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Version: 1.22

by vinfamy

A 3d animated game on Unreal Engine, LifePlay allows you to play as a (customizable) man who just moves to a new city (choose from 180 real world maps) looking to escape his previous boring life. Having always been secretly curious about what life would have been as a woman, one morning, he wakes up only to find that he has been magically transformed into a (customizable) woman (choose whether to keep a penis). He also finds that any traces of his male self have been deleted from the world ... 


(More NSFW screenshots are available from the forum thread, I assume we're supposed to keep it SFW on the main page?)

After the initial scripted transformation, you're then free to live your life in the new female body in whatever way you want: the game is a life simulator with 619 scenes covering a wide range of life situations where your choice matters. Will you attend university and be a good teacher's pet? Or will you get a office job and start an affair with your boss? Will you settle down and be a faithful wife? Or will you live the polyamorous lifestyle and have lovers of all sexes? 

Inspired by GirlLife and NewLife, but with added animated 3d graphics and a lot of character customization options. Also, like GirlLIfe and NewLife, the game has both TF and non-TF starts as options, so remember to select "New TF Game" from the main menu.

The game has been under development since the end of 2017, you can easily get hours of gameplay, especially if you try out different character builds in different maps. A new update is released every 2-3 weeks directly to the public with its full sources. It's also very moddable, just check the Docs folder for information.

The game has a lot of different fetishes that your post-tf female character can engage in: incest, rape, bestiality, ntr, pregnancy, ... Don't worry though, you will never be forced into seeing any content you're not interested in. In fact, the very first thing you're prompted after starting a new game is to tick/untick which content you want to see.

- Female-on-male rough animations
- Lesbian rough animations
- Some gay rough animations
- Expand the non-consensual scenes/ scenarios in the game to allow all gender combinations as aggressor / victim
- Cum effects on female characters after sex
- Bug fixes and other improvements

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Review by tlmesi

Version reviewed: 1.21 on 02/26/2019

Gave it an honest "play" or about as much as I could really deal with. This is one of those games where you have to learn to like it. I'm not at that point yet, and neither is the game.

First off, I have to give praise for switching up the formula and giving us something in an engine OTHER than Twine. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Twine games, but paving a path and doing something in Unity/3d is a step in the right direction.

While it's a step in the right direction, it's a few miles short of a walk. I can't stress enough that I appreciate the effort and time to make something like this, it's just that the execution needs work, and the game needs to be streamlined. I'll be going into detail next. First critiquing the aspects of the game I find fault with, and then suggesting ways of fixing or improving those faults. Hopefully the author takes these into account as, to quote every review on TFGS, "the game has a lot of potential" it just has not reached it yet.


To start, the most jarring issue I have with the game is the character models. While the move to 3d would seem like a good change of pace, it's anything but. The models are pretty terrible, and look uncanny. There's a good bit of customization to be had with them, actually too much. Without going too much into detail about the UI yet, I had to scroll through about 200 different sliders just to find the one that adjusts the breast size. I have some real issues with the lighting as well. To say it's bad would be an understatement. The game and characters are lit in a way where everything seems to be lit up, but it's still in shadow. The saturation of everything is waaaay too high, and the base skin tone makes the character look like a tomato. There's multiple skin color choices, but they all come out looking the same, there's even a custom slider for skin color and it ends up looking similar. There's no real way of having a person with an actual skin tone that real people have.

The hair is a bit of a mess as well. The male hair is "fine", and still is plagued by the lighting/tone issues of the skin, but the female hair is another mess entirely. There's an assortment of hairstyles within the game, none of them at all very appealing, and half of them have a problem with rendering. Without going too much into technical detail, the hair's model in game is made up of different textured planes arranged to make a hair shape (it should be noted that these planes have one side, and is only visible from that one side). This is a perfectly fine practice, and many games use hair planes to render hair. The problem with this game, is that on some of the hairstyles, some of the hair planes are faced the wrong way. This causes them to be invisible, which makes the hair render improperly and makes some sort of concave mess that looks like an empty shell of hair on top of a head. It could have been a problem on my end, but I highly doubt it. This makes about half the hairstyles unusable.

Clothing is god awful. Clipping is rampant, there doesn't seem to be a selection of anything at all that looks flattering, and at one point I met a landlord that was in a coat that was so huge you could hide a car in it. All the while another shirt underneath was doing it's damndest to clip through at every point.

Next up I'll be going over the game and UI. Gameplay is pretty hardcore into the "sim" aspects. To the point where it takes away from the fun. The loop is in a similar vein to games like "Girl Life" (I believe it was an influence), and "Hard Times in Hornstown". Which means gameplay boils down to keeping meters and numbers up, and while "hot stuff" is there, it doesn't seem to be the focus. Not that you'd really want to get to the hot stuff, as the animations are pretty average to terrible to say the least. Most of your time is spent managing money and managing your meters, which means the usual of finding a house, getting a job, cleaning yourself and eating, and keeping yourself entertained. You know, normal life monotony. Maybe the sim style of game isn't for me, but I didn't find it terribly interesting.

The UI didn't make it any easier either. The UI is a bit all over the place. It's hard to see important bits at a glance, some text overlaps other sections which makes it near impossible to read, menuing is hard to navigate, and for some reason pressing "esc" while in a section of the pause menu (like settings or FAQ) doesn't close the pause menu... It opens ANOTHER pause menu on top of it. Gameplay for the most part takes place in an aerial view of your city of choice. Besides basic scenes and sex scenes, you don't see your character perform actions, or see them at all. You're just there, watching a city of grey, untextured cubes, with your character's head in the bottom right. Actions are performed via clicking/right clicking on the screen and scrolling through a menu of actions. The menu contains anywhere from a few to 20+ actions, and you can only see about 5 at any given time. Choosing most of these actions does nothing visual except place a progress bar over the player icon showing that they are "doing" this task, while you imagine it from your godly height above the city. There's a few timeskip options which makes travelling seem less of a chore ,as you have to wait for the player to travel through the city to the destination of choice, but unless I forgot, there doesn't seem to be a quick way of turning off the timeskip short of manually clicking the "slow down" a bunch of times until it reaches a normal pace. Once you get to your destination, or any destination (including your home), you do your task by right clicking, and selecting the task. Then it's performed as I mentioned previously.

Sex acts are a bit of a mixed bag to say the least. It's a bit weird I'm reviewing a porn game and it's just now that I'm actually getting to the naughty parts. The game is a bit like that too. When a sex scene is initiated, the game takes on something vaguely similar to that of an Illusion game. You get to pick positions, your role in those positions, and you get a bit of control in how fast you do those positions (at least I think, it was hard getting the manual input to work). Camera takes on a 3rd person perspective that you can orbit around the actors with. There's the option as well to enter a first person view with any of the actors in the scene, but I found it pretty useless as most of the time the camera is clipping into other actors or next to impossible to see anything. Animations are pretty rigid and stiff, and don't seem to have any appeal at all. Seems more like a checklist of positions rather than any real care put into them. Granted this game is in an early state, but I think the point still holds true.


As for how to improve the game, I have a few points.

The character models need work: Right now they look like something taken straight out of a character generator like Makehuman. They lack any kind of personality or expression, and are pretty offputting to look at. I would suggest making your own custom models to work with, or if you can't, contract an artist to make some. Even if they are your own custom models, the point still stands. 3d is hard, I acknowledge that (I do 3d myself), but don't take the extra dimension as a way to ignore general artistic quality. Things still must look good.

Streamline the customization: Right now the customization is TOO extensive. I know that having a lot of options is a good thing, but there doesn't need to be 6 sliders to do the same thing. I'd consolidate as much as possible to as little as possible sliders. I'd also group them based on what they're influencing in different sections/tabs (nose/eyes/body/etc). A good idea is to try to have every option visible within the section without needing to scroll down. Some aspects you'll probably have to scroll down, but there shouldn't be 200 other sliders to be found when you scroll. I think this also ties into updated character models, as it might be easier to simplify the sliders if you make the models again. That way you don't have to focus on 500 parameters.

The lighting is horrible: I don't know your lighting setup, but based on the options of glossy/fresnel/roughness in the character editor, you seem to be using some sort of PBR setup (at least for the skin). I recommend going back in and using a bright HDRI, and using some sun lamps to really get something more realistic and pleasing to look at.

The Skin colors don't "work": I'm sure they work in the sense that the colors are actually changing, but visually they don't seem to make a difference. I'd try to go back in and really make some different presets that genuinely run the gamut of shades. Then again, you might find the skin colors work properly once you get some proper lighting. If anything, I'd drop the saturation of all of them as right now they're way too punchy. I'm not trying to say that games shouldn't be vibrant, it's just the colors aren't working for your game.

Fix the hair: I've already mentioned the problems with the hair planes. It should be a pretty simple fix to get the planes facing the right way. I'd at least try to get some more appealing hair styles, as right now they all seem pretty basic and generic. Or at the very least they just don't accentuate your character models very well.

Fix the clothing: Clothing in 3d is pretty difficult. But I'd do my best to make sure they're all weight painted properly to minimize clipping as best as possible. Especially when characters are different shapes and sizes. It's gonna be a bit of a balancing act, but I think you're up to it.

Streamline the gameplay: This is going to be hard, but try to get things to be more enjoyable and less of a chore. Technically speaking, you're doing nearly all the things that you'd do in one of "The Sims" games, yet doing actions in that game is generally enjoyable, no matter how mundane the task. Try and figure out why, and figure out how others might play your game.

Clean up the UI: Game interaction is a mess. Generally, the click open menu has to go. If I were you, I'd have common actions in a sidebar or something that you can access at any time. I shouldn't have to click on the screen to open a menu and scroll down a bunch of options to open a phone. Maybe also have context sensitive actions on another bar when you're somewhere like your home, or in a store. So if you're at home, you'll have a bar that has actions like: eat, browse the web, etc, but in a bar you might have options to drink, mingle, dance or other actions. I'd also have a button in the time skip to reset it completely to the default value at any time. The city could use some work as well, but I don't know what you'd really have to do, short of making a bunch of modular buildings that can be placed in areas of a certain size. Actions could use some kind of visual as well. No one wants to watch a progress bar fill. That's not fun.

Sex needs to be erotic: I've mentioned my issues with the sex acts, and it should be pretty simple to know what to change from that. I'd try to look at some porn and really look at why these positions are sexy and how to convey that. Another good tip is to focus on the 12 principles of animation. I won't describe them, as it's better to watch a video, but they are: Squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight ahead action/pose to pose, follow through, ease in/out, arcing, secondary action, exaggeration, solidity and appeal. All of these are important to why an animation looks good. Most of these apply to 3d as well. I'd try to rework some animations keeping these in mind, or if you can't be bothered, find some good porn scenes you like and do your best to match your animation. It'll go a long way to bringing the porn to your porn game.


Overall I stand by the opinion that there's something there, but it's gonna take a lot of polish to reach a point where it's enjoyable enough to compete with the big boys. I think eventually it'll be able to, but not right now. Hopefully this doesn't put people off from the game. I can't say it's a good game or particularly enjoyable, but I think it's important to give it a chance and give the dev motivation to improve it so it can reach a point where it's genuinely good. Just give it a chance, maybe you'll enjoy it more than I have.


Best of luck to you Vinfamy. I hope the game comes a long way.

Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 1.21 on 02/24/2019

This is a very confusing game to play. You have no idea what kind of jobs you're applying for or why one response is better than another, because some of it seems quite random. You're not even sure how time is passing, when the day starts--In real life you know when you're supposed to be at work, what the hours are, etc. Not here. It just comes off as quite grindy. I got bored quickly. It bills itself like a Sims style game with none of the guidance as to what to do or how.

Review by kasra247

Version reviewed: 1.21 on 02/23/2019

What is here is pretty rough, but already very promising. It would be fun to see more TFs and interactions but these can easily be built upon what is already in the game. I look forward to seeing the the creator(s) do next with the game.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.21 on 02/23/2019

This is a very confusing game that wants to speed through the day and do absolutely NOTHING for no apparent reason.

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