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Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1

The Freshman Year

The Freshman Year


The game is about a young student, who just starts his first year.  Please keep in mind that it's still a concept and many paths lead nowhere.


Sexual themes that are or will be included:

  • Sissification
  • FemDom
  • Cum-play
  • Public sex
  • Mental changes

This list will probably expand as development goes on.

So far, development is active, but really slow.  Any feedback is welcome.



  • First stable (with less loose endings) version will, hopefully be 0.1.
  • I am sorry for the bugs and if this is not a game that you expected.
  • This is my first ever game made with Twine.
  • This is my first attempt at making a story.
  • Some sentences might be weird, I'm not a native english speaker.
  • This is not completely open world game, it's more of a game driven by a shitty story, with rpg elements that I hope to add or are already added in.

You're a fresh out of small town first year student that moves to a big city and starts attending the university. Your roomates and new friends will influence your new life.


  • Roommate 1
  • Roommate 2
  • Katy

To complete everything that is possible so far, just check in Achievements.


Every achievement that is written, is achievable.

0.0.2 released [2019.02.19]

0.0.1 released [2018.12.27]

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 03/22/2019

I think we actually need a tag that is called #YASG, standing for Yet Another Sissification Game. We have so many of them these days. lol

Anyway, shout out to one of the reviews below, if bimbofication serve as a TF theme, sissification probably be the other side of the same thing.

Now, lets go back to this game. The Freshman Year is a sissification game that is in its early stage of development... content stops at  weekends of week #1, so there is not much to see there. All side events are placeholders. The Mia line and the Katy line are the only two things that work. There are 5 game days, or 20 minutes in real life, of content. Pizza boy line is not working starting from the second event.

The game events consists of quite some gifs and that is why the file size is huge. The writings isn't bad, in this sense. That said, I do have a feeling that English is not the first language of the author.

The game mechanism is fine. There are quite some event placeholders. It looks like that the author is quite ambitious.

The down side. There is something wrong about getting money for studying... I mean, which university is giving out money like that. Give me a name and I am moving. It is probably something temporary before the job thing works.

To sum it up, this is an okay game in its VERY early stage of development. I might come back to this when it is version 0.1 or 2.

Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 03/21/2019

I decided to give this game a second chance but when on your second day off working it becomes a dead end.  You wait for them to finish making the pizza and the screen goes black or your take a radom pizza to deliver and you get a "Double-Click" message.  I assume you need money for rent and to buy thing but seeing how the only job in the game is broken you will get to play until rent is do.


Sad to say but from how this game plays, it will be just another forced linear sissy game.  Where is the teasing the player?  The desire to want to see th MC slowly transform into a sissy?  The will to fight the urge to accept becoming a sissy?   Not here and like so many other games on here what we get is a click, click (no thinking necessary and you have no control) oh look MC is now a sissy.  

Just off of what I have played here, I could have made a two path (by choice) on the MC ending up as a sissy.  

Would I recommend this game?

In current form no I would not.  It offers nothing new that other delevoped games already have (linear, forced sissy).  However being that this game is in early stage the delevoper can change a lot and offer something fresh and exciting and I hope this will happen.

Review by Daishi

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/30/2018

Yet another Man to Sissy "TF" game without any actual TF content.


Psychological emasculation is not TF, and "Man to Sissy" isn't TF content unless its a rung on the ladder from "Male to Female".

Review by Bodyhunter

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/28/2018



a nice promising start and for the first version quite a bit content to play already! i like the way this is going and i am looking forward to more content and updates in the future! Keep up the nice work!!!




Review by Maxine_D

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 12/27/2018

Unfortunately there is no download link.

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