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Version: 0.9.43

by Hizor

You play as a female protagonist, a girl whose fate is entirely up to you. Much like a date-sim game, you'll attend school, walk around, take on a job, etc etc. As this game goes on you'll be able to put her in different situations and experience different storylines.

The game is still in development of course, and there is always a new release at the end of each month.

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Provides examples of the following (at the moment):
  • Girl-on-Girl (Yuri, F/F)
  • Female-Male Pairings (Hetero, M/F)
  • Groping
  • Blackmail
  • Corruption
  • Submission
  • Voyeurism
  • Rape
  • Prostitution
  • Bimbofication
  • Foot Fetishization

Current Plans / Work List

Main Character:
Main Character

Lisa The Bakery Assistant:
Bakery Assistant
Kate The Cafe Maid:
Cafe Maid
Violet The Girl Friend:
The Girl Friend

Uni- 0.9.43 Violet Fever
Beta Release

Uni- 0.8.42
-Worked on the RNG more
-Increased Days played to 55
-4 New Violet scenes. 2 Sub Route 2 Dom Route.
-Damien School Sprite added to his scenes.

Uni- 0.8.41
-Edited Matt Scenes
-Added Tracy Sprites
-2 New Kate scenes
-Edited each work intro scene a bit, added more more detail.
-During the intro you now go straight to bed.
-Updated Shadow Council listings.

Uni- 0.8.40a
- Fixed Matt Smirk Sprite
- Fixed scene transitions
- Corrected some spelling
- Corrected Sprite placements including outfits "sliding in".
- Added more sprite expressions during some scenes.
- Tweaked RNG by about 5 - 10 % to have scenes appear more frequently.
- Added Credits to Shadow Council.
- Fixed Cafe Events skipping over kate events
- Fixed an infinite loop with a phone scene
- Going to the clubs after the apartment scene with violet now plays correctly

Uni- 8.40 Lovey Dovey
Beta Release

Uni- 0.7.40
- Edits and bug fixes
- 4 New Violet Scenes
- Sprites Added to scenes

Uni- 0.7.39
- Added Three Phone Conversations with Violet.
- Edits to Matts scene, now blackmail is involved.
- Added Olivia Sprite
- New Matt scene

Uni- 0.7.38
- Violet's intro has been added onto
- Set certain trigger points to check for phone events
- Damien Phone Events have been added
- Kate Phone Events have been added

Uni- 0.7.37 In Character

- Beta Release for 0.7.37

Uni- 0.6.36
- 1 Bakery event added.
- Sprites added to new Cafe Scenes & Bakery Scenes
- Bug fixes with events not appearing as well as event timings.
- New Kate Casual Outfit

Uni- 0.6.35
- Intelligence has been changed to Grades
- Alterations made to more appropriately affect grades
- Added Matt Sprite and CG Markers
- Stats and money should no longer drop below 0
- Five New Cafe Events involving Kate

Uni - 0.6.34
- Edits to the naming screen, Default name now displays.
- Image variable changes to make transformations 100 times easier.
- Three new Bakery scenes involving Lisa.
- Track outfit has been added.
- Cheer outfit has been added

Uni- 0.6.33 Clubs expansion
0.6 beta release

Uni- 0.5.32
- New Matt scene that occurs before the bathroom scene.
- More bug fixes since we've been messing around with the code.
- Added Sprites to Club intro and Cheer events
- Splash Screen now has audio

Uni- 0.5.31
- Heavy Changes to dialogue in all current routes, so the next time you play you'll notice a few changes in dialogue depending on the club you're apart of.
- Changes to naming screen to make it clearer that you're supposed to name the character.
-Fixed the bug with the dream settings crashing. (Side note: If you turn on and off Femdom constantly you'll notice the 'o' moves slightly back and forth. Very Odd)
-Fixed errors caused by variables and image overlaps.

Uni- 0.5.30a: Patch
-Patch: Fixed Violet overlapping bug, fixed Kate remaining on screen during car scene, fixed time progression during clubs and events with Damien, fixed a bug with tips not being received, fixed background during Violet's visit. -Bonus Content: Dream Settings have been updated with new settings. New Dream Sequence involving the player femdomming Violet.

Uni- 0.5.30: Clubs Update
- Beta Release for 0.5.30

Uni- 0.4.29
-Club introduction
-ASEngine Updated to incorporate club events on weekends
-Credits revised
-9 Main Club Events added
-18 Random club Events added

Uni- 0.4.28
-Hunger stat has been removed from the game.
-Bug Fixes
-Sprite placement fixes
-Added Sad Expression
-Deleted unnecessary files to reduce game size.
-Added more phone events to current scenes

Uni- 0.4.27
-Added Phone System
-Phone U.I Edits
-Removed Lust stat from the game
-Edits to the stat screen
-Added initial introduction to clubs
-Reconfigured the corruption stat to account for new balancing
-New phone scene in the intro
-New random school event
-Stat balancing across all routes (Some scene variations are now accessible)

Uni- 0.4.26: Girlfriend Update
-Beta Release for 0.4.26

Uni- 0.3.25
-Added Airi to Patreon Splash Screen.
-Edited a few older events.
-Event Tweaks
-Bug fixes
-Updated Credits
-Edited New Events
-Added Violet Sprites
-Added new Cafe/Bakery outfits

Uni- 0.3.24
-Bug Fixes
-Added Default name if one isn't made
-CG added for the Threesome scene
-7 Violet events added
-1 School Event involving Violet if you've met her or not.
-Added extra functionality to the ASEngine for a scene with Violet.
-7 New variables added
-Patches to other event routes for conditionals and branches in other routes.

Uni- 0.3.23: Coffee Update
-Beta Release for 0.3.23
-Editing and corrections
-Bug Fixes
-Added extra menu if you skip the intro. (To decide if you slapped Matt or not)
-Tweaked event chances
-Added additional stat increases in certain scenes

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Freewill

Version reviewed: 0.9.43 on 05/01/2019

There's some good writing and some potential in this game, but the mechanics are too opaque. What does corruption do? Is it important? Why is the only way to reliably raise it either a specific set of choices or save scumming for a random town event? Are there trigger conditions for events? Are they completely random? If so why, when it means you can randomly miss content you might be looking for?

It either needs to be clearer as to how it works, or get rid of the redundant complications that right now only make it frustrating.

Review by Loken1103

Version reviewed: 0.3.23 on 11/12/2018

The mac version works.

For a first release this isn't half bad. There's a fun exploit for near infinite money (don't remove it, money grinding is not fun) and the character will actually actually act in the manner which the player wants them to act. Its not spamming boring dialogue, it runs fine on mac, and apart from a slight lacking in background asset quality and its unpolished state, it's very good. Worth seeing a new update.

Also not being spammed with horrifyingly proportioned Honey Select Characters is nice.

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.3.23 on 11/02/2018

This is a good game so far, but... I've played this game before.  Same map, same character model, story, everything.  It was bit less than it currently has, maybe...  don't remember some of the events.  Was it on here under another name? Or was it on another site?  Because, even tho it says it just came out today, I know I've played this!  Still looking forward to what this becomes, just driving me mad on how I could've played it before...

WORD OF WARNING: Computer might annoyingly try to stop the install, something about "might potentially harm" yadda yadda... it's just bc it's a .exe, I think it does that with all the .exe's on this site.  No adverse reactions as of now or when I (know I did!) played it before.  

Keep up the good work!  =^_^=

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