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Version: 1.2

Version: .76

Calibration Error

Calibration Error is a comedy/sci-fi/smut story of science gone wrong. Hijinks ensue after an unlicensed, inadvisable experiment that leaves the main character in a body not quite normal. Will you manage to return to your male body? Or maybe you'll end up having sex with anyone around you who breathes. The choice (as long as the choice is one I wrote in advance) is up to you!


Calibration contains 500+ 3D renders and 16 very different endings. The game is fully complete in the Renpy version on Windows, Mac, and Android. The old HTML version is still available to download, but that version is missing content.




Fixed a choice directing to the wrong branch on rare occasions

Fixed some typos



Fixes bug that gave wrong hints for the test

Some small typo fixes



Finished the game

Ported the game over to the Renpy engine





Fixed a choice directing to the wrong branch on rare occasions

Fixed some typos




Fixes bug that gave wrong hints for the test

Some small typo fixes




Finished the game

Ported the game over to the Renpy engine



Pasage advancement is now handled with the arrow keys instead of any key.



Complete formatting overhaul.

130+ new renders!

Removed TF Card Battle. It is now a separate game.

Minimal story content







Added Lab Visit 7 (25,000+ words of content)

Emily scenes outside the lab now change based on your "attitude" towards her

50+ new renders

Mobile version obsolete, regular release should work fine on phones


Card game:

Card game now has "levels"

Highest level goes up to TF 100 and has a boss at the end

Added 25 new cards

Lots of general improvements and bug fixes



Bug fixes for the card game

Added quality of life features for card game (autoplay cards button, Ui improvements, extra rule details, etrc.)

Added in sidebar allowing for the back button to be used again

Added story tree that shows your position in Emily's storyline for ease of exploration.






Scenes up to lab visit 6 and transformation 4

TF Card Battle mini-game

Psych professor storyline

Almost 50 new renders (over double the previous release)

17 hypnosis style gifs

Save system

Achievement/History system to keep track of what scenes you've seen

Created mobile version formatted for smaller screens

General typo bug fixes and minor edits


.5: Initial release.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by 9pets

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 03/06/2021

Finally finished all endings for the game, including th esecret ones (I think). This is not just a porn game, but also adresses a number of other philosophical topics, such as being, morality and friendship.

The graphics, UI and sound design are really good. The story is a lot of fun. One playthrough is good, but this is really a game where trying to find all endings is fun.

In terms of improvement; Some characters (e.g. the doctor, stephfather), don't add much to the story. To make the replays more fun, I think they could have been left out, or have a shorter presence in the game. I was missing one character, I'll post about that in the forum. I really would have lovedsome more resolution to the secret endings.

Fun game, high quality!

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 08/29/2019

This is pretty good. It has a sci fi story, multiple endings, some sexy art, simple gameplay. The game has a bonus for completing all the endings so it would be better if the paths were more distinct, using more of the characters, so that you weren't pressing autoskip so much.

Review by Useraro

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 08/21/2019

Best plot of any game I've ever played in here! The sissy elements aren't as extreme as in other games (no chastity here folks) and it's mostly m2f transformation and little else. Play it for the kinky stuff, stay for the plot. And remember: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.

Review by parya

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 08/02/2019

Amazing game. Really what do we want here, THANK you very much!

Review by Airanuva

Version reviewed: .71 on 09/20/2018

Note: I've only done one playthrough to get the gist of it, but there are multiple endings that depend on your choices.


I play card games off-and-on; I'm not fantastic at them, in fact I'm mostly bronze tier. However, I am good at theory, and can say this: you have no reason to pick the flirt or submission cards.

The game wants them to be the more powerful versions of the normal ones, but that doesn't pan out. The cards that are actually strong are the draw cards. A draw card means more actions in a turn because there is no limit to how many cards you can play. They allow you to fish for more cards and move through your deck faster, which also means resetting it faster. If a card has a draw on it, it is worth more than any of the others. Paranoia is beyond OP at its cost, with an always useful defense plus the cycle draw.

With enough draw, it doesn't matter if you have those 5 +1 int cards, you'll get your good options every turn anyway.

Even at the final boss, I had enough draw and int cards to clean them out.

The game even tells you taking the flirt and submission cards is a bad thing by taking away points. And most of them are just so you can get more flirt and submission cards, which you don't want!

Also the draw cards counteract the effect of those flirt and submission cards padding your deck out, so they're just an annoyance, not an actual tool usually.

Altogether, it is basically saying that becoming a submissive bimbo is a worse way to fight than to be a genius. Which, while that is kinda my wheelhouse, I don't imagine was the purpose. The card game could use some mechanical changes or added depth, in addition to major buffs on the flirt and submission cards.



Oh and, the story's alright. Kinda repetitive when you end up skipping right down one character's path and the same things keep happening. Interesting though.

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