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Version: .004

Version: .003

Version: .002

Version: .001

by emma relde

Four individuals find a magical game and are forced to play it and deal with the repercussions.

Guide Alex through a game of Humpin' a magical card game.

Alex: You, the main character. An average guy.


Mel: Alex's female friend.


Jason: Alex's partier roommate


Matt: Jason's flunky

V.004 - Expanded Mel path (Beginning with the fuck challenge). Gender swap with Mel now implemented, with multiple paths baranching off from that. additional scenario endings (Following Detention Scenario - 2 Available (one available from all paths, additional available through fucking the teacher and allowing him to finish inside you)).

V.003 - Expanded branches. 4 endings now implemented (End of Dick measuring contest path, end of Fuck challenge path, Endings attached to each scenario that Alex experiences (10% chance of occuring). All dead paths should indicate that they are dead and link to next closest path if appropriate.

V.002 - Added additional content branching from a second choice on the first draw.

V.001 - Initial upload, small amount of contact essentially showing concept.

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Review by salat333

Version reviewed: .004 on 09/20/2022

In fact, it's relly good, though it could be better with visual. And so two text paths with pretty detailed and hot scenes (better than 90+% here), especially the defeat path. My gratitude to the lady author.

Review by CorruptedMageBoy

Version reviewed: .004 on 05/19/2021

I’d like to start by saying that this game has much potential; Jumanji-Esq games often hold a strong appeal because of the depth of player involvement they can include. However, that is not the case here. Whether it is due to the early development of the game or the lack of updates following the .004 update, there are no REAL choices to be made. The CYOA game teases the concept of choices, but you are doomed to suffer the Gender Swap curse, which not the problem, but it ignores any player decisions prior. The illusion of choice is there, but nothing you do matters. So, it’s a straightforward TGTF story and not a “game” in the strictest sense of the word. It’s well written and the character developments are strong for what is there, but it mostly suffers from the illusion of control and the fact the unavoidable transformation is nothing more than an instant TF with no descriptive wording. It’s a strong attempt, but I can see why the author might have given up after a while.


+1 Well written

+1 Pathing concept developed

+1 Solid description of naughty scenes

+1 solid character development (mostly)

+1 Interesting premise

-1 Transformation instantaneous with no description

-1 No real choices matter until the TG curse comes up

-1 Multiple paths left abandoned or unwritten in favor of the TG curse path despite having choices selectable

-1 Shallow mental justification from TF’d character

-1 Unfinished and seemingly abandoned

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: .002 on 10/15/2019

I like what you've written so far.  Hope you'll keep at it.

Review by master-ka

Version reviewed: .001 on 10/09/2019

Promising start but not really much there yet.
But this game is  definetly worth to keep an eye on ;)

Some little notes:

  • maybe a bit much text on each side ... maybe split up in smaller packages?
  • pictures would be nice but you don't need to
  • it seems to be a "quickie" game meaning no long playing, it goes fast to the topic ;) Maybe even a bit to fast for a quickie :)

Please keep up working ... I'm looking forward to the next updates

Review by Sakuraba

Version reviewed: .001 on 10/06/2019

Promising start - there‘s not much to go on at this stage of the game but this is one I’ll be keeping an eye on with later updates.

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