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The Essence of Gender
by ugre101

Hello, I’m back again and plan to stay longer this time.


The game is a 3D sandbox game, quite bare on content atm. 

Content avaible:

  • Movement: run & swim around map with mouse or keyboard.
  • Different maps: Go to boat and switch to other map.
  • Combat: On second map find enemies and figth them.
  • Fuck: static eye contact with some simple gender tf
  • Test making custom lose scenarios.
  • Save: Load and save game
  • Dorm: bring enemies home after causing them to orgasm enough times.
  • Dorm Upgrades: Passive muscle, fat & essence gain.
  • Body tf
    • Fat Gain
    • Muscle gain
    • Height growth & Shrink
  • RPG: Level system with perks, find some hidden stuff on the maps.
  • Gender tf
  • Race tf
    • Fairy
    • Orc
    • Human
  • Items: Simply items for now, boost pregnancy stats & fat gain.

Optional Content avaible

  • Vore


Right now I have gotten the game to a point where behind the hood most things are working but not implemented so players can interact with it.

I have chosen to switch the game to a third person 3D style, as while I was experimenting with unity it was the style i liked the most.

For avatars I have chosen to use Daz3D while it doesn’t work the best with Unity(URP)  it is the best option I have found especially because Daz can export morphs so combined with blender, it allows the avatars to be transformed(gender, fat, muscle, pregnancy, vore).


About GitHub I’m not sure what to do with it as right now the game contains assets I don’t own to share.


If you encounter a bug please report it to me, I try find as many as possible before build but it's hard to find them all alone. Also if you find some UI or similar annoying tell and I might be able to improve it.


I'm quite willing to concede that I'm not the greatest at responding to messages/posts and keeping up with different forums have become both annoying and time consuming so your best chance is you want me to suggest something or report a bug is to send it to my discord, especially bugs. 


My game code, but only code not game assets as I can't share those.


 0.224 Fixed

Took longer than it should, avatars were initially a bitch and killed motivation but I have learned and managed to find & automate a better import path to add new and re add modified avatars.

  • Avatar body types; change face & body presets at home for now. 
  • Events testing a popup event system
  • Giant characters now destroy trees when walking close, I’m also working on a debris spawning system to leave trees behind.
  • Thickness system; Have laid the foundations for a thickness system just need to figure out when & how players should gain & lose thickness. For now you gain thickness though items or int vore when fully digesting a prey.
  • Skin color; Change skin darkness at hair color mirror.


  • Significant load speed increase & ram usage decrease due not loading all avatars even when not needed, but this can add a slight delay for avatar to show up but I think it’s worth it.
  • Save menu lag spike removed.
  • More aggressive LODS.
  • Lowered terrain details as much as I can without it being noticeable.
  • Started experimenting with more async code for an better game experience.

Bug fix

  • Combat should now properly show all abilities.
  • Sleep fix
  • Had to stop preloading return after sex, I’m looking at other  ways to reduce scene loading time. This is because preloading a async scene without activating it can make it so that other coroutines or async functions don't work so I had to remove it. Think I will test make it so that battle & sex scene load into current scene location and pause it.
  • Bunch more I have forgotten because I still haven’t gotten good at writing down what I have done.

Full game code can now be found on my Github, but all code & assets I don't own are removed so if you import the project to your unity editor there will isn't much of a game but you should be able to build items, scenarios, dialogue, quest, etc.. I'm in the process of "#define" out code that isn't present. 

I have started using blender more to aid in importing characters from Daz and so far it looks a lot better, it is easier to add more and better lods now without adding too much to file size. I also hope to be able to add more hairstyles now when hopefully it won’t add 1-2gb per hair style anymore.

Avatar body morphs are currently  a bit limited in how much it changes for now as I learn how much I can change without breaking the animation skeleton and turning the avatar into a monster similar to the old claws bug I had earlier. I was reluctant to do a bunch of experimenting before as importing and setting up avatars was bothersome and could often end up taking a day, but I have now built editor tools to automate a lot of the setting making it a lot easier to test stuff without having to waste a dev day.

Some bugfixes
A bit of a mess as I caught some stupid virus(not Covid) that made me constantly extremely tired and headaches. So this update is probably doomed to have bugs or missing features from times my brain has been working slow, but so far in my testing I haven't found them. Biggest issues has been how incoherent the development has been due having to pause all the time when the headaches got to much and then restarting later, causing me to jump all over the place. 

But enough with the self pity I'm getting better every day now and should be able to start picking up my slack and release a more polished update soon however if you can please download it can tell me where I have fucked up.


  • Fluid perks; only simple ones for now but I have made steps to introduce more complex ones later.
  • Fluid items; can be found at herb shop
  • Orc race all genders expect cunt boy, also I will improve the avatars as soon I have figured out how I want to remake some stuff about avatars. Currently you can become orc by drink orc brew at the Inn, quite boring and I plan to improve it in the future and also make a place where you can find orc enemies.
  • Ailments; gain Debuff if you don't sleep for several days or if you are staving
  • Boner system
  • Meals at the Inn
  • Simple version of brothel, you can simple buy it at it's build location for now and it gives simple passive essence & gold gain. In the future I might expand it and add a quest line of similar to unlock building it and expand its content but I have to realistic with how much I can do atm.

Improvements  / Changes

  • A bunch of changes to scene loader system
  • a/d & left/right arrow doesn't cancel auto run any longer.

Bug fixes

  • Changes to load screens, not sure if it fully fixed but it should be better at least.

Added but not intractable 

  • foreign fluid tracking


0.2 Dorm improvements, voresystem expanded and Island stone

First update after the holidays and it feels as I haven't gotten into the rhythm yet, if I have messed up something tell me.


Added the dungeon it doesn't do much for now as you can only really send people to it and they don't even show in it yet, but I have gotten a lot of backend/code stuff in it done. So I believe there should be much trouble making the followers you send there so be present in future updates. For now it only makes the people you send there passive gain submission, but I have plans to expand and add features to it in future updates. 

Follower titles have been worked on but I have nothing to show for now as I have spent my time working on the relationship system's backend, but I can assure progress has been made. I mainly need to figure how/when affection should be gained.

I have changed how the GUI for minor dorm building works, so now when entering the circle of kitchen or gym the GUI doesn't cover the entire screen and the game doesn't pause your game but your character will stop moving when entering a building circle and when you start to move again and exit the circle the GUI will disappear.


Organ morph perk, it still need more work but the basics functions of it works now, it doesn't work as other "digestion modes" as you start it during sex, can't be changed or stopped and max one prey at a time. And it's absorption speed is dependent on the size difference between your organ and your prey's mass and of course how much your organ growths is also dependent on said difference. I really need to start working on a in game help menu where I can post said math function for people that want to know.

In the process of added the new perk I had to improve a lot of the code for the vore system also I have started to move away from Enum's and towards so called magic strings as they seem to be better suited for expandability. While most the work can't be interacted with as a player at the moment there is some small improvements you might notice.



  • A Island stone to the village island where you can use your body stats to boost said stat of all enemies on the island, in the future there will be special quest to take to decrease a Body stat for all enemies.
  • Sliders in game options to change mouse sensitivity of first & third person camera.
  • Option to rename gender titels in game options menu.


  • Baked a lot of shadows in sub scenes(Inn, cave ,etc...) to improve performance. 

I believe there is more that I have done but as I didn't get it done before Christmas as I had hoped I have forgotten a lot of what I actually have done...


0.197 Fixing possbile causes for the movement bugs

As title this update is only necessary for those with the movement bug also I can't promise that it fixes the bug, but it does remove possible causes. 
Also for vore I have changed all other vore types over to new digestion mode toggle on the backend so if you load a save you need to re choose correct mode as it will have been reset.

0.196 Rename followers, Smuggler Cave entrance fixes and more fixes

I have started to change the vore system so you are going to have to re chose stomach your


  • Cave entrance is now solid and you shouldn't fall through
  • Saves can now be deleted again.


  • Ability to rename followers at dorm lodge
  • Custom key binds should now be persistent so you don't need to rebind every time.


  • Vore system back end, I have started to remake it so it will be easier to expand and swap out digestion modes.

Added but not working

  • Had started working on a dungeon for the home island before I started working on the hotpatch, so It's just standing there now you can look it if you want but be aware it's possible to fall though the ground around it.

0.195 Lose scenario builder, Camera fixes, reset enemies


  • Alpha version of a custom lose scenario builder, if you have time and like to write scenarios please test it and tell me want I need to improve/change.
  • Button to toggle extra info during sex for height and organ info, boobs & vaginas doesn't have any desc yet as I haven't decided how to write them as x cm/inch long dick sound fine but writing 21cm/inch vagina wtf is that? I need to come up with some sort of sort of shallow to deep synonyms desc or similar.


  • Enemies will reset to new enemies after you sleep at the Inn


  • More camera fixes in free play and in sex, also in sex you can now tilt camera with keyboard on Q & E and boost spin speed with shift.
  • Male futa start gender fix
  • Battle attack bind fix

As always if you encounter a bug or something doesn't behave like you would like it to please tell me.


0.192 Camera fixes & Other fixes

  • Camera jittering
  • Defeat
  • Fairy morphs again
  • Camera raise & lowering binded to the keys 1 & 2, bad keys to bind it to but I don't know which keys would be better. If you have preference please tell me.
  • First person, when you zoom in fully with scroll wheel you will now switch to first person beta camera. It need more work but it does work good enough to test.
  • Zoom on z when in first person
  • Swimmer perk, swim faster.
  • Enemies should now be more persistent as long as you don't leave island.
  • Added male futa on backside so that player with no boobs don't get female avatar, but there is no title difference as I could not figure out what a male futa should be called.

0.191 Fixes

  • Camera jittering, I think it's better now if not tell me
  • Fairy morphs should work now

 0.19 More hair details & Perks


  • Perks related to height, essence and vore.
  • Npc you can sell your excess essence to in smuggler cave


  • Code in inventory, level menu and other menus.
  • Hair details, you now toggle which materials to change color of.
  • Swimming offset, still not perfect but should be less flying and swimming under water now.


  • Changed the camera to Cinemachine so that I can add first person in future and have more personal control by not using a third party system. I'm not fully satisfied with it right now but I don't really know why so if you don't like anything about the camera please tell me.


0.184 Performance, fixed items and file size decrease


I have spent some time reading the e-book released by unity on performance and using & implementing it's concepts and options to boost this games performance.

But I have had issues with the editor when trying to switch from mono to IL2CPP in hopes of increasing performance and add to give up on it after trying to build took several hours with ever

completing so I had to give up and switch back to mono. Ending up only succeeding in corrupting my addressable paths so end result was 1,5 wasted days without 


  • First test sex stats boost item


  • Growth items should work now


  • Load time of new game assets
  • Managed to reduce game file size by 640mb
  • Some code now follow better coding practice not sure if it will notable.

0.182 Small fixes


  • Option to toggle Vsync


  • Changed some stuff to speed up loading of new game.
  • Removed morphs that alter size as they morph avatar into a monster, I will experiment a bit with what to replace the morphs with.


  • Changed male avatars hair to white to allow change of hair color.
  • Changes to male avatar for doll, cunt boy.

 0.181 BackTrace is Awesome


  • Dialogue double bind
  • Temp effects icons
  • Defeat double bind
  • Fairy morphs should work now
  • Male avatar hair shouldn't clip anymore
  • You shouldn't be able to start game before gender perk is loaded anymore.

 0.18 Fairies, Items, hair color

Progress have been good, but given my nature to work best when I'm jumping between stuff this update have nothing big but a lot of minor new stuff.

I have also started using backtrace in my project it's a professional bug reporting solution to auto report any bugs that crashes the game it should greatly help me combat bugs.


  • Fairy race, only female looking avatar for now, can be obtain by buying fairy dust in smuggler cave. There will be more ways to change race in future.
  • Ability to surrender
  • New items, mainly misc and vore items sold smuggler cave
  • Change hair color at a mirror at home island, I think it works now and color should be saved. But I need to change ordinal hair colors of avatars to better allow to change it as I'm changing the color of the material not texture so changes are hard to notice on the male as it's original hair color is dark.


  • Defeat scenario, still work in progress but it should be visible what I'm trying to do basically a system where the enemy actor tries to do something to you and you can choose to allow  it or resist it but if you try to resist everything you might run out of resistance.
  • Added a button to interact so you don't need to use keyboard to trade.
  • Option to toggle of weather, it need improvement as it doesn't stay of when switching scenes but it can be used to remove rain.


  • Swimming
  • Inventory move & use item bug


0.173 More fixes & Perks


  • Save after using items now works.
  • Some other stuff I can't remember, I really need to start writing stuff down when I fix/add.


  • Two new perks
  • Start options Beta, testing a new start where you can choose start gender and also gain gender specific perk but the perks doesn't give anything right now except doll which boosts essence drain a little.
  • Option to toggle of multi organ as it's text only atm.


  • Did some stuff with addressable which should bring ram usage down some not sure if it's significant, but it's good that I learned it going forward. 

0.171 Fixes & perks

Bug fixes

  • You can now properly use escape to exit shops.
  • Shrink potion now shrinks
  • Perks properly resets when reloading save
  • Vore mode toggle fixed
  • Some other stuff I have forgotten


  • Added toggle for giving essence if you want to just give your excess essence or if you want to drain yourself to give more.


  • Recycle perk, shrink & remove unwanted organs.
  • Haggler perk, charm bonus and a small discount when buying items.
  • Transmute perk, transmute your partners essence when they orgasm.



  • Dialogue system, I have only added one test dialogue with a character in the market. Most progress has been on the backend as I have with the help of online courses built a real dialogue node builder so that I can easily add more dialogue without needing to code anything in the future. Building solid editor tools takes a longer time now but long term it will speed up development significantly.
  • Two more vore perks
  • Two related shops in the market with height stuff
  • You can now enter the Inn, nothing inside it for now except you can sleep by looking at the stairs up and it’s basement is flooded. I will change later so you sleep by going to bed or talking to the innkeeper.
  • Temp height limit system so that giant players can enter areas with roof, only the Inn have it for now.
  • Empty cave, added it just to test sub areas next to the river I’m a bit uncertain on the loading distance meaning how close you should be before areas load.
  • Witch shop; Sells healing items, one uses teleport to exit item and a combat spell.


  • How fat & muscle works, they are both now more like a percent than a total value meaning that 22 fat on 220cm character is more than 22 on a 160 character. This is to make it easier to shrink & grow character temporarily.
  • The math of hover text offset should now be the same on all types of screens I hope.


  • Switched to a multi scene workstyle which should speed up scene loading a lot, might cause some lag spikes if they are very noticeable please tell me and I will try to improve it.
  • Added a boat next to the Inn to allow better teleporting between village areas.
  • Level menu and vore menu UI button now switches color when you have unused points.
  • Reduced game size should also have significant ram usage improvement.
  • Vore menu, when clicking on a vore container it now shows it’s prey.

Worked on but not implemented

  • Hair color picker
  • Services shop, like Inn sleep options & meals.



  • New player namning fix
  • Dorm buildings old save fix


  • Added arrow keys to movement bindings.

Kinda added

  • Icons for temp effects, but it isn't fully done however you should be able to see how much is left of the item buffs and I might be a bit buggy as it isn't done.


  • Vore; Rebirth perk
  • Vore; reworked the vore morphs and added some more, ran into problems and it took longer than I planned and I need to continue next build.
  • Muscle morphs
  • Gym; Train muscle & lose fat
  • Inn; Sleep and gain temp buffs In the future I plan to make it so you can enter the Inn.
  • Family tree ; See your linage of children, will expand it in future builds.

Dorm; upgrades which allows your followers to

  • Gym: Passive muscle gain.
  • Kitchen: Maintain or gain weight
  • Essence stone: Very slow essence gain, will add faster ways in future.


  • Growing and shrinking height now shrinks/grows muscle & fat too.
  • Layout of area where herb shopkeeper is, also made it so that area disable it itself when player is out of range to save performance.
  • Increased Max avatar height, 
  • How fat and muscle ratio are calculated.
  • Changed Battle & After battle terrain to bring down it's size to improve load speed, it's maybe a bit to simple now but I will try to improve a bit till next build.


  • Added a raycast when loading a save so that you shouldn’t be able to get stuck after loading. Even if I have changed the terrain.
  • Day care is now saved so while you can’t see children for now they are at least saved for when I make a way to see them.
  • Splitted battle UI from battle scene to improve load times, on average it’s half a second faster for me, not much but it’s a start
  • Added LOD’s to hair as hair apparently had 200k triangles so should improve performance.
  • Save screen should work better now, at least for me it does.

Know bugs

  • Some sound slider doesn’t do shit.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by freebird17

Version reviewed: 0.171 on 10/10/2021

I really like this game, it shows a lot of promise. I played it back when it was still a 2D, 8-bit looking game, and it was still fun then, but I want to say great work on transforming it from there. The game definitely still needs a lot of work, but the foundations are definitely strong. There are a good amount of bugs at the moment, such as the saves not showing up unitl you quit the game (or not saving at all), body transformations requiring a reload to display, and a few others, and the graphics could definitely use an upgrade. But I think that with some polishing, this will be a great game.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.162 on 09/23/2021

I'm not exactly sure what the game is supposed to be about.  You start as some nude woman running around the landscape, and fighitng random people.  The fighting consists of either hitting a fight button or a tease button.  When you win, you can drain their masculinity or femininity.  I assume that if you drain enough masculinity, they become female and you become male.  I didn't play long enough to find out.  If you are defeated, you're treated to a screen that says that you were defeated and that consequences will be provided in a future release.


There are a couple shops that sell things like contraceptives etc and a gym that I suppose is supposed to let you exercise (but I didn't get it to work).


That was pretty much it as far as I could tell.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: 0.161 on 09/20/2021

(0.043) I played the game about a year ago, and the graphics were very basic, you're a square on a 2D map, but the game was easily understandable. Now, you're just a picture of some random character sliding on the map, attacking other pictures, and the game is less than understandable because of aforementionned graphics and also because the code is broken, making the sentences into pure gibberish.

I had a good amount of time before playing that game, just getting as much essence as possible and molding people into what I want. Now it looks just ugly, and I don't wanna spend more than 5 minutes on it.

(0.161) The game has now nothing to do with previous versions. It's a 3D world with very bare-bones mechanics. I really don't like the direction this game has taken unfortunately, unlike other people, since I prefer text description over pictures and 3D rendering.


Review by enaz56

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 08/27/2021

0.14 review

Definitely more game here now, i love where you're going with it!

0.11 review
An impressive concept! I really liked the previous game's mechanics, and if you're able to sort out the attribute stealing stuff in unity thats going to be amazing.

Review by Jeb94

Version reviewed: 0.13 on 08/23/2021

Interesting technology demonstrator but without a story it's not much of a game.  There is potential for something fun here but it's not there yet.  

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