a number of NPCs. Currently, there is a full 4 dates leading to a relationship with a girl named Naomi, and a single date for a second character named Lily. These are not simple, mindless dates, but tend to contain multiple paths, options, and challenges. The dates tend to run at least 50-80 images each.


In addition to developing relationships, you can have Faith interact with other named NPCs, attend classes, experience scenarios, join in exercises, or sign up with the Exhibition group. You can also explore the Academy grounds to find numerous random encounters, or go to specific places to find various events and challenges. All the while you can choose to develop Faith's dominance or submissiveness, lower her inhibition levels, and increase her fitness, all of which unlock new options and scenes throughout the game.

What Will the Game Feature?

Eros Academy is intended to feature a very wide variety of kinks/fetishes. The list below are some ALREADY Present in the Game, and more will be added in time.


Oral Sex

Heterosexual and Lesbian sex

Anal Sex




Public Sex/Public Use Sex

Exhibitionism (Photography, Amateur Porn, Erotic Strip/Dance)
Sex Toy Play (Dildos/vibrators, Sybian, Strap-ons and more)

Pet Play (Ponygirl training, Ponygirl races, Cat/Dog play)

Roleplay Fantasies (I.E. Damsel in Distress, Student/Teacher, Captured Warrior, Cosplay)

Transformation(Breast Expansion, Futa : Both completely optional and currently somewhat limited)

Milking(Very Limited)

Basically, the intention of this game is to eventually allow Faith(and the player) to explore a bit of everything, all while developing relationships with an ever expanding number of major NPCs who she can either seduce or, in some cases, be seduced by.


Update Frequency:


Patrons get monthly updates of between 10-25 new renders (dependent on $5+ reward poll voting). Public releases have moved to every three months starting at the end of July.




I hope you enjoy!


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Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 2.0.5 on 04/23/2019

It's a sex acedemy so there's a lot of sex, you can probably find a fetish if you want to, but it feels a bit soulless at the moment. For me it would feel better if it did a few fetishes in greater depth with real eroticism rather than letting the player skim through a lot of a short scenes. An underlying story of some sort might help as might a more complex character with a variety of limitations and preferences.

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