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Version: 0.18.3

Star Knightess Aura
by auradev


Follow Aura's adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the convential plotline of a "summoned to another world"-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down. But her enemies don't just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King's curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?


Each ingame day is structured into 3 parts.

  1. The player controls Aura and can explore the world of Roya to track down and kill the Demon King. In order to become stronger, acquire funds, and advance her search, she can rely on her own powers or ask people for help. However, not everybody means well with Aura. Performing lewd acts and compromising on Aura's ideals by allowing innocents to suffer causes Aura to gain corruption.
  2. The player controls Alicia, who uses Aura's corruption to change her psyche. This includes changing her interests, increasing her interest in fashion, changing her appearance (including hair style/color changes), changing her values (making Aura more selfish), and ultimately changing her sexual desire and love interests.
  3. The player watches cutscenes displaying Aura's real self changing over time due to mental corruption. The cutscenes are told from varying character perspectives (Aura, her best friend Rose, her boyfriend George, and so on).

You have RPGM MZ and think some objects could use some flavor texts? Or maybe existing dialogue could use some more reactivity to the mental changes? It's possible to contribute to the project using GitLab. However, conributing requires signing a contributor license agreement and sending it to [email protected].

Changelog 0.18.3 (20.05.2022)

  • No changes


  • No changes


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed Acedia being useable outside battle
  • Fixed Auto-spell without Mana activating at battle start
  • Fixed skill description always switching to Slash after turning it ON/OFF in the skill NG+ selection
  • Fixed Mutated Hydrangea encounter in Eastern Forest of Runes registering incorrect kill in compendium

Changelog 0.18.2 (13.05.2022)

  • Increased version font size on title screen


  • Updating Resistance in Draknor Fortress when MDEF changes


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed overlapping events triggering Masturbation at Shrine and Asking For Drugs compulsion
  • Fixed Rock Armor I increasing AGI instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed visual glitch when using Patentia Rune in dungeons with dynamic lighting
  • Fixed Trust being visisble in Clear Room
  • Fixed Masturbating At Shrine 1 playing when selecting Masturbating At Shrine 2
  • Fixed Auto-Skills being disabled in Main Menu when MP too low
  • Fixed missing breast sensitivity tag when first time talking to Young Merchant for Young Merchant Dinner 3

Changelog 0.18.1 (06.05.2022)

  • Added Web Bombs in Festival Shop
  • Added alternate text after Improved Posture mental change 
  • Removed the I indicator for Asking For Drugs option
  • Added Tags option in Recollection room for H-scenes
  • Increased Max Lewdness to 30
  • Showing minimum skill level / item required to overcome obstacle if none apply


  • Added Beast and Refined Nose tags to Aamon and Kerberos


  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed mapping bugs
  • Fixed missing actor id for manual addiction progression
  • Fixed feeding slime in Underground not working
  • Fixed favorite color change not reflected in Compendium
  • Fixed visual glitch for lifting skirt without panties
  • Removed inconsistent cancel option from skirt mental interaction
  • Fixed lewd resistance not correctly using sensitvity focus
  • Removed doubled dialogue line in Asking For Drugs 2 
  • Fixed crash when showing Aura naked image with bangles 
  • Fixed mixed up stat increases for Flashing Breasts and Pussy scenes

Changelog 0.18.0 (29.04.2022)

  • Integrated H-CG for "Customer Service 1"
  • Integrated H-CG for "Customer Service 2"
  • Integrated H-CG for "Flashing Breasts For Guard" 
  • Integrated H-CG for "Showing Pussy For Guard" 
  • Integrated H-CG for "Young Merchant Dinner 3" 
  • Added mental change "Blur Out Super Robot Shows" in Alicia Childhood Memory Dive
  • Added mental change "Change Favorite Color Red To Pink"
  • Added mental change "Add bangles" 
  • Added mental change "Remove Self-Acknowledgement III" 
  • Added mental change "Flashy Clothes" 
  • Added mental change "Light Makeup" 
  • Added mental change "Shorten Skirt Length"
  • Added mental change "Shopping II" 
  • Added scene "Shopping In Mall 5"
  • Added scene "Aura Bored At Studying 3"
  • Added scene "Aura Bored At Studying 4"
  • Added scene "Shopping With Patricia 3"
  • Added scene "Shopping With Patricia 4"
  • Added scene "Evening With George 7"
  • Added scene "Evening With George 8"
  • Added scene "Aura Posting On Social Media 3"
  • Added Nephlune Underground Dungeon
  • Added Nephlune Underground City
  • Added Demonologist NPC in Underground City 
  • Added Dark Mage Spellshop in Underground City
  • Added Drug Dealer NPC in Underground City #2089
  • Moved end of content point in Nephlune to James mansion entrance
  • Added spell "Horror I"
  • Add lewd scene "Young Dinner Merchant 3"
  • Added lewd scene "Asking For Drugs 1"
  • Added lewd scene "Asking For Drugs 2"
  • Added quest "Demon Worshipper 101"
  • Added item "Sweet Memories Drug+"
  • Added item "Bloodshot Eyes"
  • Added item "Lascivicious Drug Coating" and "Lascivicious Drug Coating"+
  • Added item "Blue Sugar Drug" 
  • Added item "The Art of Fire" 
  • Added availability of Remove Collar action into skill description
  • Add resistance calculus to correctly determine resistance from WEAK/RESIST traits 
  • Implemented type tag system for lewd scenes
  • Added consumeDrug tags to Maid Job 
  • Added Addicted and Withdrawal passives
  • Added option to give Drug Dealer drug formula
  • Added option to give White Priestess drug formula
  • Added stone tabled to Underground City
  • Disabled drugging companions
  • Updated Hand Of The Kind quest
  • Improved NPC positions during Arwin's party
  • Increased max mental changes to 75 
  • Increased max killable bosses to 49 


  • Unified state duration to always decrease on turn end instead of action end, especially Tactical Advantage
  • Changed +2 Corruption of Sweet Memories Drug to +1 Corruption and +1 Addiction 
  • Reduced minimum lewdness effects of Addicted I/II/III and Withdrawal I/II/III
  • Decreased minimum waiting time between testing phases to 7 days 
  • Decreased corruption costs for increasing max happiness tank capacity to 1/2 for MEDIUM and MAX 


  • Fixed typos 
  • Fixed hands for Aura RL standing art 
  • Fixed padding issues in Beastiary
  • Fixed water mage reviving on slime summon in slime summoner fight in Underground 
  • Fixed crashes from switching to new tagging system for lewd scenes 
  • Fixed incorrect passabilities
  • Fixed no addiction increases when adult content is off 
  • Fixed Art Of Fire being readable twice when getting Reading. Is. Boring. 
  • Fixed Skillbook: Offensive Stance II being readable twice when getting Reading. Is. Boring.
  • Fixed money glitches from learning Shadowcloak I from Dark Mage
  • Fixed some trust checks not being disabled upon death of associated worshipper 
  • Fixed missing corruption increases from answers in Young Merchant Dinner 3
  • Fixed Maid Job 2 always giving -2 Max Willpower when Adult Content is off
  • Fixed mapping bug in Northern Mines Vault
  • Fixed movement routes of demon worshippers in Underground City
  • Fixed Shopping II being visible before unlocking it
  • Fixed incorrect method of calculating last actor id of used skill / item
  • Fixed numerical precision issues in discount application, especially Blessed Water cost increase
  • Fixed Aamon (FIRE) form only lasting for 2 turns first time in battle

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by FAFNSucks

Version reviewed: 0.17.3 on 04/16/2022

This game is the slowest of slow burns, so be ready for that. If you play the intro, you will probably play for about 2 hours without seeing any adult content, and the first thing you have access to is an NTR date that doesn't really even lead anywhere. However, I enjoyed this game regardless, and felt like it's one of the better entries on this site. The corruption mechanics are incredibly well thought out and should be a gold standard for other games to follow, if they have the time to do so. You don't just corrupt aura across all things at once, you can choose specific aspects of her personality to change, and each one is supported by a small management game to make it more interesting than "press a button to make her slutty". The gameplay outside of the "adult content" stuff is pretty good too, its a generic RPGMaker game, however it feels like more effort was put into actually making it balanced and interesting than other ones i've seen on this site. There's already lots of questing and dungeon crawling to be had despite the game being fairly incomplete.

The writing is okay. I don't know if this is intentional, but they really made the main character hatable, it kind of inspires you to corrupt her more. Everything is kind of cheesy and over the top, but considering the plot is a pretty self aware isekai, it's to be expected. I haven't gotten far enough to get into lewd scenes that involve actual sex (once again, a slow burn), so i'm not sure how the writing is on that front, however the adult content so far has been pretty well written in terms of the slow mental changes. At one point I unlocked the choice to flash people, and there wasn't any art for it- it just cut to a black screen. Maybe stuff like this will be added in the future, but for now there's not a ton of porn in the game (at least that I've found)

Overall, i'd say that if you want an actually fun game with very interesting TF/corruption mechanics, check out Star Knightess Aura, but if you are here just to jerk off quickly then you might want another game. I was kind of annoyed with how much people were talking initially because I had that mindset, but once I got used to it I actually grew to liking this one quite a bit. I hope it gets completed someday and we see the full potential it has.

Review by Dsanchez

Version reviewed: 0.17.2 on 04/13/2022

Awesome game that has a great story line, very well written dialogue and premise, the world (what there is right now) is all well connected and flows together. This is very close to the more main stream rpgs out there and it reminds me of the great 2D Rpg games of back in the day.

I really like the whole premise of what is going on, the battle that is happening (trying to not give too much away), the progression. There is a decent amount of lewd/sexual content but even without it this game holds its own just on the story alone. The sexual content also does not come out of nowhere (for the most part) and it flows into the story and why you might decide to go that route, however if you choose to try to avoid it, you can do so for most of it with some extra effort.

This game also makes you think about all your inventory, how you're going to use items, the gold that you have and how to best utilize it. There is really a lot of thought put into every aspect of this game, and the player can put a lot of thought on how to best utilize what they have to achieve their goal.


The only suggestion i would have is to let some of the monsters in areas re-appear and drop a little bit more useful items and it would give the player a little bit more to do in between major events. Even on normal this game is pretty tough if you are not managing your resources very well, so a little extra resources would give the player slightly more breathing room.

This seems to be mitigated later on with the options that appear later...so replayability is available to perhaps produce a better result (whatever direction you think that might be)

This is one of my favorite games on this site and probably the best one i've played of its type so far


I can't wait for more content to this game to be released!


Review by Atlas

Version reviewed: 0.17.2 on 04/09/2022

Seems like one of the few games on this site to actually have some potential. I played through the latest build and like the slow progressison;  I like the slow corruption here instead of just banging every thing she sees. While the game still seems to be in early development, it seems to be an acutal game instead of most of the sissy garbabge that this site is now infested with. Kudos Auradev. 

Review by Stormaggeddon

Version reviewed: 0.13.2 on 12/11/2021

So far after over an hour of playtime absolutely zero adult content.......well i did get to see her panties lol.  The plot is good, but the dialog makes me feel like I am watching Goku build up the Spirit Bomb for 3 episodes against Frieza.  Oh well going to keep playing a little longer see if it changes any

Review by Rydan

Version reviewed: 0.11.3 on 10/16/2021

Overal a good game, but the Boss Fight in the Greed Festival could do with a few save points in it.

It is a bit irritating to redo all those fights, just because you lost one of them.

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