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Version: 0.4.1

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Version: 0.3.0

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Version: 0.2.0

Better Earth

You're one of the beta testers for the new alternate reality game Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG).  You're one of the lucky few who get to play around with the virtual world Titan Games has programmed to overlay reality, switching back and forth at will. 

And of course there's absolutely no chance of that virtual world almost immediately being to bleed over into reality.  None at all.

I plan to keep the atmosphere of the game light and fun, without anything very dark.  At most people might be mildly grumpy at their changes.  As you may have guessed from the name, this is also going to be focusing mostly on BE and TG, probably with a healthy dose of monstergirls. 

This game is heavily inspired by games like Monline and Magical Camp.  It's also partially a vehicle to throw a lot of sexy pictures in.  Enjoy!

(Entry for the Virtual Worlds contest, as well.)

Eons ago, the Great Goddesses who held the world in balance drifted off to sleep.  Now the world has enough problems that they must be reawakened to save it, before everything ends.

Or at least that's the description you got when you signed up for the beta of Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG for short).  You just know that it's going to be cool to play.  It's a million steps beyond early attempts at alternate reality like Pokemon Go.  You've just received your special glasses in the mail which will let you see and interact with a picture-perfect overlay on reality, like you're seeing a complete other world merged with ours.  And with the flick of a switch you can jump from that merged world to ordinary reality.  You're so lucky to have made it into the beta.

Welcome to Better Earth! We here at Terra Games have prepared this walkthrough to make sure you can make the best of your exclusive beta experience.

Terra Games office:
-Go north and register for the game. Once you've registered you will be able to go past the receptionist
-Enter the door directly to the north and watch our excellently scripted cutscene. Remember to equip the Potion Belt Earth gives you, or the next fight will be near-impossible.
-Leave the room. Follow the slime into the bathroom and fight it, healing as necessary with the potion skill. Check out yourself in the mirror if you want.
-Go back to Earth. Watch the cutscene. You're done here and nothing unfortunate has happened!

Optional TF:
-Talk to the shirt guy in the cafe area.
-Go to the mens' bathroom after you've acquired the potion skill. Press 's' on the guy and use 'potion'.
-Go back to the cafe and talk to the shirt guy again.

Garden Park:
-Talk to the priestess by the fountain. If you're looking for a mirror, the outhouses have one.
-Go north one screen. Talk to the man on the left. Equip the work gloves.
-Go into the maze, to the west. There are pieces of trash scattered on the ground which you can pick up. Walk around until you collect all of them.
Optional TF: You can climb the vines to enter treehouses. Go in the one in the southwest and talk to the people there.
-The last piece of trash is a boss fight in the center. The elf there can teleport you out once you win
-Talk to man and elf at the entrance to the park to turn in the quest and get rewards.
-Go back and talk to the head priestess to break the first seal
-Talk to the other people on the same screen as the seal to see a few more TFs
-If you've seen the TF in the forest maze, check out the trees in the northwest corner of the map for a short scene.
-Go two screens north to the farm. Talk to the woman by the entrance.
-Now you have the key to the gates. There's a minotaur to the north, with the cows, if you have the ARG turned on. Go fight him. Win.
-Talk to the priestess by the gate to the cows to start the side quest to restore the farm. Both spirits you can reach at this point are in the maze: one is in the northwest(use Potion on the dead vines on the tree) and the other is to the north (use Clean Up on the thorns, useable if you've absorbed the work gloves.) Return to the farm to see the effects. One animal triggers per time you enter the farm, and will change one of the NPCs on the farm.
-Return to the head priestess and unlock the second seal. Talk to the other NPCs on that screen to see more TFs.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Someone's having a good time.
-Talk to the orchard guard to see another TF and open the way.
-Enter the orchard. Get trapped on the south side of the map.
-You can use the trees to trigger fights that will give you fruit. Turning it in to the guy guarding the exit will do nothing, because he's a jerk.
-He does seem to be scared of bugs. Go all the way to the west and talk to the beeologist.
-Agree to their absurd plan. Run up to the beehive, then choose to charge.
-Go back and give the guy at the entrance a handful of bees (not a euphemism).
-Talk to the people in the south side of the map again for some foreshadowing and the fate of the jerk who was guarding the entrance.
-Optional: Go west and shake the tree near the pond to get some goggles.
-Optional: The cat spirit from the farm is hiding at the end of the vineyard to the west of the melon patch. You'll have to fight some minibosses to get to him. You're not able to return him yet, that will have to wait for another update.
-Go north to the melon patch. The fairy at the end will trigger the Worst Apple fight. Win.
-Optional:Go back to the orchard area to the south. Talk to everyone again to trigger one instant TF and one longer TF sequence.
-Go back to the head priestess. Realize this is the current end of content. Be sad.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Elves have a surprising amount of stamina.

For anyone having issues with the sound or controls - hitting F1 will open a menu that lets you turn off the music and customize the controls.  This applies to all RPGmaker games.

0.4.1: Bugfixes!

0.4.0: The orchard is now open for business! That business is being closed because of something wrong with the fruit. Maybe you should do something about that.

Other changes:

  • Trash panties do something different on absorption now.
  • Scattered some bits of backstory around the Terra Games offices
  • Added 1600+ words of hair descriptions to the mirror. I haven't fully fleshed out all of the attributes I'm tracking, but I'm close.
  • Added a system of reminders for some of the game systems, which haven't been as memorable as I'd like

0.3.2: Bugfixes. The farm gates, bus system, and getting stuck on Earth's chair should be fixed now.

0.3.1: The farm is now open for business! You can now unlock the second seal.

Other changes:

  • Gregory (SocraticGamer) now has a place to post his reviews.  Check the computer in the Titan Games lobby
  • The elves have repopulated the maze, where they were always supposed to live.
  • New sidequest! Only 2/4 animals are currently in the game, so don't worry if you can't find the rest yet.
  • You can now turn on and off the enemies in the hedge maze after beating the boss.  Talk to the elf at the entrance.
  • Something like seven new TFs (a few are continuations of previous ones)
  • Now includes an adult theme!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Capt

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 12/23/2018

Just got around to playing it. This game is GREAT! I am eagerly awaiting another update. <3

Review by sirwolffe

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 12/16/2018


Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 12/16/2018

Version 0.1.0 Review: Short (~2-3 minute) intro, but it shows how much comedy this very interesting game is going to contain. Definitely recommended!

Update 0.3.1 Review: Still fairly short, you don't really get much extra detailed TFs, they're pretty much just 'hey something happened here'. I hope that gets changed. Also our sprite stays the same despite some changes happening to the hair if you pick those. The second character you get also won't keep the 'name' you give them. Also throw away joke doesn't actually give you the item. Oh and the magic filter is funky in some parts, like I'll toggle it 'off' and the sprites come on. Looking forward to more content for sure, still recommended.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/29/2018

Regarding the music - I would like the ability to turn it OFF.

Review by BustyDemoness

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/29/2018

I like the concept and gameplay so far.


Right now, There's a few things that bug me and I think can be improved.


One, when plugging in a controller, the D-pad will not operate at all. And maybe it's just me with thumbsticks or how they're read but it becomes a little infurating when you're trying to go left/right but instead can't stop going up/down.

Two, ABXY controls on a game pad are not accurate. X and Y seemed to be partially swapped in function. I also think it would be better to follow a more standard pattern or enable control customization.

Three, the music was a little loud so it would be nice to adjust the volume.


That aside, I do hope there's more updates to this and plenty of improvements to come.

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