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Version: 0.1

New World Testing Labs

New World Testing Labs is an erotic story game where your have multiple choices to make that can change the ending. The game is super simple, just some reading and clicking a choice you want. Remember to use Back key on the side bar if you think you made the wrong choice.

This is an adult game, entirely fictional and no ages are mentioned. Feel free to imagine yourself and the characters within at an age that seems appropriate to you.

Any password needed is always : NWTL

Few weeks ago you got accepted to a high standard school in Amsterdam. This school is one of the top leading European schools, sponsored by big company called 'New World Testing Labs' or NWTL in short.

The name of the company comes from them having gigantic laboratories around the globe, making and testing out all sorts of new products for general consumers. You have heard few fishy stories of their product testing methods, which makes you little worried of what is to come. In the end it's a brand-new school with the highest standards across the globe, and you cannot miss this kind of opportunity.

The school will provide you your own apartment from a NWTL student buildings that are located near the school. Exited, but little anxious of what's to come you leave to airport for your new life in Amsterdam.



First version is out.

Lots of bugs probably.

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Review by pronlove96

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/27/2020

This Is right up my alley and and a very promising start! 

There is so many spelling misstakes/grammatical errors though that it breaks the immersion a bit, but that is easily fixed!

Review by cyberfux

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/18/2020

I love this kind of games, got meself a "monster" (hardy har har, monster, more a pokemon) stiffy playing it through. Too bad there isn't more content or i woul've cum in my knickers!

Review by SomeIndolence

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/12/2020

I'd give this a

5/10 for originality

6/10 for story-telling

2/10 for character art

5/10 for replay value

4/10 for interactivity

8/10 for initial release content and building block.

So it's pretty good for a initial 'beta' or first release.

I'd definetly will follow this development.

Review by Aggressive Zone

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/11/2020

So while there is some merrit in what is writen below.
I dont think the story is all that bad.
Its a bit fast pased and you have a couple of lovely options inthere that is skipped out on very often

So definitly NOT LIKE OTHER sissy games!!

The couple of routes you pick already do have massive impact on the storyline.

For example there is a ABDL route!
(which honestly to my oppinion there are way to little games that include this kink)

So that is enough merrit on its own 
I do agree things go a bit fast and are a bit unrealistic
Things that happen to him 

I personally loved the whole forced thing its great!!

If this is going to be more of a shorter story then having him being shot this quickly in to the whole feminization thing is fine
Otherwise i would probably slow it down a little make things be dragged out have him slowly be hypnotized and start out with more lighter outfits

I love the closet aspect and that he has litterally no control over what he wears is great
Love all the forced love the whole ABDL thing its adorable

Cant wait to see more.
And these critis below while they have some merrit it doesnt make it a bad game at all
You tried to flesh out the story pretty well and there is alot of detail too
Great art love the pictures included 

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 12/11/2020

I do have to agree to the post bellow.

I have only one think to add.

(you can view it as an universal truth)

No mater the quality or quantity is of a game if you can grab the players mind/imagination, then it is a crushing success, if not then its a faillure no mater what any one say or advertise it.

This one faills miserably.

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