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Version: 0.0.5

Version: 0.0.46 (fixes)

Version: 0.0.45 (fixes)

Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1

Malevolent Planet

Malevolent Planet is a text-based game made in Twine using SugarCube. You play as a female adventurer who has always wanted to explore new lands and what better way to do that than explore a new planet? You are a scientist whose task is to investigate a new planet found at the outer edge of the Milky Way and together with your crew, you are on to that task. Many surprises await you now and in the future as well.

In order to play the game, you will need to unzip the archive and open the .html file in a browser, preferably Chrome. You can play the latest public version on my Patreon.

The latest version, being 0.0.5 marks the last release of the linear system the game has followed so far. The next version introduces base-building, navigating through villages/cities with clickable areas, quests, a wardrobe system and many others. You can check my progress on them here.

Version 0.0.5– 14 June 2020

  • The plotline for the linear system has been finished. The next version places the player in a dynamic gameplay system and everything that has been laid down so far marks the foundation of the plotline.
  • On the base passage, you do not need to press the arrows anymore. You can just press the Back link and you will be returned to the previous page without any bugs happening.
  • Drew a background for the alien village, it will be the background for the passages that happen in the villages.
  • Worked on some CSS for the game and you can see it in the screenshots. For more immersion, you can see the relevant images to your current passage on the background. Changed the opacity of the text block so that it will be a bit transparent, and also it auto adjusts itself based on the amount of text found within the passage.
  • Sketched some plans for a future UI. Hopefully by the time the version is out, underneath the character's image there will be a few squares containing the currently held items. An inventory screen shall also be made available. There is an inventory system within the game already, but it will be explored more thorough the Life Simulator component.
  • Fixed 3 instances that led to the player seeing a rectangle surrounding the player's character, those were caused by a lack of .png files the game was looking for and even though the .png existed, it was not named correctly within those passages. 
  • The explorer outfit has a hat that is not supposed to be there, it led to the hair overlapping the hair. The hat already exists as a separate .png file, so the fix is to cut the hat from the .pngs files that contain the explorer outfits. This bug has been added on my Trello board and will be fixed by the next release.
  • Wrote 3.3k words, putting a more emphasis this time on immersion so that the player feels connected to the character they are playing. 
  • Drew the 4 Likurieris whose names are, ordered by encounter, Meren'goth, Zdra'math, Pikre'dash, Durobi'shin each having different personalities that are reflected in their dialog. So far I've only written the first encounter, for Meren'goth. As an example, I've included the briefing the player gets for the first target at the bottom of this post. As a mention, this briefing is given by Elga'neth, one of the most vocal supporters of humans' innocence who also happens to be a scientist (for reasons given within the game).
  • Updated Ted's portrait.
  • Made the background fit the entirety of the passage screen as you can see in the screenshot with the background filling in the screen up until the sidebar starts.
  • Added all the new portraits to the game.
  • Cannot post them right now as they're not ready, but new player outfits are being developed with the intention of using them in the chapter that's to come.
  • Developed code that would display the currently held item under the character's screen, but this will be added from the chapter onwards as they will contain the Life Simulator type-of-gameplay and even though I would like to add it to the linear-content that's been made so far, it will flood the available development time and its only purpose would be for immersion. However, since the next chapter allows for more freedom of movement, events, quests and others the currently held item would also bring some mechanics of its own, in a combat of some sorts for example.

Version 0.0.45– 15 April 2020

  • Replaced obsolete $firstName and $lastName variables with the new ones (part of the Player Object).
  • Hopefully fixed any missing closing tags.

Version 0.0.4 – 14 April 2020

  • Fixed many bugs, made every character so far an "object" with their own lust, health, energy levels.
  • Whenever you are in the base, you can access the Companions tab where you can see the portraits of the characters you have met so far, with their name, their status and depending on the character their case file as well. Interactions in this screen will be added in the next update as the Prologue will have been finished and the possibility of the base being a dynamic ever-changing location will be opened.
  • Integrated the Melissa drawings in her scene..
  • Foundations have been set so that the game can progress into a dynamic system, with events, quests, deeper interactions akin to Mass Effect. Since every character is their own being right now from the coding-side, it opens the possibility that you can take your party with you in missions later. Writing will get more complicated for me, since each character added to the party will bring some extra events and those require a lot of attention. 
  • Eliminated the scroll bar at the bottom of the left screen so that you can fully see your character.
  • A time system has been fully implemented. This will allow me to set day/time-based events at your camp. 

The last version (v0.0.3) has been exclusive to Patreons due to extensive development. Here are the change notes from it.

  • This version contains new developments in the story. Melissa's crew is in great danger and it is up to your character to save them, but in order to save them you pass through difficult adventures. You will need to make decisions in dire situations, I tried to write them in a way that does not leave any option lackluster of content, even though this doubled the time spent on branching out the stories for new situations.
  • New NSFW scenes with choices attached to reaching them, new clothes.


This game is hosted on the TFGamesSite via. the Hypnopics Collective. Visit my game thread at Hypnopics as well.


The main character is the female protagonist. Other characters are the ones in your crew so far and many more will come soon as you explore more of the planet in future iterations.

Version 0.0.2 – 04 February 2019

  •  Two new hairstyles have been added to the game and assets for the curvy bodytype have been drawn and integrated within the character creation screen. New clothes have been made, an academy uniform for the intro and other sequences, a college outfit that is only used for a scene so far, but might be used later.
  • 11k words have been written so far, 7k more than the last version. New story details include her meeting her crewmates before the spaceship launch including some case files that go into deeper detail about each's background. 
  • All crewmates' portraits have been drawn, among with portraits of other characters that are integral to the story and a few have already been coded in.
  • Integrated a new dialog UI made by ChapelR.
  • Finished the writing for the virus samples quest and the sample size has been greatly reduced, from 500 to 25 and you do not need to do any grinding so far, just progress through the story.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the character screen that somehow covered the scroll bar and other buttons.


UPDATE: fixed typos, corrected the usage of the comma a bit and fixed a mistake caused by the lack of a default expression and it was showing the icon that some image is missing.

Version 0.0.1 – 10 January 2019

  • Character creation screen that only lacks body types as of now. You can pick the skin color, hair color, eye brow color, bust size and a few others.

  • Introduction to the story. 4.5k+ words developed in the introduction with the purpose of building up to meeting more characters and encountering more places/events.
  • An alpha version of the inventory system has been worked in.

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Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 fixed on 01/12/2020

Well, this is absolutely terrible.

1. Make a character: female

2. Choose fetishes: Lesbian, Alien, Tentacle, Non-consent
(I believe these are the options I chose. I dislike these choices by the way. I very much do not want to see a girl be forced into sex... but, well, tentacles can't ask for consent. She might be unwilling at first, but then they use aphrodesiacs or something. That's still technically rape, but if she enjoys it, that's a pretty significant difference [I feel weird talking about rape like this, but I'm only talking about fiction here.] Also, what the hell is hardcore?)

3. Play a short intro, making one choice: Shoot him in the legs

4. click repeatedly to collect resources, look around, collect resources, etc. etc.

5. Activate an auto-clicker, finish collecting 500 resources and turn them in. (This would have been a horrible slog without the auto-clicker.)

6. Game ends.


Cool. Tried it again. Chose a different option. Despite not choosing straight in my fetishes, got my female PC raped by a guy.


Turn off non-con. Still get raped.


Choose only tentacles. Still get raped by human male.


Finally. There was a button "check around the area" that I saw in my first playthrough, but then it vanished later. I managed to get it again, and got a different encounter. I won't spoil the details of the encounter here, as it isn't relevant. (I probably won't bother to check if turning the associated option off actually disables the encounter.)

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