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Version: 0.1.0

Queens Quest 2
by Espera

My new Patreon-sponosored game is the seuqel to the previous one. I'm taking all the skills I learned in Sugarcube from that and other projects to make a much bigger and more engaging game. This stealth-adventure picks up where the last game finished, and has our hero, the tigress mercenary Khana sneaking around the castle of her queen in a quest to free her monarch from the grip f a dominating lust goddess. If she runs into any of the transformed guards, staff, or guests of the castle, there is a good chance they will seduce her, and transform her into another one of the goddess's lewd minions. If you try this game and like it, please consider joining my Patreon. Only my patrons will get builds of the game going forward, until the project is complete.

Also, it is worth noting that patrons have have a strong effect on the development of this game. $10+ Patrons can add monsters, NPCs, items, or even new game modes, when the new code system is implimented. In any case, I hope this demo is interesting enough to get your attention.

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Review by TG_Slave

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 02/09/2019

I like the concept of this game, however I have a few notes. 

First, I would perhaps reduce the difficulty of combat, or give a tutorial on how the mechanics work.

Second, I would have each encounter end with a different transformation. Right now, this fetish content caters to an exceedingly niche demographic, even amon the Furry community. Part of the fun of games like these is seeing what different endings and transformations you can end up with, and as of now, you always will end up with the same Tauric bodyshape, with eight massive breasts. It's really just a matter of choosing whose lover you'll be for the rest of eternity, because that's the only difference. 

The last bit really frustrates me, because you spent a lot of time and effort i'm sure, writing out a different ending for each opponent. I just wish that a different TF would accompany that.

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