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Version: 0.4.5

Human Alteration App

The Human Alteration App is a work inspired by The Company and Perverted Education.

There are two routes, a Dom and a Sub route.
The dom route focuses on incest and using the app to essentially brainwash the women of your life in varying (but mostly degrading) ways. This route uses real models like Lisa Ann and Elsa Jean.
The sub route focuses on sissification and female-to-dickgirl transformation, with a healthy supply of shemale-on-male content. This route focuses on drawn material, primarily by the artist Aya.

Alongside those are two virtual reality games you can play inside of this game, one based on Futa Apocalypse, and one where you play as a princess transformed into a sex fiend.

In the future, watersports content is planned, but it will be completely optional.

The game itself is unfinished, but there is still a good amount of content to unlock. I appreciate any feedback you all might have, and I encourage you to make a post in the discussion thread!

VERSION 0.4.5:
Three new scenes added in the VR machine.
Please see the changelog or the discussion thread for more information.

You wake up one morning and an unfamiliar icon on your phone's home screen beckons. One tap later, and you're in (partial) control of an application which can rewrite reality!

In order to take full control you'll need to work through the lengthy terms of service. Will you manage to power through it, or will you get exhausted before the end?

The game's primary gameplay loop is the following:

You go to sleep and corrupt someone with the app, talk to them during the day to trigger a new scene, and then spend any free time playing games or buying things from stores.

The dom route features a mechanic where you'll need to level up your skill with the app. To do this, you need to buy all three special tickets from the exotic shop, then purchase the 'Special Service' item.

If you feel like you've gotten stuck, hints for unlocking the next scene for each character can be found in the logbook.

V0.4: Posted

Currently finished scenes:
Dom route: 13/32
Sub route: 1/30
Rainy DayZ (zombie game): 4/14
Princess Quest: 2/10 (levels and scenes combined)

V0.4.1: Bugfixes

- Closing buttons to menus - You can now click the top of the window to close it.
- Add a response after purchasing items - Your money now flashes green after buying something, a fading popup would be too much work without jQuery.
- Better foreshadowing for the dom/sub route choices - It's now more clear that your sister has the opportunity and ability to use your phone should you take a break.
- More descriptive corruption naming - Each corruption entry in the dom route has a unique descriptor. I'll do this for the sub route too later.
- Making the process for getting images to work simpler and easier & Rename the image archive and index file name - Renamed the index file "Human Alteration App.html", renamed the image archive to "HAA Images - extract directly into Human Alteration App folder.rar", If you downloaded the old image pack, you can follow newport_georgeg's instructions in the discussion thread. Please let me know if there are any other problems.
- I'll check for any images I've misnamed - All of them seem to follow camelCase naming conventions. Please let me know if any images in particular are wonky, in particular you can right click on a broken image and select "view image", which should tell you what the image is named. If camelCase is causing a problem, I'll need to hunt through the entire game's script and rename all the images.
- As an aside, I found that autosaving wasn't working on my end. I've turned back on the autosave feature, which should hopefully allow you to refresh the page without losing any content. This autosave function should actually persist between versions too. If you're worried about save storage, you can export your save files directly by clicking "Save to text string" at the bottom of the save menu.


V0.4.5 Bugfixes & VR Additions

- Three new scenes have been added; two in Rainy DayZ and level 2 of Princess Quest
- You can now disable images properly
- Fixed an issue where the Rainy DayZ's inventory wasn't emptying between playthroughs.
- Fixed an issue preventing you from purchasing certain clothes from the clothing shop. Also reworked the purchasing of items from the shop, thanks to aevojoey for the help!
- Renamed some of the underwear folder files that were causing some naming issues. Thanks to newport_georgeg for finding them.
For a more complete list of changes, see the discussion thread

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by prince84

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 04/20/2019

This game has good playability and writing. I look forward to future updates.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 04/19/2019

A fast-transformation game that doesn't mess around with hours of grinding, you're into the action very quickly. Right now the 'dom' route is the only one fleshed out but that suits me fine after what seems like a long period of games with exclusively or heavily sissy oriented content. The cast of secondary characters are all female even if you've chosen to be shemale or sissy yourself, which also makes a change. The flaw is that there's no apparent difference (in superficial testing) from opting to be male, shemale or sissy when choosing what to do to the cast. That ought to change in future, if a dominant-sissy path is to be a genuine thing (if such a thing is possible). For now the dom route reminds me a bit of a less polished version of Inner Bimbo and was fun to play through. I look forward to its continuation.


The other route where the tables are turned on you is pretty well telegraphed in 1.1 but isn't yet developed beyond scene setting. I haven't tried 0.4.5 because the VR minigames-within-the-game hold no interest for me.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 04/16/2019

Version 0.4: The game is nice, it's not too text heavy, and give you a fair bit of progressive free reign as to what you do, at least on the dom path. You still need to work everyone over according to your 'plan' for the night, but that's to be expected. The Sub path has... next to no content as of right now, which is a bummer... Speaking of the Sub path though, I wish I had been somewhat warned of WHEN the Dom/Sub choice happened, like a little 'you're a little worried about leaving your sister access to the app' or something to let people know the choice for which path was happening then, and gives them a small hint as to which choice leads to what path.

Still nitpicking the seperate downloads for the game/image. The author states right on the first page of the game that he wants to make the images optional... why not just make a single download so people who want them don't have to do two downloads, and people who don't can just turn them off on the front page of the game like you intend to implement later?

Update 0.4.1: I'm glad the author is reading, acknowledging and working with the community to make the game better. I downloaded the update since well I saw it had been, and while it's not exactly what I though it would be, it's nice to have the fairly subtle warning about when the route choice happens. One minor nitpick about it the version number didn't get changed from 0.4 to 0.4.1 to denote that I was, in fact, playing the update but that's not a big problem and just something to think about for the future as a QOL change. It's still basically just 0.4 regarding it's content. And Author... Keep it up, this game has a lot of potentional!
Just found where to play the games (I'm a smol dummie sometimes) Rainy DayZ seems to be bugged where you keep items between 'Game Overs' so once you get the food and water supply you're basically locked out of playing the game any further.

Review by iopiop123

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 04/16/2019

I quite like this...MOAR

Review by LoganB

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 04/15/2019

Really awesome start!  Can't wait to see where it goes.  I'll give a better review when there's more here but I REALLY like what I see so far.

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