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The High Priestess Is A Deviant

Hello there!.

I'm currently working on creating a game that I've called "The High Priestess Is A Deviant"(Working title).

The game plays as a 2D sidescroller and is created with "Pixel Game Maker MV"

The current version only works on windows.

Version 0.01:

  • There should be between 30 - 40 minutes of gameplay, and about 7 lewd scenes spread out over the "Bad ends" and the main storyline.
  • You will enter the capital at act 5, which is where most of the planned parts of the story will take place.
  • You can achieve the "Bad ends" by getting killed by enemies, fall into holes or by attacking vital NPC's with spells.
  • None of the "Bad ends" is completed at this point, but some of them stretch for a few scenes.

The game might run slowly on laptops and weak desktops, this will be fixed by version 0.02.

Controls as of version 0.01:
"Z" is the button that you have to press to interact with doors, portals, and people.

"Q" is used for the shield or to throw spells.

"Space" to jump.

"A" to attack.

"1", "2" etc to make choices when you're able to.

"V" on end-paths that you want to skip, and return to the main story.

"S" for the next text and "D" to skip the current text block.



  • calarakien - The new version(0.1(Fix)) should fix at least two problems you mentioned, thanks for mention that there was a problem at the beginning of act 3.
  • xkira1995 - Glad you liked the game, some scenes are not optimized correctly, and might run slow.
  • rwpikul - I'll change the layout in the next version.

Version 0.01(Fix):

The current version ends when you have talked to Lilith at the bar, Rory at the guild shop, Finished the rank-up quest and talked to Reina on Act 6.

Version 0.01(Fix):

  • Changed the layout so that the "S"-key can be used in conversations instead of the mouse.
  • Removed a few assets that somehow made the performance drop.
  • Changed a few parts that were mentioned in the discussion thread.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 01/23/2019

I like it so far! :) Btw is there any way to speed up the game a little bit? Everything seems to be running in slow motion for me.
Edit (reply): All of the game runs slow though :'< I've made it all the way to the end too and unlocked act V. 
If you're curious as to how slow..it just took me over 20 minutes to get through act 1 o_x"

Review by calarakien

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/25/2018

Love the concept, controls decently. Some bugs, though.

If you go the wrong way at the start of chapter 2 and 3 you almost immidiately become stuck, often in some part of the floor. chapter 2 got a particularly nasty one where i went right at the start and the room transitioned into upside-down stuck in inverted stairs?


Also i think S and D don't work for skipping dialogue

Review by rwpikul

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/22/2018

FIrst of all a warning: Do not under any circumstances accidently launch two instances of the game.  Getting one closed took me three-quarters of an hour because there was a 5-10 minute delay on any control imput.


As for the game itself, the dialogs need to be skippable and bonud to something like the 'interact' key, (standard behaviour is one press to fully display the text and a second to go to the next dialog).  I also found the control layout offputting, something like A-S-D or Z-X-C would be much better because it more naturally splits the commands between different fingers.

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