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Version: 0.9.3

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens is a point and click transformation game about a young man's post high school life.

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  • Eva
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from your room / 2 different scenes depending on penis size
  • Lola
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from the forest
    • Computer and Login in her room
  • Land Lord and Dick
    • Addional scene in the Land Lord's bedroom
    • Added Landlord's panties if you butt is big enough
  • Added in Porn Star Butt clothing
  • Added sperm bank. After 5 visits you'll be invited back into your house.
  • Added back into the house.
  • Added ladder use in the back yard.
  • Added Super duper size butt
  • Pool, your home's backyard, dance club, hospital - None of these are complete, mostly just placeholders while I work on the content.
  • Pool characters: The girl works at the pool on weekends and the male during the week.
  • Sissy transformation when you sleep - this is also very much in progress.

v0.8 - Ends when you get the Red Box from the sewer

  1. Tiffany and Candy
    1. Added 2 scenes at night with candy
    2. Added 2 scenes at night with Tiffany
    3. Added Makeup room behind the red door. Meet with Tiffany to get key
  2. Missy
    1. Added Red Room and the challenges
    2. Added Sewer and fight
  3. Bottom Map Updated
  4. Menu Updated
  5. Easter eggs
    1. Running at night – 2 events
    2. Weekend bathroom fun with Cecilia
  6. Updated transformation system – you get to pick now
  7. Expanded the hours you can work at the construction site
  8. You earn fitness when you work at the construction site.


The game will be broken into 3 chapters.


Chapter 1: This is the most linear chapter with several side quests planned. The purpose is to introduce you to the game mechanics and main chast of characters. (Complete)

Chapter 2: This is the transformation chapter. The goal is to put you in control of your own thansformation. (In progress)

Chapter 3: The finally. (Not started)


v0.1 Game concept and feed back Released OCT 2018

v0.2 Major art update and UI udpate. Released FEB 2019

v0.3 Expand Loal, Eva, Zoey, and the Land lord's story

v0.4 Stuff.. I can't remember

v0.5 Missy story line / crossdressing / beginning of the transformation

v0.6 Bimbo Addition

v0.7 End of Chapter 1. Let the transformation begin!


 V7 Changes

1. Added the Bimbo side quests. In the future you'll see her pop up all over the place to do her thing (Like a surprise visit at the beach, swimming pool, locker room, club, etc..)

2. I'm finally adding back in the kitchen and living room in Landlord's house. Those that have been around since v2 may have noticed they disappeared, but I've finally been able to afford adding them back in.

3. Added the Landlord's boyfriend.

3a. Added 3 additional events with the Landlord

4. Added the front gym and back gym.

5. Reworked a few things with Missy. There were some points where I felt bored with the tasks, so I amped them up a bit

6. Poker with the boys. v7 will only have the poker game, but in time I'll add events based on how you transform.

7. Redid the save game. I modified to data structure so you will be able to reuse old saves going forward. I also added in an export / import save. So if you want to transfer your saves to a buddy or a different computer you now can.

8. Added in more than a dozen different clothing items. You'll need them going forward.

9. Re-added the mall scene

10. Adding in Tiffany's and Candy's apartment building. My next art request will include what I hope is a really good scene with 3 very dominate and playful characters.

11. At the end of v7 you'll be able to buy and wear conservative women's clothing (think summer dress)

12. Refined the anal stretching mechanic...

13. Updated the character UI a bit so it's more intuitive.

14. Added a new friend for Zoey.

15. Some art updates.... ummmm there's some other stuff, but it's probably minor



WIP walkthrough

.02 - Working on. Adding forest fighting events and expanding the Sisters and Mother events

.01.2 - Found the bug. If you were in shape BEFORE you worked as a PI you would get a bad chat entry. - Fixed

.01.1 - Fixed a couple bugs, and added an Emergency Exit button in case I've missed some other bugs

.01 First release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 11/20/2020

its a fine game

it has a moderate amount of content

an ok paperdoll

the gameplay is a bit messed up like any false sandbox events are behind  mostly linear hard triggers

i have to say that any game that requires cheat by default for returning players are somewhat somwhere gone sideways


Review by slaveyan9

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 11/19/2020

Compulsion and volentary  to interact with each other leads to greater immersion.Can't wait for more content updates

Review by black_swan

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 - WIP on 11/08/2020

Been playing this for a couple of hours now, and it is so amazing!

I would wish there could be more volentary sex of the MC being fucked, but maybe that's comming.

Anyway totally 5/5

Review by animenotreal

Version reviewed: 0.8.1c on 09/13/2020

Very good game. People should definitely support the author to continue this project. However, I have a few criticisms. First, the characters still need more development. The fact that we cannot see what the MC is thinking also makes the game less immersive. I would say that chapter 1 still needs more development. The Missy storyline is also very rushed and does not fit well with the rest of the story. You could be working at the construction site for several weeks, then go one day with Missy and the transformation randomly begins. The story still need more structure. Yet, it is still a great game as it is. Looking forward to more updates.

Review by OhMeGa

Version reviewed: 0.7.d on 07/06/2020

Very fun game! Like all, has some issues but nothing that can't be ironed out :) Very good project, can't wait to see more.

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