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RPG Maker MZ
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May/June 2021 + Mac release
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Version: May/June 2021 + Mac release

Version: MZ release (Jan 2021)

Version: July Release (0.7)

Rebirth of Eden: MZ release!

Rebirth of Eden


You feel nothing, floating alone in the void. Suddenly, a figure of light approaches you and tells you your fate: you've died, even if you don't remember how. However, your new fate seems to be to reincarnate into another world, a devastated world of fantasy and magic where you might be the only male. Do you consider this a blessing or a curse? What happened to all the other men here?

The goddess who brought you back has given you a portion of her power, and you seem to be able to restore life to the wasteland you have been sent to. The monstergirls who call this world home certainly seem to appreciate this, but do their plans for you align with your own? What will you do with this gift, and who here can you really trust?


Rebirth of Eden is built on the RPG Maker MZ engine, but offers gameplay inspired as much by Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon as by any JRPG. Originally launched as My Orchard, Rebirth of Eden has been completely rewritten from the ground up, with a more well-developed plot and characters to show for it, as well as new art and mechanics. This game is a definite work-in-progress, but we intend to release often and to take fan input under consideration when deciding how the game will go. If you have any thoughts on these changes, or if you're playing for the first time and want to share your thoughts, let us know!


Director, Head Artist, Programmer, Most Other Things: Icarue
Co-Writer: P.Bird
Goddess Artwork: Railgun

Background Artwork: Angerox and Feri Musafak




This release focuses on a new dungeon and a new partner! The dungeon will let you gather materials in a different way than normal exploration. They don't require any energy to gather, but you have to be careful with the enemies. And besides the new partner, that's all the new things the update has (along with some backend stuff you'll never see or be affected by). 


Hope you enjoy this update!



- New dungeon
- New party member

- Small changes: Added an item to revive team members, Eve's healing skill now works outside of combat. 


PS: Join Discord for any updates and some art I post




Future Planned Fetish Content:
* Full or Partial M2F
* Anthro
* Bimbo
* Futa/Dickgirl
* Solo and Group Masturbation
* Vaginal and Anal Sex
* Probably lots more...


We intend to post polls often to gauge the interest of our player base and Patreon donors. Development will be influenced by these polls (with Patreon donors getting an understandably larger vote), but we are open to new ideas and suggestions as well!


MZ May 2021


- New dungeon
- New party member

- Small changes: Added an item to revive team members, Eve's healing skill now works outside of combat. 


MZ release:

- Move RoE from MV to MZ 

- Made combat more stylish 

- Added plugin to make quests easier to track

- Made blue berries cheaper 

- Made red berries easier to farm 

- Updated some character sprites



July 2020:

Eve sprite 2.0


May 2020:


- Seasons + 7 new seeds and fruits (Activate via update room) 

- Hobby conversations with most NPCs

Hotfix 1: images and audio fix

Hotfix 2: fixed Vi coming to check back on you (error with day tracking)

April 2020 Changelog

-Added Shrine-building quest(s). 

-Beta: Experimenting with combat and adventuring system.  

-General bug fixes and typo corrections. 


Hotfix (1)

- Fixed bugs related to new quests and content

- New UI

- Added some skills to Eve (unlocked after Shrine Quest(s))



March 2020 Changelog

-Rewrote pretty much the entire script.

-Added Water mechanic - Visit the Oasis or build a Well to keep your farm from drying up!

-Added a Construction menu to Q's office.

WARNING: Previous saves will NOT be compatible with this version.

Feb 2020:

 Added Alchemy Lab handled by a slime girl 

 Added Post Office and a Harpy

 Fixed bugs (milk should be sellable, you can't accidentally water tiles you have watered before, corrected descriptions for quests and things should now be taken when they say they should be taken). 

Jan 2020:

Added Cow girl 

 Added Mirror

 Added a physical TF and a mental one

 Added two scene images for some events from this release. 

Introduction (same as prev version)

Added 2 Quests (kind of 1 and a half):

- Side Quest 1: involves Vi (the vampire)

- Main Quest 2 (this is the incomplete one). 

Added 2 TF

Might have added a quest system (and button). 

Added system to get more energy (basically every TF gives you more energy). 


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by namenameha

Version reviewed: MZ release (Jan 2021) on 01/20/2021

"My orchard"

Review by wolfsbane010

Version reviewed: MZ release (Jan 2021) on 01/20/2021

So far, this game is quite lovely!  It reminds me of Harvest Moon, with a much lewder cast!  There's a good foundation so far, and I eagerly look forward to seeing what comes next!

Review by EarthGodzilla355

Version reviewed: July Release (0.7) on 08/16/2020

Nice job, I like what I see so far. Keep up the good work!!!

Review by zippp

Version reviewed: May Release (0.6) on 06/06/2020

TBH i love this game and i dont konw why its just fun

Review by spadge

Version reviewed: March Release (0.4) on 04/03/2020

I loved this.  It's not a huge game just yet, but the potential is certainly there for something quite special.  I look forward to seeing where this goes. 

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