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Version: 1.5.5

Version: 1.5.2

Version: 1.5.1

Version: 1.4.0

Version: 1.3.1

Version: 1.3.0

Version: 1.2.5

Version: 1.2.4

Version: 1.2.3

Version: 1.2.2

Version: 1.2.1

Version: 1.2.0

Version: 1.0.1

The Big Score

The Big Score First Chapter Release is out! This is just the prologue of the game and I will be updating it monthly with story chapters, bugfixes, side stories, ui changes etc.

The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/ dating sim game, where you get to be dominated and used by the main girls!


This game contains domination, feminization, puppyplay, ageplay, and much much more



discord link: https://discord.gg/WXuUqWt

Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/divanation

The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/dating sim game.

You play as Jason a deadbeat college student who lives with his step mom. Jason rarley goes to class and bums around home all day playing video games and watching porn overall being a mooch.

There is one goal he has in mind his "Big Score" getting the girl of his dreams Emma!

His Life is about to have a sudden change though whether he likes it or not. He's about to meet some lovley ladies who enjoy nothing more then to make his life a living hell.

Will Jason manage to find true love or will he be overwelmed and defeated by the dominants!?


Ivy chapter 6

Lauren chapter 5
multiple artwork sprite updates for minor characters
new alternative artwork sprite for different characters
older chapter bug fix
New voice lines for the main girls
typo fixed for older chapters




  • Fixes more of the Mall scene glitch


  • Ivy chapter 5 added
  • Nikki chapter 5 added
  • Becky chapter 5 added
  • Added log feature in the message box UI
  • Changed title screen to match character new artwork
  • New feature [Submission Score]
  • New Emma route split artwork
  • Updated Ivy, Nikki, Terra sprite artwork
  • Redid a prologue chapter cg
  • fixed some typos
  • fixed a bug where the mall background would cover over the entire game if loading an old save
  • Adjusted game volume
  • New side characters throughout the route split
  • Removed mall background due to game-breaking errors






-Chapter 4 story update is out

- Officially added voice acting lines (be sure to adjust the bg music volume if you can't hear them, more lines are planned to be added throughout the game dev)

-updated Becky Sprite to match cg artwork

-adjusted background music of nearly all chapters of the game

-fixed typos

-removed all voice stock audio

-fixed minor issue with Nikki sprite



Fixed some typos

- Fixed some minor bugs

- Reworked setting UI, should be able to adjust the volumes

- Made a Linux and Mac version of the game (please be sure to read the notes to make sure you download the right version)



-chapter 3 added

-reworked Lauren sprite artwork (again)

-reworked Clay sprite artwork

-redid Becky prologue chapter cg

-added party outfits for Nikki, Ivy, and Becky

-fix some typos

-fix some bugs


-fixed a bug were the game would freeze on specific dialogue 


-fixed a bug where the game would freeze at the timer mini-games


-Reworked all the lines and dialogue throughout all the chapters
-fixed a bug where some characters would say other's line
-changed the title screen of the game
-fixed some other minor bugs
-made a mac version of the game




- fixed a bud where the game freezes when nikki catches you



-fixed a bug were it skips an entire scene of Ivy if you don't peep

-added an option to hide message box with the space key



-Chapter 2 story update
-reworked Lauren sprites
-fixed a glitch of the game freezing when complimenting Lauren in the prologue chapter
-fixed a lot of the script in some of the older chapters
-added a few line changes with Ivy during the prologue chapter



  • Added chapter 1
  • Added a skip prologue button
  • Updated main girls art
  • Gave main girls 2nd poses
  • Lauren and Becky have gym outfits 
  • (Credit for sese2 for doing Laurens gym outfit)
  • Redesigned Becky (credit for sese2 for helping me out on it)
  • Fixed the UI bugs
  • Did an overhaul on the UI (which means old saves won't work this version)
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't save at a choice option

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 1.5.1 on 02/15/2021

Has a ton of content, several hours of game time. Has audio (music and bits of speech). Focuses on humiliation, sex happens pretty much late in game, which is a good thing in my opinion, like the slow burn better makes the MC more believable. Choices matter a lot and determine paths and what characters the game will focus on. Most of the game is clicking through lengthy dialogues, cut into many parts, but that is to be expected from a renpy game. Its pretty good, I returned to play different paths.

Review by Silky_Layla

Version reviewed: 1.4.0 on 12/01/2020

There are quite a few games on here that are just so good, that checking for updates on them is part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine. THIS I promise will be one of those games. I want to talk so much about it, but the surprise aspect of some not so common fetishes found in this game, put me in such a state of arousal. I love everything that is going on in this game. If you are fan of all the listed fetish genres, than you should give this game at least one or two playthroughs... Especially if you like forced sissy stuff (more than 1 type in here, and an extremely rare one at that- delivered in such a way it surpasses in trap quest in it's delivery of it *hint-hint, wink-wink*).


To the author, Stay the course, do what is in your heart for what you envisioned for this awesome work you have created, and please, keep. it. Up! ; )

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 1.4.0 on 12/01/2020

My first impression

1 its pink too mutch pink hurts my eyes after few minutes

2 its not my place to complain about grammar

3 fine to have voice but it does not fit that way you can say its too mutch or too few its in the swamp area that more of a demerit

4 the girls are sexy

5 other graphics are barebones

6 the story is like the others of its fetish

Sum: an average game in this site, if you like the cathegory then give it a go

Review by WirelessW

Version reviewed: 1.3.0 on 10/12/2020

The option to change volume on the options screen doesn't work.

Take that as a bad omen for the game as a whole. You can't go through 5 screens without a spelling or grammar error cropping up, most of which are the simple type that would be caught by any spellcheck. The pace of the game is overly slow, with heaps of filler for you to try to get through before any meaningful content. I don't need two NPCs bickering for an entire car ride. I don't need my character thinking to himself, asking rhetorical questions and pausing with an ellipsis just for him to set up a webcam offscreen. The dev needs to understand that just because something can be 5 text boxes, it doesn't necessarily need to be.

I'm sure there's the potential for a decent game here, but a lot of the fluff content needs to be cut and a lot of what then remains needs to be proofread by someone with a better grasp of the English language. As it is the game is just not optimised for the reason people would actually want to play it. If you want femdom, this game will make you sit through a load of meaningless hemming and hawing before you get any.

Review by Zeal

Version reviewed: 1.2.2 on 08/03/2020

At first glance I had a lot of high hopes for The Big Score.  The main fetishes listed in the description - domination, feminization, puppyplay, ageplay - are all right up my ally.  Sadly, it became quickly apparent that the characters in the game are simply variations on a theme, that theme being unnecessary cruelty.  Nine times out of ten you can expect a given NPC to be callous and abusive, with no reason required for them to immediately attack and degrade your MC, with almost no counterpoint characters to balance out the cast.  The one sympathetic character I encountered was limited to a very minor role currently.  If you're very into humiliation you may consider that a point in the games favour, but unfortunately I simply found it to be rather repetitive and immersion breaking.  

The game also suffers from some terrible grammar and spelling in places, which I found very difficult to ignore.

On the other hand the games art style is surprisingly charming; the cartoony style is well drawn and provides a good canvas for large, expressive faces and exaggerated body language that fit well with the rather over-the-top nature of the story and characterisation.

It's possible that this is a game that will improve as development progresses, and if you're really into masochism and humiliation this could be one to watch - for everyone else, don't expect too much.

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