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You are the inheritor of a house in a hill in front of a meadow full of flowers. It's free, it's yours... but i's almost completely destroyed. As you explore the house, you discover a piece of clothing. They look like panties after further examination. You want them to throw them away, but you feel dizzy and fall to the ground. You awaken in a familiar house, but not destroyed at all. As you look into the mirror, you see your face but way more feminine. You also notice small breasts and slightly longer hair. Wanting to catch some air, you open the window, catching the glimpse of a small but joyful town. Where did the meadow full of flowers went... or more like were did the town go, as it dawns you that you travelled to the past.


The game consists of making some choices in the past that will alter the present.  You gain physical or mental transformations depending on your choices in the "memories". You trigger memories my touching clothes, each triggering a different scenario.


Also: Good News! I decided to make my Discord public! 

Link: https://discord.gg/8bJ46VGKGQ


While this won't offer rewards as "Bimbo Quest" did for likes. I still would appreciate if you "press like" as it shows interest in the work. And MAYBE I would spend some resources from Patreon depending on how well it is received... MAYBE.  

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Review by udders

Version reviewed: v.1 on 01/03/2021

As mentioned, not yet much to this game, however did enjoy what was there. The writing and story are easy to get into and look forward to updates

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: v.1 on 12/31/2020

It does end on a "Double-click this passage to edit it", to answer the reviewer before me.

There is not much content, but what there is is really well made, I'll definitely be watching this.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: v.1 on 12/31/2020

What if you wanted to go to stardew valley

But god said:

Stfu this is a fetish game I'm turning you into a dead girl.


I don't really know if it's the end of content or not but i got a "double click on this passage to edit" right after the first batch of choices, so I'll treat it as though that's the end for now. The game has great writing so far, icarue has really improved a lot over the years when it comes to prose. The concept is simple, easy, and very sexy. With icarue's past consistency in finishing things he starts, I'm very excited to see where this goes

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