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Version: 0.4.2

Version: 0.4.1

Version: 0.3.2

The Good Son

The Good Son is an erotic game where the main character - a young man in his last year of university - is asked to pay off the mob in order to save his father. To keep up with the mob's ever increasing demands for cash, he'll have to get creative - and creative means crossdressing as a woman in order to work as a waitress in a nightclub! What comes next is a gradual progression into a new, feminine, and submissive way of life. His life will forever be changed through the guidance and support his cheerful and talented supervisor (Katie), his gorgeous and empathetic girlfriend (Susan), and his incredibly kind and well-built best friend / personal trainer (Todd).

The game centers on the themes of feminization and sissification. That being said, it is not focused on humiliation, and does not involve any direct blackmail. The main character goes on this journey on his own volition (and can stop at any time, though of course his father's life is on the line). This is a story of sexual awakening and self-discovery, as the main character finds himself (or herself) more at home in panties and heels than jeans and sneakers, and finds his (or her) sexual orientation shifting at the same time. It's kinky, it's hot, but most of all it's a positive spin on the tried-and-true feminization trope.

If you think this game is fun and want to see it developed further - that's great! Please leave feedback here or on the TFGames forum. If you want to toss a coin to your developer, check out my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Lobsterman9999

Everyone is welcome to join The Good Son Discord! https://discord.gg/dbZVd9h

You - a young, unimpressive man in his last year of university

Katie - your beautiful and creative supervisor at the Cauldron - a halloween-themed club near your university campus

Susan - your gorgeous and sensitive girlfriend. She's recently gotten really interested in social justice

Todd - your kind-hearted and super-jacked best friend. He's recently become your personal trainer at the nearby gym

The mob - the criminals who have captured your father! They're not cool and no one likes them

General Walkthrough

Your goal in the game is to make enough money to pay off the mob each Monday night. Earn cash by any means necessary

To continue to earn more and more money, you're going to need to progress along your journey of feminization and self-discovery

To progress along your journey of feminization and self-discovery, keep attending your appointments. Specifically:

  • Go to class each weekday
  • Work at the Cauldron whenever you have a shift
  • Meet up with Todd at the gym when your sessions are booked
  • Enjoy a date with Susan every Friday evening

Sometimes you'll need to buy an item or article of clothing to advance. There are stores located at your university campus


Specific Walkthrough - spoilers ahead!

  • Fem 1 - crossdress at work for the first time
  • Fem 2 - crossdress at work in panties for the first time
  • Hetero 9 - wear a woman's sports outfit at the gym
  • Fem 3 - shave off all your body hair
  • Hetero 8 - head to the gym after shaving off all your body hair
  • Hetero 7 - have a date with Susan after failing to get hard for her. She has a surprise for you...
  • Fem 4 - do your makeup and nails, and get rid of all your male underwear
  • Hetero 6 - Wait for your first sex toy to be delivered, and then try it out!
  • Fem 5 - At Katie's insistence, try crossdressing in public
  • Hetero 5 - Tease Todd until he finally makes his move
  • Fem 6 - try masturbating like a girl for the first time, once your professor teaches you how
  • Bi 6 - climax from receiving pleasure like a girl
  • Fem 7 - pass all parts of your Feminization exam, once you've broken free of your chastity cage


Version 0.4.2

Fourth public release! (v0.3 saves are compatible, as long as you load from before the end of v0.3 content)

  • A huge expansion to the main story! Get on the mob's good side as you try to save your dad
  • Tattoos and piercings - accessorize your body to be as bold and fem as you want!
  • Revised and expanded whoring system - become a certified lady of the night in this brand new sub plot
  • New ways to make money - become a masseuse at the gym, under Todd's careful tutelage 
  • New cosmetic surgery - give your chest the upgrade is deserves!
  • A ton more Susan scenes on both paths - some will even meet Susan's lovely mom!
  • Turn Todd's dad into your sugar daddy! Free stuff never tasted so sweet!
  • A brand new secret character to meet and flirt with - make sure to hang out at the Cauldron early in the game to run into her!
  • More achievements!
  • A brand new ending!
  • UI improvements - check your schedule and contacts with a single click!
  • New quest tracker - check your notepad to find out  the next step in the story!

Version 0.3.2

Third public release! (Please note that v0.2 save are incompatible)

  • A huge expansion to the main story! Experience life in chastity, and maybe even find a way out of it!
  • Advance your relationships with all of the main characters! Your choices matter!
  • The doctor is in! If you're up for it, get even girlier thanks to the latest advances in plastic surgery!
  • More achievements, more events, more kinky scenes! The road of feminization just keeps getting wilder...
  • Two new endings to uncover!


Version 0.2.2

Second public release! (Please note that v0.1 save are incompatible)

  • Reworked early game! Experience lunches and mid-jog run-ins with your friends and co-workers! More to do, more to see, more to enjoy!
  • Take control! Two routes with your girlfriend to chose from. Will you keep Susan loyal, or let her pursue her darkest fantasies?
  • The plot advances! Tons of new scenes with our hero(ine) as she progresses in her feminization!
  • Get recognized! A simple achievement system will reward your impressive deeds - try to catch them all!
  • Three new endings to uncover!


Version 0.1

Initial release!

  • Sexy images, fun scenes, working links! Though an initial release, this has been copy-edited and bug-tested.
  • All basic systems in place. Weekly schedule flows from Monday to Sunday - keep up with your classes and appointments!
  • Four endings to find already! What happens if you don't pay the mob? That depends on your fem and sexuality scores!
  • Version currently ends when your heterosexuality score falls to 6

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by freya102

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 01/10/2021

Its getting better. Sadly I don't feel like there's a lot of choice in the game anymore it seems like you're mostly just railroading until you unlock the next part of the game.

I'm not a fan of the BBC stuff it started off interesting but then evolves into an absolutely riddiclous premise and completely racist. So I really don't like that. It was fine when the PC was just being cucked by a black guy. The anti-white stuff at the end of that storyline is disgusting its not even fap material anymore.

The prostitution storyline was a great addition I feel like it really helped with the grind and gave the character a lot more context. The tatoo system was great for customization sake unfortunately it feels more cosmetic than anything and it was really easy to pass the end-mini game. I did however like that there was some branching options with the breast quest as to the sort of girl you wanted to turn into more of that please.

The game needs more work to make it less railroady. Once the main story is done and we finally get our brothel conclusion focus next on expanding the options throughout the story instead of adding on more story. Its pretty self contained.

The Male ending was intresting I'll give you credit you're one of the few developers on this site that has an ending that isn't just a massive copout you lose screen.

Review by khmeroo

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 01/09/2021

If a doctor offers you a possibility to go back - try it - It gets really hilarious.  I really like this game and most of the characters. 

Review by RagnarFr

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 01/06/2021

Very great game ! Upgade are .. very great !

A lot of fun , the story is very good !!

Review by HoratioTheGreat

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 01/04/2021

I'm torn on this game. The best way I can say it is that it is so good and so well made that it almost makes the parts I don't like more frustrating?

I think my biggest complaint is that it doesn't commit to being a visual novel. What I mean by that is, every day you have an exact schedule to make the plot happen. You can still go to the gym on a Wednesday, but if you do nothing happens. And if it's going to be entirely linear, why give these options?

The obvious answer is "well the illusion of choice is more engaging," which imo works for the "be a busboy or be a waitress" choices, but not so much for "you can click the gym button but you can't even go in."

The other thing that threw me off is the weird raceplay vibes, which may just be more of an expectation thing. Like, I read the description

"The game centers on the themes of feminization and sissification. That being said, it is not focused on humiliation, and does not involve any direct blackmail....It's kinky, it's hot, but most of all it's a positive spin on the tried-and-true feminization trope."

But then I get penis size shaming and BBC fetishization and it just threw me.

Again, I'm probably being overly critical here: it's incredibly well written, smoothly designed, and a good use of the Twine engine. I just would personally struggle to recommend it unless I knew the person's tastes quite well.

Review by babyelf12

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 01/01/2021

Ths is quickly becoming my favorite game, the UI has a clean flow to it, the story rarely feels sluggish or aimless, and the forced fem gradually leads into the MC accepting the changes.

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