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Version: 0.0.8

by Rebby

The is game coded (poorly) by me Rebby. I've taken bits and pieces of other qsp games and put them in here. Mostly i've taken things from Girl life but this can change.

What I'm aiming for is sort of a visual novel/sandbox kind of game. (Much like every other QSP game out there) but with less grinding

I do not lay claim to any of this work.
Feel free to cut, copy or edit it to your hearts content. Just keep it free for everyone else
If you have ideas or want to contribute in any way, you are welcome to do that as well

Please note that saves from previous versions vill probebly not work

It has come to my attention that people from a certain pirate site has some problems, to those people I would suggest downloading it again, and or update your QSP player.

If you don't know where to find a new QSP player... too bad


All images and animations are taken from sims 4

You take the role of Carol. a 45 year old woman with giant... assets.

living in the suburbs of a minor town calle Somekindof (I know, i suck at naming things)

And thats the plot so far

v 0.0.8

small update on the Neighbors, a bit more dialog
rough script of a date with Johan
cheat menu added
Owen has now a "girlfriend" that may visit during the day



v 0.0.7
Updated the office work
There is now a Bookstore, only 2 books you can read on your couch
I started working on the town park, nothing there at the moment, but you can meet a potential boyfriend (only first meeting though)


v0.0.6 son related update
fixed bug when watching TV with son
Son watching late night tv
neighbor wanting help
ice tea with neighbor (GILF Warning)


v 0.0.5
The restaurant is back, sort of. It has turned into a fast food place
There is now a Job center, where Harrold works. visit him if you want a job.


Not much of an update. Haven't been feeling too motivated lately and interest in this game has been... absent
Corrected some pictures
Added the TV back, only news at the moment.


v 0.0.3
You can now go jogging with your son (if you have one)
you can meet your neighbors when jogging during the day
replaced a few pictures
cleaned up the choices a bit

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Review by JHeresy

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 10/26/2019

bare bones, but fun despite it being a little grind-y at the moment. 

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