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Version: 1.8

The Special Place


The Special Place is a secretive facility with unique equipment and personnel for transforming people into anything they want to be, or to be more accurate, anything someone else wants them to be. Your sister works there, and has been developing a whole new transformation program. She's looking for a guinea pig, and unfortunately that seems to be you...

This is my first attempt at writing a "choose your own adventure" style interactive text story. It features heavy elements of forced age regression, sissification and mind control. 

May 22 2021

Added a whole new chapter to the story. The "stay with mommy" ending now branches out into this new path.

May 05 2020 

Minor bug fixes and typo corrections.

February 19 2020 - The Party Update

This update includes:

  • A whole new chapter
  • A final conclusion to the story, with three different epilogue endings.
  • More bug fixes (but please let me know if you find one)

October 08 2019 - The Big Day Update

  • Added a whole new chapter, with two different paths.
  • Added an interactive blocks mini-game. 
  • New pee mechanics. (Don’t pee too often - you might forget how to stop.)
  • Corrected lots of typos.
  • Extra-secret cheat code! (No-one will ever find this.)
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements. (I haven’t made any perfomance improvements but you have to write that on an update.)

July 12 2019 - The Homecoming Update

  • added Chapter 5 - Coming Home
  • improved "bladder management" system with additional flavour text
  • implemented "Fast-forward" function to skip ahead from the start of the story without missing the important story choices


July 04 2019 - The Independance Day Update!!!

Actually that's probably overselling it. Just a minor update to change the main characters age, and improve the random status texts.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AnalSlut69

Version reviewed: 1.8 on 06/09/2021

Story - 0

The whole premise is ridiculous. Your whole family wants to horribly torture and mutilate you because...reasons or something I guess. And none of it is explained. There are very few actual choices and they make no difference to the story. You choose your new name from a list of about 10, and choose whether to get your penis cut off. That's it. I played up to part 4 and it was just not interesting to me in the slightest.

Transformation - 0

Ok, so you wouldn't be getting this harsh of a review if you had actually tagged the "game" appropriately. There is no sissy content. The closest thing is that there's an option to wear a chastity cage. Nothing else. Tag your game properly and don't try and lure in people who aren't even into this kind of stuff. Not only that, but there was nothing on the synopsis saying that there was adult baby stuff, which is 100% of the transformation content, only "heavy elements of forced age regression", which as a warning, does not cut it for what this contains.

Even if I pretended it wasn't incorrectly tagged, it's still a dumpster fire. Even if you're interested in getting turned into an adult-sized oddly shaped baby, you would probably still not enjoy it. No actual story, incredibly subpar writing, unnatural and unrealistic dialogue. The whole thing is a nightmare

Review by Slut1

Version reviewed: 1.8 on 05/23/2021

While I am aware there are some people with the fetish for AR and ABDL it is not even close to the more common ones seen on this site. I believe that more people may like the "game" if there was a choice between tf options like AR, just straight to MTF (either an immediate transformation or one over time), Sissy, and maybe some like Bimbo or Shemale.


One other thing I noticed that has also been pointed out by other reviewers is that the reasons for at the very least the sister, if not the mother as well, seem to never truly be explained. This is especially true for the sister who seems to be doing it just because she can.


1.5 out of 10 (would be 2.5 if it were a game and not a story)

Review by beyondzerome

Version reviewed: 1.7 on 03/12/2020

Just to let people know this is very much a Kinetic Novel, if you're looking for a more game like experience look elsewhere.

As Morrigan stated in their review, the biggest flaw in this story is character motivation.  Your Sister does horrible things to you for no reason.  Even assuming she acted at the Mothers behest, this thread also unravels very quickly later on.  With that out of the way, the story did hold my interest all the way through and is written well enough.  Given its niche theme, and the lack of content out there, if you have an AR fetish its worth checking out.

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 1.7 on 02/21/2020

I just tried the game after reading the last couple of reviews: usually this is not my kind of game. To be perfectly honest, I do not like it: but that is because I do not like extreme sissification. 

The game is in my opinion well written, easy to read and offers many choices. Some choices lead to dead ends: but in RL some ways do not work either, I guess: so art is simulating life here. 

If you like sissification games I think this is an entertaining and well made game for you. 
I wish the gamebuilder good look and fun with the game. 

Review by micre23

Version reviewed: 1.7 on 02/21/2020

I couldn't agree more with Morrigan,  I really wanted to like this game as I do like AR an ABDL but it doesn't feel like a game at all,

That's not to say that it's the worst just wanted more along with some versatility but as it stands I'd give it 2/5


I really hope the auther doesn't see this as discouragement I may have been harsh but the same time there is a lot of potential (just look at the positive reviews evidencing this)

I'll definitely play more of their stuff

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