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Version: 0.14b

The Parity

Rosset High School is cursed. The powerful spirit of its patroness demands an equal number of girls and boys. She transforms additional students to fit her expectations. It seems that the spirit also feeds on the students' emotions and feelings. Some students learned how to communicate with the patroness and make deals with her.

In The Parity, you take the role of Paul, an 18-year-old young man who was nominated to transform into a girl by his classmates. Such a possibility is not the only danger he has to challenge. Luckily, he has devoted friends (maybe even more than friends) who could help him even in the worst of circumstances. 

The Parity is a CYOA game with mechanics based on the Approaches. The outcome of many actions depends on the way Paul solved the earlier problems. Paul is a premade character with his own interests and thoughts, the game has a narrative structure, however, I plan in the future some looser, more sim-like moments.

The published version is an early alpha. There is available Prologue, and Chapters 1-5Chapter 6 is available for Patrons on Patreon and SubscribeStarThe current free version is 137k words long, the Patreon release has 158k words. At the moment there is also a special update for the supporters above $1 that contains Chapter 7 (this version has 177k words).

I try to release new updates monthly (around the 22nd).

You can't get stuck in the game. You'll always get some version of the story. Some paths are harder to find than others. After the end of every chapter, there is a summary where you could check what have you missed. 

The more detailed walkthroughs are available to supporters of the game on Patreon and SubscribeStar.


- chapter 6 added;



bug with counting Justin's breakup fixed;

- some minor bugs fixed;


- bug with daydreaming at the beginning of chapter 5 fixed;



- chapter 5 added;



- chapters 0-1 after proofreading;
- changed Claudia's font;
- some minor errors fixed;



 - updated to patch from 0.12b;



- chapter 4 added.



- fixed problem with dead-end during the small-talk on a school day;

- fixed problem with confrontations in Chapter 2;

- fixed problem with accusation of Olivier in Chapter 2;



- some minor bugs fixed.

- chapter 3 added.

- chapter 2 added.


- added the stats descriptions;
- added variables that would link with chapter 2;
- it gets easier to be not liked by the girls;
- some minor bugs fixed.


- added the prologue and chapter 1.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Eirie2

Version reviewed: 0.14b on 03/18/2021

This is a great slow transformation story/game.
It also has great replay value. Played through several times to figure out all the plots going on.

Could do with some help with proof reading though.


Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 0.13b on 02/18/2021

This is slow TFs done right. I appreciate the deepness of the story and the author has coded and written things very well! I encourage them to continue overcoming bugs and tpyos!


Playing through this, navigating the mystery and learning about what - could - have happened after each day was really intriging. It gave me a similiar vibe to 'The Allure of Waton Cove', in that at first you have no idea what's going on or how your choices will shape the overall story. It's also definitely more story than game, but the interactive elements work really well. I want to know what happens next! c:


I wouldn't mind a public walkthrough once the game is finished; there's some decent replayability here and it'd be useful to avoid scenes / paths one has traversed before. Until then, this is one I wouldn't mind returning to every so often as new chapters go public, rather than wait for a more finished version as I do for other pieces here.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 0.12a on 01/24/2021

Needs a whole crap-ton of proofreading, and I couldn't help but cringe at mention of Russian agents and graves of victims of soviet regime (FYI the people soviet regime victimised the most were it's own, not foreign. And if either USSR or Russia had even half as much influence on the world as PR-hungry politicians keep BS-ing about it'd dominate the globe by now, yet the only place they ever dominate are media's weekly "we hateSSS you" charts... go figure).

But aside from language issues and a couple of instances of reference to political slander this is pretty well written and pretty well structured.

Language - ~6 / 10 - Needs a dedicated proofreader, preferably one with solid English, but, really, ANY dedicated proofreader should be able to help a lot. Surprisingly Readable though. ... somehow

Writing - 9+ / 10 - Characters are interesting, original and believable. And even with all the language faults it still reads well, and the volume of it is particularly on point - not even once have I found a part that's either bloated or lacking proper description.

Plot - 9+ / 10 - Sufficiently original premise. Good amount of author's own variation on top of it. Well set intrigue and the process of uncovering it feels both engaging and rewarding.

Structure 10 (thus far) / 10 - Good choice-based story variability and the process of hunting for alternative story developments isn't needlessly overcomplicated as it's done in most other similarly complex games on this site. There's a lot of variations, alterations, and hidden bits throughout the story and it feels really "alive" because of them, yet you don't feel like you're being pressured into a "clicking ritual" while looking for a specific path.

Mechanics 3? / 10 While the story itself flows well the numerical representation of it feels greatly over-engineered. Your character is defined by a number of parameters, yet instead of feeling like an RPG character sheet they mostly just feel like a "character type". I guess it's good for the writing but trying to look at it as a game can be painful. The game pretty much pressures you into always playing-up your character's "strong suits", whatever those are. And while you can define those near the start, once you've gone past the early stages you're pretty much "stuck in an archetype". This feeds well into a story, making MC consistent, but a gamer in me can't help but wonder why we even HAVE numbers for those stats.

If, for example, you started a character as mister popular you're almost guaranteed to be able to "develop" that popularity further, and if you don't start as one but try to grow into one along the way - you're almost guaranteed to crash and burn. Yet at the same time it doesn't actually FEEL like the character is developing his popularity (kinda like one of those cheap RPGs where a level 3 soldier fighting a level 3 wolf and a level 9 soldier fighting level 9 wolf both feel exactly the same way). So why WOULD we need numbers on those stats when in reality the game just plays off your 3 chosen aspects? They may as well have been binary perks and the game would not lose much from it.

Still, if you don't stare at it too closely it isn't going to bother you. Probably.

Bugs 8 / 10 Let's see... We have many passages you can't "back" out of. We have a few passages that bug when re-loading them. And I found one passage that you can get stuck on ("start small talk" passage on the TF day under some circumstances). But overall I wasn't too bothered by bugs. And hey, this game isn't plagued by any annoying mini-games so even if you get stuck it isn't exactly a pain to re-trace your steps from an old save.

Overfall impression - 9+ / 10 - So long as the author doesn't end up oversimplifying the later parts and the endings, I believe we're looking at a masterpiece. The few flaws it does have are barely relevant, and all that really matters was done well thus far.


Review by Ezoe31

Version reviewed: 0.12a on 01/24/2021

My first review of a game here. 

This game is quite new in its way of working is built around your choices. Who you are, What do you want... Who are the people around you ....

I am only starting it but I love it; thank you to the writer and all the best for you in your beatifuk project. 


Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.12a on 01/23/2021

It's not really my thing. It's a slow, SLOW, cyoa, and it's hard to even tell if my choices have an effect. It feels less like a transformation story and more like a humiliation story, too. 

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