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Version: 0.0.2


You are a bisexual male college student who has been cruelly tormented by your classmates, spearheaded by one female and two male students. One night you have a dream where a mysterious entity informs you that you are his descendant and a demigod. He imbues you with power that you can use to take revenge on your tormentors. You can "steal" from them the physical and mental attributes that they value most. Now you have the opportunity to change your fate and punish those that have wronged you.

FULL DISCLOSURE: While there is MF in this game most of the sexual interactions currently in the game are MM.  Eventually, this game will include more MF, FF, MMF, and MFF interactions.  This update contains more shrinking, growth, cock shrinking, cock growth, and masculinization.  Future updates will add age progression, breast enlargement, female to male, bimbo, and himbo.  I am actively writing and editing (still a lot of editing to do).  I enjoy writing, but I know my abilities are limited. 

View the walkthrough for some tips navigating this release. 

I welcome your feedback and advice (esp synonyms for names of body parts...my favorite in this update was "rusty starfish") in the discussion thread in the forums.

Trent- Star athlete and total jerk.

Jake - Roommate, former friend.

Tiffany - Jaded ex (and racist).

Asst. Coach Joel - sexy swim coach

Horcliff - A god

Andrew - New best friend?

Victor, Dominic, and Vadim - Swimmers


  • Trent is the only active introduction
  • In the morning, attend the "Special AM Practice."
  • In the afternoon, attend class
  • In the evening, go to practice

Heads Up 

  • There is nothing to do on weekends.  Sorry.  Click through.  I will make sure there are some weekend events in the next update.
  • To allow you to test the random event in this release without having to click through many days of no content waiting for the event to trigger, I have made it occur every time you attend class in the afternoon in this release.
  • The random event has three different encounters with three variations for each encounter.
  • Also, you need to have performed certain transformations to complete the different random event encounters, and that can be difficult in this short release.  So in the story caption, you can turn on "cheat mode," and you will automatically pass the stat check.
  • Certain transformations do not impress Drew, be sure to visit him after different transformations for a different encounter.

What you can do in this release

  1. Meet Horcliff
  2. First swim practice and first Trent transformation
  3. Second night with HC 
  4. Daily Loop
    1. Mornings - Attend AM Practice
      1. Two different practices with Coach Joel (and maybe some after practice fun)
      2. Get to know Drew 
    2. Afternoon Class - Random Encounter: Mismatched Couple - Become the missing piece in this couples' relationship
    3. Evening - Swimming Practice - Two more transformations of Trent
    4. Night - Q&A with HC

0.0.2  Every good demigod needs hero companions, you get to know two potential companions (Coach Joel and Drew)


  • Additional rounds of Trent transformations - You are reminded why everyone hates Trent and why transforming him feels so good.
  • Special AM swim practice with Coach Joel - Maybe you can arrange some private training.
  • Meet Drew - Sexy goofball or new best friend with benefits?
  • One random event - The Mismatched Couple (MMF) (3 encounters each with 3 variations based on your choices)
  • Q&A at night with Horcliff - If you can keep it in your pants long enough, you can ask HC some questions about strange events.

As before, all story encounters change based on your past decisions. So each new story addition (if available to you) has different variations and different potential outcomes.

  • Photo galleries - kinda pointless since you can open the image folder, but if you like to be sure that you have explored all of the different paths in the game, the galleries are very helpful
  • And a bunch of stuff you cannot see but is behind the scenes

Even with this update, I am keeping the label "concept" on this game. This update makes the story wider but I don't think it gets much deeper. That may disappoint some people but I have worked out many of the kinks with Trent, so the Jake and Tiffany paths will be easier to produce and then I can advance the plot.

I appreciate people who have given the game likes, you are too kind. The game embarrassingly rough and I welcome all feedback.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by art926

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/08/2020

Looks good, can't wait to see more. I hope you'll add some bi-sex content as well and the story will get deeper. Like, that "god" can turn out to be a pesky demon that's just trying to use the main character to enter the real world, through posessing him or his "friends" and there will be routes to allow him or refuse it. There should be some tention and challenge. But, so far so good!

Review by fav22

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/07/2020

Love this game. It's really nice for a game labled m/m to actually be/have gay content and not mean sissy with all female pics. Really excited to see more of this game. I went into this game hoping to focus on Jake but with him not having any yet and having to focus on Trent I ended up really enjoying the Trent paths.

Review by Lampshade15

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/07/2020

Great game so far, off to a really good start! The quality of the detail, description and dialogue in the writing of the scenes is high, and there's also a really nice writing style imo.

The variety of the consequences that arise from the players choices is already better than a lot of games here.

It's also great to see some more gay/m4m games here! Muscle theft, cock growth, cock shrinkage, masculinization and himbo TFs (especially those last two lol) sound awesome too!

I understand there isn't an intro for Jake yet, and I assume that the same is true for Tiffany (not personally into MF and/or FF so didn't check hahaha), but Trent's intro is very well-done!

Off to a great start and can't wait to see what you do next, good luck!

Review by enaz56

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/07/2020

Very polished start! I'm looking forward to more!

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