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Version: 3.12

by vinfamy

A 3d animated game on Unreal Engine, LifePlay allows you to play as a (customizable) man who just moves to a new city (choose from 180 real world maps) looking to escape his previous boring life. Having always been secretly curious about what life would have been as a woman, one morning, he wakes up only to find that he has been magically transformed into a (customizable) woman (choose whether to keep a penis). He also finds that any traces of his male self have been deleted from the world ... 

After the initial scripted transformation, you're then free to live your life in the new female body in whatever way you want: the game is a life simulator with 619 scenes covering a wide range of life situations where your choice matters. Will you attend university and be a good teacher's pet? Or will you get a office job and start an affair with your boss? Will you settle down and be a faithful wife? Or will you live the polyamorous lifestyle and have lovers of all sexes? 

Inspired by GirlLife and NewLife, but with added animated 3d graphics and a lot of character customization options. Also, like GirlLIfe and NewLife, the game has both TF and non-TF starts as options, so remember to select "New TF Game" from the main menu.

The game has been under development since the end of 2017, you can easily get hours of gameplay, especially if you try out different character builds in different maps. A new update is released every 2-3 weeks directly to the public with its full sources. It's also very moddable, just check the Docs folder for information.

The game has a lot of different fetishes that your post-tf female character can engage in: incest, rape, bestiality, ntr, pregnancy, ... Don't worry though, you will never be forced into seeing any content you're not interested in. In fact, the very first thing you're prompted after starting a new game is to tick/untick which content you want to see.

Version 3.12:

- Replace the current dog models with more realistic looking ones, with more bones so that more fluid animations can be made
- Some animations for the new model with a female character
- Some animations for the new model with a male character
- Some animations for the new model with two female characters
- Any pet dog you've adopted will now actually live in your home, rather than having to use the 'Take out for a walk' button for them to show up
- Some new interactions (i.e. you can click on your pet for a list of possible interactions, just like other NPCs) that can lead to 'interspecies' scenes more proactively, rather than having to rely on randomly triggered scenes for most interspecies content like currently.


Version 3.11:

- NPCs and the player character will have a bunch of new actor stats for what they like (Likes Anal, Likes Cowgirl, Likes Rough, Likes Public, etc) + a new Prone to Orgasm stat.
- NPCs involved in sex scenes with the player or each other will now have some AI. They will sometimes suggest the next action (popup with a timeout for you to say no) depending on what they like, with the frequency and persistence depending on their submissive/dominant level. You can also encourage your partner to take the lead.
- NPCs will provide feedbacks via dirty talk on whether they like what you're doing. Don't worry though, you won't actually have to remember what each NPC in your game likes, the buttons for the different positions you can select will be colored accordingly from red to green to help you out.
- Separate Energy and Orgasm bars for you and your partner, the rate of which they change depend on whether the position matches the new stats above + fitness & animation speed. Each time you bring your partner to orgasm, they gain attraction with you. Each time you yourself reach orgasm, you gain mood.
- Sex is no longer forced to end when the first orgasm is reached (but when you/ your partner runs out of energy or gets bored i.e. their orgasm bar has stayed too low for a long time), so it's possible for multiple or no orgasms for either partners to happen during a scene. Subsequent orgasms are progressively harder to reach.
- The orgasm bar also represents the wetness of the pussy and hardness of the dick, which affects how pleasurable penetrative sex is, and at which speed. So, if you're playing as a man or trans, it will be more about keeping your orgasm bar around the middle for as long as possible to try and bring your partner to orgasm rather than trying to reach orgasm yourself quickly and then have a difficult time trying to get hard again (by which time, your partner may have already got bored).
- The behaviour of all these new gameplay elements are of course modified when appropriate for 'aggressive' (Content/Modules/vin_NonC...) scenes.


Version 3.10:

- Each NPC will now have their own fertility stat, the final probability will now be the square root of fertility_dad*fertility_mom, not just the player's fertility. This also allows the various sperm donor / surrogate mother scenes to trigger under more logical conditions.
- New UI elements in the Contacts menu to show all pregnancy-related information for the player and each NPC: base fertility, usual fertile days of the month, how far along pregnant if any, who is the baby daddy, etc... So that you don't have to rely only on the midnight notifications which can easily be missed if a lot of NPCs in your game are pregnant at the same time
- Some scenes about attending or taking your spouse to prenatal classes and doctor's appointments, with possible affairs to be had ...
- Some more scenes about childcare, which influences their final stats when they reach 18 and become a full NPC. Raising your child can now also lead to some 'adult' opportunities between the player character or their spouse and the child's babysitters, teachers and classmates' parents.
- Some adoption and abortion scenes. You can put a baby up for adoption, or (as the father) not accept a baby as your child (so they don't just show up as your child in your contact list no matter what)
- Some adjustments to the impregnation swinging/cuckold/ breeding party scenes so that all the resulting babies no longer end up always being attributed to the player
- Some other scene ideas from the community brainstorm
- All patrons' commissions for September


Version 3.9:
- Implement a tattoo system, with customization available in the character creation menu and NPC randomization of tattoos when a new NPC is generated
- Two percentage options in Esc > Customize NPC Distribution to control how common tattoos are for NPCs
- 27 new arm tattoo options
- 19 new leg tattoo options
- 23 new chest/back/neck tattoo options
- 5 new male hairstyles
- 20 new female hairstyles


Version 3.8:
- Some 'forbidden'-'aggressive' crossover scenes that can trigger if you have both modules enabled ('aggressive' being LifePlay/Content/Modules/vin_nonC....)
- Relationships between two of your related NPCs and a couple of scenes relating to this
- 'Forbidden' relationships between a NPC and their own related NPC and a couple of scenes relating to this
- Update the 'Spend time with family' action to be in sync with the AI locations and schedules added with the v3.0 overhaul
- The game will now check for age too when trying to describe someone's family relationship to you and vice versa, in case of twins and triplets
- A scenario (implemented as a short quest so that the player fully controls whether it triggers) where 'forbidden' becomes legal in the country you're playing in. For now, this first implementation of the scenario simply prevents some scenes from happening, changes some in-scene texts and adds a few unique scenes. More content for this legalized scenario will come in the future.
- Some new 'forbidden' scenes from ideas from the community
- All commissions from patrons for August


Version 3.7:
This is an update focusing solely on bug fixes, no major new features or content. Wait for v3.8 later this month (22 August) if you're only interested in new content. The August commissions will come in v3.8 also.
- Fix many bugs and strange behavior as reported by players on Discord and the F95 forum thread (thank you all for your bug reports). Check the Bugs channel on Discord and search for 'bug' in the f95 thread for details.
- Make it a lot easier to avoid using condom and promise to pull out (based on her period, submissiveness, perversion, attraction to you and your interpersonal). If the girl has very high attraction to you, she won't ask at all. Add a Esc > Settings option to disable the condom mechanic entirely
- Add some variances in scene triggering frequency to limit annoying disruptions, namely 4x less scenes triggered between midnight and 5AM and during any interactions with other NPCs (since most interactions already guarantee a scene at the end of them anyway, no need to interrupt them for a random scene so often). If you think scenes are just triggering too often in general, don't forget there's already an Esc > Settings option for Scene Frequency (the default is x3 so it's more frequent than realistic by default, drop it back 1 if you don't mind a more realistic but more mundane playthrough), this change in v3.7 only targets the particularly inconvenient time for a scene to trigger. 


Version 3.6:
- Add basic period cycle for female player and NPCs, with safe and 'dangerous' days so it's not just a flat 2.5% per creampie anymore
- Expand contraception content: some NPCs will now ask you to put condom on or pull out (how strict they are with that request depends on their submissiveness stat). Condoms can break and you can fail to pull out, accidentally or otherwise. 
- Enable impregnation of and by temporary actors (like hookers etc)
- Allow impregnation as a result of threesome and other group sex scenes
- Expand NPC-NPC pregnancy so that any NPC-NPC scenes you actually witness in the game may result in pregnancy as well, not just as a random event
- Some scenes about figuring out the baby daddy if you've been having multiple partners. You can then lie or tell the truth, and the potential baby daddies can react in different ways 
- Some relationship scenes about wanting a child, then either succeeding or failing and having to find an alternative like surrogate mother or sperm donor - and some drama scenes out of that
- Some impact on mood, energy and arousal while being pregnant + some scenes relating to this 
- Can start or stop fertility treatment (basically an immersive way to get to pregnancy content quickly without having to 'cheat' and edit the fertility stat)
- Chance to have twins or triplets
- Many backend improvements / expansions to the pregnancy system (much more data relating to impregnation is stored basically) to support all the above
- All commissions from patrons for July
- Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.5:
- Animations for working and being served at the different types of establishments in the game
- AI behavior improvements so that NPCs play the correct animation with the correct objects depending on whether they're at the current location because they work there or simply are customers.
- Animations for some common actions described in scenes (like fighting, shooting, messing around before sex, etc) to make scenes more lively, instead of relying so much on text and ask the player to imagine the action going on while the characters just stand there awkwardly.
- Modify existing scene scripts to use these new scene-specific animations
- Improve the character skin shader for more detailed and  realistic-looking skin, most noticeable when zoomed in. Special thanks to Semaj, another game dev who was kind enough to share with me their own experience working with Daz and Unreal Engine 4.
- A few new erotic description lines written by EtB for the Transformation start
- Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.4:
- Virginity flag for player and NPCs, with some new unique scenes relating to being a virgin, seducing a virgin, the first time and follow-up scenes involving the person who took your character's virginity / someone whose virginity your character took. In the future, virginity content will be further expanded for sure, probably in another update that's dedicated entirely to it, to allow the player and NPCs to pledge to save themselves for marriage etc but this needs to wait for an update where the sex scene system itself is expanded with some AI first (should be around August) since the current system that just allows you to pick whatever animation you want with no reaction or protest from your partner obviously doesn't work with an NPC saving for marriage too well. 
- Eyeglasses for male and female characters, with a new checkbox in character creation for whether the person usually wears glasses (since it's not just a fashion item that can randomly be worn or not, like the rest of the clothes in the game).
- The 'virgin' and 'needs glasses' flags for NPCs can be edited by the player at any time but will also be auto-assigned depending on some conditions (younger, low-perversion girls are more likely to be virgins for example)  when an NPC is first generated. When loading a previous save, existing NPCs will also be auto-assigned - so no need to go through each and every existing NPC to check the new boxes yourself, don't worry.
- Some horse animations with male characters. The dogs, on the other hand, are from the pre-Daz era of this project and they now look pretty terrible compared to the rest of the game, so I wanted to change their models first in the next 'interspecies' update to bring them up to par graphically before adding new dog animations.
- Improve the optional TF Start, most importantly now allowing you to roleplay as someone who actually reacts positively to the transformation, with suggestions written by my patron (and erotic writer) EtB
- Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.3:
- Improve the system for animations with spawn objects, especially making sure that the items actually despawn after use
- New solo and couple animations involving a dildo
- New solo and couple animations involving a vibrator
- New solo and couple animations involving a male masturbator, i.e Fleshlight
- 3d mesh and texture assets for the dildo, vibrator and fleshlight
- Half of June commissions
- Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.2:
- More daily activity animations for the player character and NPCs. Specifically, v3.2 will first focus on basic needs and leisure activities (eat, drink, sleep, dance, sports, etc), while later on, v3.5 will most likely focus on business (working or being served at different types of establishments), and finally v3.8 will focus on paired and scene-specific animations (fighting, messing around before an actual sex scene, etc) 
- A system for blending sitting poses and activity animations (for example, instead of making 20 different 'have a snack' animations for 20 different chairs, this system allows the game to just blend the top half of the body from the eating animation with each of the 20 sitting poses.)
- A simple system for spawning additional objects to go with some animations (spawning cutlery and food for eating animation for example) and despawning them after the animation finishes
- 3d meshes and textures for the animated objects above
- The rest of May commissions (i.e. all the commissioned animations)
- Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.1:
- The action and interaction menus will now be dynamically sorted to minimize the need to scroll down / type in keyword - with your last action (if still applicable) shown first on the list, followed by the rest of the available actions sorted by how often you used them so far in your current save. I find this especially important for the interaction menu with NPCs, which involve a lot of scrolling right now.
- 3d camera with free keyboard + mouse control for the character creation menu and the inventory menu, replacing the old static Zoom and Rotate buttons, so that you can always get the perfect angle while editing / dressing your character and don't have to constantly move your cursor back and forth between the main editor menu and the camera buttons.
- Reduce the load time for maps (i.e. the long "Loading, Please Wait ..." thing after you select a city). The improvement is especially noticeable for the bigger maps.
- Replace the top-left-corner tutorial popups you get at the beginning of the game (which are outdated anyway with so many gameplay changes in the last year) with a separate "New Game with Tutorial" mode accessible from the title screen, which guides new players step by step through the various aspects of the game. This way, experienced players don't get bothered by those popups and new players have their own 'handholding' new game mode that is very easy to follow.
- The hotkeys to open the frequently used menus (namely Esc, Q, I & P) can now be simply pressed again to close such menus, instead of having to find the Finish / Resume button  to click on.
- Reset the "Update Only" downloads' version requirement to v3.0 Stable to make the download size smaller and hence more useful. If you didn't play v3.0 Stable, you either need to use the Full v3.1 download for this update or need to apply the "Update From v2.x To v3.0 Stable" first before you apply the v3.1 Update Only file.
- Update the Modding Docs with the new API functions that have been accumulating for the past year
- About half of May commission work: all maps and all scenes, but the scenes haven't been tested. Animations and scene testing will come in v3.2 (30 May)
- Bug fixes and other improvements

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Nopreconceptions

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 09/11/2020

I really want to iike this, it has huge potential but the lag and lack of intuitive gameplay makes it hard to get into, I'll definitely keep trying it for now and will see if the updates help.....


UPDATE 11th September 2020

I have found a new respect for this game after moving the character from Bath to London, my home City.

The city is so accurate that everything is where it should be and every listed building is correct. Knowing how to get around is paramount to the game and raises it to a new level.

Combined with the downloadbale MOD packages, its an amazing game with massive potential for the future

That said, if you are unfamiliar then it is definitely hard to get your bearings and I can understand how you can get frustrated really quickly.

I hope that more cities are uploaded so thatt others can truly appreciate the depth of this game play.


Review by Morion

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 12/15/2019

This is the first time I have regretted the time and bandwidth I wasted on a game here.

The game's scope is far too large.  The map is enormously over-sized to the detriment of the game.  There are too many options, and all of them are far too under-developed, to the detriment of the game.  Everything is painfully slow, even when you accelerate time to the maximum.  You pick an activity, then sit there for several minutes waiting to find out if your character achieves it or is interrupted by an event.  In my experience, the events are both too common and too under-developed, making them tedious.

The sex is basically the same thing you will find in any poser-type application.  You are better-off just getting a poser, as you get a better version of the same thing.

Review by agnostic

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 12/13/2019

There's a lot to like here, but I can't say I like this game.

Visually it's fine, content has gotten better with each update. There's a lot to explore.

But that said...

The maps are so large you get lost easily.  The time function makes it easy for days to go off the rails.  It's too hard to figure out what's going on at any given time.  There's little I coudl call "intuitive" about this game at all.

I applaud the ambition, but the execution is not player friendly at all.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 2.2 on 06/22/2019

On the plus side, the game has gotten a bit better since version 1.21. 


The game still needs work.  Time will flash by at an incredible pace, making it hard to figure out what you're supposed to do if you're not careful.  "Oh, it's time to go to work...nevermind...that was already 8 hours ago...".


It's also unclear how the hell to ditch someone that you're hanging out with.  I finally decided "enough already", quit the game and deleted it.

I got several people's phone numbers in the game, but no idea how to use them...and a box of stats ended up obscuring important information and I couldn't figure out how the hell to get rid of it.

Review by Spartankiller

Version reviewed: 2.1 on 06/09/2019

I hardly leave reviews for anything, but I have to say I really like this game. I had fun with it. I just wanted to say that after seeing many negative reviews.


I don't have many complaints abouit the game. Anamations were fine for what they were, Alot of clipping, but that is to be expected with what seems to be randomly generated characters and the animations are universally used. A few systems I didn't fully understand, but I probably could of if I delved more deeply into them, such as business ownership, the relationship system (ex. I can't ask someone out aftrer sending them a gift?), just little things. So nothing really made me dislike the game. 


I feel it can appeal to all sorts of niches a fetishes given time. It truly was a lot of fun to play and I will continue to do so and follow up on updates. Maybe they will add an appeal to more fetishes in the future and add more things to do. It really was a well put together game and definately worth a try!

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