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Version: 0.4.5

Version: 0.4

Version: 0.1

The Doll

You are Jake Blaine. You have recently broken up with your overly controlling girlfriend, who has vowed that you'll regret it.
One day, you receive a package containing a mysterious doll which causes strange things to happen.


A Twine update of a RAGS game based on another RAGS demo.

Jake Blaine: You, the player character.

Samantha: Your controlling ex-girlfriend.

Tina: Your sexy female neighbor; you have the hots for her.

Brad: Another of your neighbors; recently moved in and a fellow sports fan.

Guá¹›iyâ: A witch

0.1 Original release, ends at the start of day 3.

0.4 New look and images with reduced size, stopped Examine / Doll loop though it does cause a bug that'll need a slight rebuild. New content up to a trip to Dollz, multiple different ways with different results.

0.4.5 Fixed Brad bug, image links and text issues. Resistance should now no loop with the return button.

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Review by Tizzzy

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 04/17/2021

For what it is right now, it is good. not great but good, the content is lacking but with the updates slowly comming out im excited to check out this game after a couple more updates 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.4.5 on 04/14/2021

Nandibear was definitely one of the better authors back at the time when Rags was a thing. His games were hot and his execution was great. The games he made used to be my favourite. If there was anything wrong with him... hmm... not all his game reached the end.

Anyway I still remember the Rags version of The Doll. It is one of his more erotic pieces and it was popular in tfgs back then. The HTML version of The Doll is very much resembling the Rags version, except for the HTML handling, which imo is a great improvement comparing to the Rags version. At least I never have any doubt what buttons to click to get the story rolling.

Just like most Rags, The Doll is arguably a game, more like a linear story which you have to click through, by trying to find the right button for it. It looks quite like a game with control, but unless the story tells you to do something, you have no access to anything. Say, when you are in the lounge, you never have the option to leave the apartment unless the game tells you to go out. There are no other options in the bathroom or bedroom until the story tells you to take a shower or go to sleep, and those options are gone as soon as that part of the story is done. So if you want an interactive game, it is not it, yet.

That said, The Doll is definitely an interesting story if you are into MC. If you are not a Rags game user, I think The Doll is a good one to try out how the Rags games feel like. It took me 10 minutes to reach the current end of development and I am happy with what I see.

Looking forward to see the end of this story, and then maybe some expansion to the game like a closet system...

Review by fireslug

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 04/14/2021

I have almost no reviews on this site either, but I had to post a counterpoint to Felicity2's trashing review below.


I enjoyed this game. It has good writing and a pretty original story (especially considering its age), it thankfully lacks endless grinding and has nice images. This is more than can be said for most other games on TFGS. Sure it runs on rails a bit but there are significant branches too. Overall I'd give it 4/5. I'm glad Nandi is taking the time to update the old RAGS version to a more modern platform.

Review by Felicity2

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/13/2021

I don't even review games on this site. I just like to play them and see if they fit any of my fetishes so far or even if they don't, I could surely enjoy the writing on them.

But thing is... I had to review this game. I just had to.

Even if this is actually a "remaster" in Twine and even if the game is quite old (apparently it's 13 years old), this, and I am being very serious, is one of the most attrocious text games I have ever played on this website!!!

It's really, really BAD and I don't talk about how the story is missing background here since I don't quite care about that.

But is just the fact that... how do I even formulate? The game is just OVERLY DUMB kind of simplistic. It's too freaking simplistic.

And that wouldn't be a problem if the game featured some kind of action that you need to do (write an article, go shopping, visit X friend) I don't know... SOMETHING!!!

I don't even know if I should spoil the game or not...

On the other hand I can't get my point across if I don't spoil it just a bit.

Basically you have 6 or so buttons (besides Back and Return ones or the arrow keys) to work with and the entire story is happening ONLY in your apartment.

You have "The Louge", "The Kitchen", "The Bathroom", "The Bedroom" and once in the "Bedroom" you have access to your "Closet". And each "location" has a description if you can call it that.

Besides those, in the side-bar, you have "Examine yourself" and "The Doll" (or something like that).

What you do in this game???

You interact with the Doll then some (minor, probably) characters get involved in the story for a short time, you sleep and then you wake up and get the whole thing started again.

That's freaking it. The whole thing happens between "The Lounge", "The Bedroom" and you pressing the stupid button on the doll.

An let's say that that's not even that bad, right?

I could have overlooked that aspect, right?

But what's really aggravating and this is the sole reason of this review (rage-review if you want to call it that way) is the fact that you get stuck in the story. And not just once but many times.

Maybe I don't have patience at all but the second I saw that I was stuck between examining myself and looking at the doll without even being able to press that freaking button, I said that it was enough for me.

Even when I went back to the appartment and going through the rooms without anything happening or anything to click on... that was the cue that I had to leave the game and never go back to it.

A game where you get stuck with nothing to click and nothing to do in the game is a game that's not worth playing. As simple as that.

I don't even understand the whole praise thing about the game.




You get a doll that when pushed it can control other people around you to sadisfy you sexually and it transforms you to a girl!

WTF is so game-changing, mind blowing thing that makes people appreciate this s***t???

There's better games with 100% better writing and much more complex storyline and mechanisms and they don't get the praise this s***t does!!!


This is the most ATTROCIOUS GAME I have ever played on this website!!! Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with it!

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 01/10/2021

Another classic game of the site ported to a more comfortable engine: how nice! 


I have first played this game years ago, and hope to see all of Nandi's games ported and completed in Twine: and I think everyone should play them. 


One cannot go wrong with Nandi's games. 

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