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Version: 1.03

Version: 1.02

Version: 1.0

The Repopulation Initiative

Well, now that I've gotten this to a decent state for an alpha, this is The Repopulation Initiative! It's a Twine game with graphics made in Kisekae2 (that paperdoll you see everywhere) where you are taken to a government facility against your will in an effort to repopulate an island stricken with infertility in their women. It's primarily pregnancy and lactation based, with an optional cow girl TF path implemented so far. More transformations are planned.

As the game is in a very early state, the facility is very empty. There's not a lot to do outside of having sex and milking yourself. This makes the game rather grindy and, depending on the person, boring. I have ideas in the concept phase on giving the player more things to do.

That said, I hope you enjoy what I've done for the Alpha! The mechanics are about as in-place as I can get them!

For v1.02, I decided to spend a little bit of time making the game playable again. The long and short of the update is that I removed hunger. I kept stress, stress is easy to manage when you start getting into the spam sleeping phase. Added a few unused images that I didn't put in before because I didn't have all of them done (I still don't, more info on that in the game's changelog.)

I'm sorry I abandoned the game in a bad spot. Hopefully if I abandon it again it'll at least be playable. Please let me know in discord if there's a problem. I'll try to fix it.

The Repopulation Initiative v1.03


I honestly forget what I've changed between these versions

Bug fixes, maybe?

The sex pose has images for all the player stages now.

If you hit the birth quota early, you'll be rewarded 2500 REP and the next quota will start immediately.

The layout of the facility has changed, with the Marketplace being the central hub leading to the BLZ, Recreational Area, and Dorms.

Check it out there's someone you can interact with a little bit. Her name's Alice and her story isn't complete (nor are her images that's why she doesn't have any :) ) but what is there, in my opinion, is pretty good. It should be pretty clear what her TF is by the end of her current events (there are two so far. it was a bad time for me to ask BrainwaveDisruptor to do more lol)



The Repopulation Initiative v1.02
Removed hunger as it made the game way too grindy for the amount of content it contained. Stress is kept. Spamming sleep does not make the player worry about stress.

Decided to include the unused sex images I had, but I only have images for the first two bovination levels. I'm not making more right now. I also included the piv extras for the sex scenes but those are only for non-bovinated players right now.

Backend update: I put line breaks in the code. yeah. they didn't have them before. ream me.

I didn't do any testing shoot me. I just wanted to right the wrong that was adding hunger.

Don't expect any more from me (unless something's broken). I'm not saying definitively that it won't happen, but expect nothing.


The Repopulation Initiative v1.01
Added stats that can work against the player if they aren't taken care of. (Stress and Hunger)

Added The Recreational Zone where some events will occur and where the player will typically go to take care of the stats above.

The milking machine now has a capacity limit that must be upgraded with REP.

Dialogue from characters is now colored to make it stand out from the rest of the text.

*A lot of the passages describing various tasks are obviously very short and incredibly boring to read several times. Fixing that issue is going to be one of the main focuses of v1.1's development, as well as the addition of more people to interact with in the facility. Some things may just get hotpatched in without any real indication other than an update here.

*I'm breaking saves between updates. Sue me, it makes things easier.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by batmreload

Version reviewed: 1.03 on 03/12/2020

Great little game that fits a niche that barely get fully used on here!


While this is just the barebones layout, its pretty well done. The only drawbacks are the extra clicking (and time used in-game) to try and get around before you are forced to sleep. While its great that you do get forced to go to bed, the game could use some fast travel instead of going back to the marketplace every time your trying to get to your room. But this is a minor matter that has the hallmarks of being fixed in an upcoming update.

Imagewise, its also barebones, but the artwork is very nicely done. The only slight gripe is the formatting on screen, therees alot of empy space that could be downsized.

Content-wise, IMHO, could use some extras, like MF transformation.


Review by Nobbl-D

Version reviewed: 1.03 on 03/05/2020

I really do enjoy the themes of this game, especially the cow part. What I don't like is the click heaviness of daily tasks. The examination to get money, the milking... every day.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 02/25/2020

Rad game! There's some bugs with buying the Fertility enhancer, and in the garden (And I can't seem to get preggo despite ovulating and fucking like a rabbit) but I really genuinely love whats here! The experimental drugs and milk aspects are really well done. 

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 02/25/2020

If you enjoy clicking on things for no payoff...this is the game for you!

Review by nexvinco

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 11/09/2019

Before Hunger and Stress were added this was an entertaining, albeit click heavy, game with much promise.


After the update it is a boring slog through each day, slowly but surely eliminating both any entertainment you are getting from this game as well as your literal will to exist.

Stay well away for now.

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