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Version: 1.05

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Let's Get Revenge!

Here's a short game I worked on because I wanted a quarentine project. There are five women to transform, each of them being the mothers of your five bullies. There's a time limit of one month before you run out of time. Try to see if you can make it!


Five years ago, your life changed for the worst when five kids framed you for a crime. After an experiment goes wrong in prison, you are set free early and try to restart your life. With the help of another inmate you're mentally linked to, each night you transform the minds of the five kids' mothers into getting them to sleep with you as your revenge. Can you get revenge on all five of them before the prison calls you back? You'll just have to play and find out.


Each day is spent finding items that can be used in the dream world to transform the mothers. Once you've transformed them enough, it's time to meet them in real life and reap your reward! Every mother undergoes a unique transformation based on the items you bring in.

Harper Cross: You!

Adam Grey: A criminal with the ability to control people's minds. He's stuck in your body back at the prison, but he's willing to help you get revenge at night.

Max Hayward: One of your bullies. He's the athletic type, but still a dick.

Cameron Law: One of your bullies. He has some delusion that he's a popular online commentator for political news, but he's so mediocere, it's just sad.

Noah Barnes: One of your bullies. He's the ring leader. The whole school fears him, the sooner he's gone, the better.

Basilio Marino: One of your bullies. He's this brash offensive person that just does whatever he feels like.

Edward Todd: One of your bullies. It's hard to call Edward a bully, really all he does is smoke weed all day, but he's down to mess with anyone the other bullies want.


Rewrote dialogue that mentions multiple bullies in situations where there's only one left, to only mention one bully.

Rewrote dialogue to say a bully's name, instead of the generic "a bully", or "one of your bullies".

Added a disclaimer that debug mode is activated, when debug mode is activated.

Changed and added various images.

Added new events at work.

Added new events at lunch.

Added an alternative scene for wasting time with Naomi.

Fixed line of Naomi's dialogue that didn't have colour.



Mallory will now be met when you go to work after 5 days, instead of a random chance.

Moved all miscellaneous lewd gifs to their own folder.

Changed Adam's picture.

Added some new events at work and lunch.

Added an alternate scene with Naomi at home once Edward is eliminated.



Fixed a line of Naomi's dialogue that didn't have colour.

Added, replaced, and resized pictures of Mallory.

Added miscellaneous pictures.

Fixed spelling errors.



Fixed bug where it was impossible to proceed after eliminating certain bullies.

Fixed oversight that prevented Edward from hanging out with you after school or during lunch.

Added way to get the straw hat after Basilio is eliminated.

Added way to get the wedding ring after Max is eliminated.



Fixed bug where player could skip Lorelei's setup while naming their character.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 1.03 on 07/15/2020

Solid little 調教/trainer game that tries to have a focus on gameplay. I could tell that there was a lot of care put into the image selection, and the author clearly put a lot of work into making sure this was feature complete. It is, however, quite buggy in its current state, so watch out if that's a dealbreaker for you. That said, this is easily one of the best non-TG focused games on the site. 

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 06/16/2020

Great little game and a pleasure to play.

Review by efindumb

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 06/11/2020

It's a cute little adventure that takes a little bit of time to get used to the system. It's linear, but with a roundabout way of getting to the end.

Review by ccccccccc

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 06/10/2020

I played through this game expecting some physical transformations but there were none, just mentals one. But it doesn't matter, since its still a very nice game with lots of  thought put into it. Good job OP, rare to see theese kinds of games on this site.

Review by GreatJT

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 06/10/2020

Decent, well made effort, and Complete upon release, which is an incredible rarity on this site. But the kink isn't quite up my alley personally, I'd have preferred transforming the bullies themselves into slutty girls and not just their moms.

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