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Version: 0.261

The Essence of Gender
by ugre101


The Essence of Gender is an 18+ game where the core game mechanic revolves around taking and losing essence of masculinity and femininity. 
I plan to add a lot more features and because I code the engine myself I will be able to add any feature I can code in JavaScript/HTML5.


The game is made in HTML5 so a up to date modern browser in needed for it to run correctly.

Firefox or Chrome is recommened.

The game is a (text?) rpg with support to add a image pack.

I am new to writing as I am more of a coder guy, so until I get more experienced text/dialog will be lacking.


The game is still early development so there is much to be done but getting opinions will help the development a lot.
Opinions on design(css) and balance are greatly appreciated. 
And please report any bug you encounter (with info from console if there is any).


Github for source code:


Planned short-term:

  • More content to dungeon
  • More backgrounds
  • Have different sex actions for when e.g. when player is taur.
  • Improve text, especially linebreaks 
  • Improve css

I'm really happy for the suggestions & feedback, if possible post a copy of your feedback/suggestions in the Discussion Thread so that I can comment on it for clarification etc. 


Magic world.


Bugfix for endless loop when losing



  • Portalshop where you can buy 
    • Pocketportal; teleport home from anywhere
    • New location; Mountain region(no real content yet)
  • A portal milker; which turns your breast milk into milk bottles, milk bottles heal your health, will, make you gain some fat and have a chance to make you lactate even more.
  • A Barberer where you can dye and cut hair it’s not fully finished as I need to redo how I desc player first..
  • Vore scenes by Randulf
  • Fireball spell by snowspider, will add more spells soon.


  • Remade a bunch of stuff how I create opponents to make it easier and faster to make new opponents, also made it so there is so more female and male enemies spawn.
  • Cleaned code from global vars to improve performance and make it so it wont conflict in future.
  • Made changes to code in order to make it easier and faster to work it without.
  • Remade how I handle quests to make it easier to add more and get rid of global vars.


  • Vore prey now properly show pound and inch.
  • Other stuff i have forgotten.

As always please report any bugs and if you have suggestion feel free to comment.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by cookiechip54

Version reviewed: 0.24 on 11/12/2018

it would be nice if when you have the taur body it would display the equine genitals instead of the human ones. also having more larger enemies would be awesome. just food for thought.

Review by matharo

Version reviewed: 0.195 on 10/30/2018

This game shows extremely good promise, keep up the good work.

Review by Metroid101

Version reviewed: 0.195 on 10/29/2018

Every day(every day is a couple seconds) that passes subtracts 1 kg of fat, which makes it nessecary to constantly overeat like a bear to build up food stores and prevent starvation. Stop that, make days go slower, make food system less obnoxious.


Edit: Vore options allowing you to recover food from enemies makes this more viable.

Review by chere100

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 10/26/2018

Good start. I have several suggestions. One, a nursey for your kids in the house. When they reach a certain age (maybe 18) they can move to the dorm or move out entirely. Two, the ability to name your kids. Three, I don't know if this is already the case, but it would be cool if your first sex partner decides what species you become. So, if your first parner is a halfling then you become a halfling. Four, the ability to die of old age. There is obviously time passing in the game, so this is just obvious. If you want to continue playing you can continue as one of your kids. Five, maybe a way to tell who you're attacking. Right now, when I try to target someone specific or at least of a specific gender it can be frustrating. It's hard to tell boxes apart, lol.

Anyways, even in this really basic form it's kind of fun. I see great potential. :)

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 10/26/2018

The combat simulator is pretty solid, but your stats quickly overshadow everyone else's...which is great, because then you can steal their attributes with impunity, resulting in some extremely weird hyper growth scenarios, such as having a pussy deeper than your body height. I hope you have some kind of plan to deal with that before you work in the image packs.

I wish there was some way to manually reverse attributes, though, because I ended up with several extra sets of genitals that have no purpose in gameplay. The only way to shrink your bits is to get rid of all of your masculinity/femininity and then set transformation to happen automatically, which doesn't get rid of extra vaginas or breast rows.

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