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Version: 0.5.2

Version: 0.5.1

Version: 0.5.0

Version: 0.4.1

Star Knightess Aura
by auradev


Follow Aura's adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the convential plotline of a "summoned to another world"-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down. But her enemies don't just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King's curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?


Each ingame day is structured into 3 parts.

  1. The player controls Aura and can explore the world of Roya to track down and kill the Demon King. In order to become stronger, acquire funds, and advance her search, she can rely on her own powers or ask people for help. However, not everybody means well with Aura. Performing lewd acts and compromising on Aura's ideals by allowing innocents to suffer causes Aura to gain corruption.
  2. The player controls Alicia, who uses Aura's corruption to change her psyche. This includes changing her interests, increasing her interest in fashion, changing her appearance (including hair style/color changes), changing her values (making Aura more selfish), and ultimately changing her sexual desire and love interests.
  3. The player watches cutscenes displaying Aura's real self changing over time due to mental corruption. The cutscenes are told from varying character perspectives (Aura, her best friend Rose, her boyfriend George, and so on).

Changelog 0.5.2 (09.04.2021)

  • Upgraded to RPGMZ v1.2.1
  • Added Linux build


  • Moderate decrease of Minotaur AGI by 3
  • Windup now also gives -25% DEF/MDEF


  • Fixed Duel Experience x 4 not giving extra stats

Changelog 0.5.1 (02.04.2021)

  • Put shadows on NOT IMPLEMENTED objects in Aura's mental world
  • Added sparkle indicator for empty relationship slots


  • No changes.


  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed Enhanchement skills being cast instead of cancelled when cancelling them during battle
  • Disallow starting a duel while enchantment/autospell/summon are active
  • Added missing +1 Lewdness message at Slime Summoner lewd scene
  • Fixed Jacob's dialogue for Winged Pig Thief not triggering when Charlotte didn't join
  • Fixed Aura being shown on wrong side when interacting with sleeping John
  • Fixed game deadlocking when entering Forest of Runes after talking to Julian
  • Fixed items being usable in mental world
  • Fixed tile passability issue in Northern Mine Vault
  • Fixed Cancel (ESC) skipping enablement check of choice
  • Fixed missing workshop level condition for crafting Viality Potion
  • Fixed enablement checks when jumping down into Robert's shed
  • Fixed Venom Scorpio not being able to detect player or being ambushed

0.5.0 (27.03.2021)

  • Moved up end of content
  • Added area "Refugee Camp"
  • Added area "Forest south of Jacob's farm"
  • Added Happiness room
  • Detailed out "Appearance Room" and added introduction scene
  • Added upper barracks room
  • Added scene "Aura Going Home Alone 1"
  • Added scene "Aura Going Home With Rose 2"
  • Added scene "Going Home With Alicia 1"
  • Added scene "Going Home With Alicia 2"
  • Added interaction for inserting Alicia into "Going Home Relationship"
  • Added lewd scene "Bonding With Slime"
  • Added stub quest "Impostor Refugees"
  • Added quest "Stolen Food"
  • Added quest "Forest of Danger"
  • Added quest "Winged Pig Thief" at Adventurer Guild
  • Added spell "Summoning Slime I"
  • Added item "Stasis Bomb"
  • Added martial "Offensive Stance I"
  • Added harvestable item "Emerald Leaf"
  • Implemented learning "Heat Up I" from Charlotte
  • Added Defeat Score based on obtained Lewdness
  • Changed best score to be maximum of Victory and Defeat score
  • Added NG+ option for more gold
  • Added bookstore location in Trademond
  • Killing all goblins in "Forest of Runes" increases apple restock rate by 1
  • Minor refinement of the city map layout of Trademond
  • Added an "!" marker above the adventurer guild quests when there are new quests available
  • Improved icons and icon usage for status effects
  • Added [NOT IMPLEMENTED] messages where appropriate
  • Changed "Shop" to be the default option at shop NPCs
  • Improved spell descriptions at spell shop
  • Improved markings for enterable areas on world map
  • Added some minor new default dialogue effects to reduce overuse of existing effects
  • Minor style improvements on texts showing choice costs and requirements
  • Improved consistency when color highlighting text
  • Upgraded to RPGMaker MZ 1.2.0
  • Game now has an additional folder in the ZIP file


  • Drastically reduced HP and AGI of Scorpio. Also reduced ATK but increased DEF
  • Reduced number of very fast enemies in Northern Mines
  • Blessed Water now takes 1 day to arrive to prevent a day 1 softlock
  • Working at the Workshop now gives 1 Max HP
  • Improved loot in Northern Mines
  • Finishing "Demonic Vaults" now restocks 3 "Blessed Water" on the next day
  • Reduced encounter number in Nothern Mines by 2
  • Decreased Lorentz ATK but increased DEF
  • Increased required MP for learning "Summon Slime I" to 30


  • Minor editorial improvements and typo fixes 
  • Fixed incorrect unlock messages in clear room 
  • Fixed tile passability issue at Jacob's farm
  • Fixed missing Lewdness and Corruption increase after John lewd scene
  • Fixed infinite harvestable Ether spots
  • Fixed killing Corrupt Guard triggering ENHANCED state of Bandit Leader
  • Fixed incorrect label of interests room control crystal
  • Fixed incorrect triggering of cut-scene during intro
  • Fixed Aura seeing bandits in Forest of Runes shed if they are already killed
  • Fixed info book in adventurer guild not having a visual marking
  • Fixed incorrect teleport location when leaving Appearance Room
  • NUMB state now only lasts for 1 turn and only disables Martials as the description of Thunderbolt I states
  • Fixed too small map size of classroom map
  • Added some missing sound effects when picking up items
  • Fixed some inconsistent default choices
  • Fixed killing Whitefang sometimes not making wolves disappear

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Jellotath

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/20/2021

Holy cats, what an intro! This is gonna be one of those corruption games where I like the protagonist too much to let her lose, but I'm feeling pretty okay with that.  Excellent work so far!

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/09/2021

A good start!  I just wish there was more to it already...  Have always liked this kind of game, and it's been well done into a RPGMaker format in a (in myopinion) unique way!  Great start, and good luck!

Review by Firestar4555

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/08/2021

i enjoy this demo of the game, but with no way to spend courption after doing the few options you have, the game will always end with commiting sucide eventualy

Review by steph869

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/07/2021

Although early in devoplement .I am super impressed with this game .i havent been excited about a new game release in a good while.i so reccomend this game .I myself just became a paetron i like it that much look forward  to the next chapter . 

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