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Version: 0.2.2

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Version: 0.2.0

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Better Earth

You're one of the beta testers for the new alternate reality game Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG).  You're one of the lucky few who get to play around with the virtual world Titan Games has programmed to overlay reality, switching back and forth at will. 

And of course there's absolutely no chance of that virtual world almost immediately being to bleed over into reality.  None at all.

I plan to keep the atmosphere of the game light and fun, without anything very dark.  At most people might be mildly grumpy at their changes.  As you may have guessed from the name, this is also going to be focusing mostly on BE and TG, probably with a healthy dose of monstergirls. 

This game is heavily inspired by games like Monline and Magical Camp.  It's also partially a vehicle to throw a lot of sexy pictures in.  Enjoy!

(Entry for the Virtual Worlds contest, as well.)

Eons ago, the Great Goddesses who held the world in balance drifted off to sleep.  Now the world has enough problems that they must be reawakened to save it, before everything ends.

Or at least that's the description you got when you signed up for the beta of Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG for short).  You just know that it's going to be cool to play.  It's a million steps beyond early attempts at alternate reality like Pokemon Go.  You've just received your special glasses in the mail which will let you see and interact with a picture-perfect overlay on reality, like you're seeing a complete other world merged with ours.  And with the flick of a switch you can jump from that merged world to ordinary reality.  You're so lucky to have made it into the beta.


-Remember the special commands.  'A' to toggle between the real world and the enhanced view, 's' to use a absorbed field skill. If the controls aren't working, F1 should let you customize them.

-Many NPCs have different dialogue if you talk to them a second time.


0.2.2: More bugfixes. I think I've gotten everything anyone mentioned.

0.2.1: A couple minor bugfixes.

0.2.0: First part of Garden Park (of an expected three) is complete.  Can you break the first seal on the Goddess Florauna's resting place?

-Added in a bunch of game systems that weren't in the intro.  Let me know if anything's broken.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/29/2018

Regarding the music - I would like the ability to turn it OFF.

Review by BustyDemoness

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/29/2018

I like the concept and gameplay so far.


Right now, There's a few things that bug me and I think can be improved.


One, when plugging in a controller, the D-pad will not operate at all. And maybe it's just me with thumbsticks or how they're read but it becomes a little infurating when you're trying to go left/right but instead can't stop going up/down.

Two, ABXY controls on a game pad are not accurate. X and Y seemed to be partially swapped in function. I also think it would be better to follow a more standard pattern or enable control customization.

Three, the music was a little loud so it would be nice to adjust the volume.


That aside, I do hope there's more updates to this and plenty of improvements to come.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 09/27/2018

Second Update is not that bad. However, just some fixes(featuers?). In the forest maze the blue and red flowers are passable meaning u can technically walk on the hedge, you might want to fix that. Secondly, there are some dark pixel on the ground for the pc might want get rid of that its just irritating.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 09/17/2018

Short (~2-3 minute) intro, but it shows how much comedy this very interesting game is going to contain. Definitely recommended!

Review by icarue

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 09/17/2018

Very good start! Interesting premise, ok art (It's good and consistent, but the protagonist sprite is not cropped very well) and interesting main mechanic (can see a lot of puzzles comeing from it, depending how physics work in the game) So far I don't know if the changes are physical or virtual, and it might be a good idea to mention if they are physical.

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