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Ditzy Dice

Ditzy Dice: Ever made a deal with the devil?

This is your opportunity to gain riches and magical prowess beyond imagining! And how bad could a deal with the devil be, really? You just have to roll the dice, pick some cards, and the worst that can happen is that you're transformed a bit. Who knows, being transformed may not even be so bad!

Ditzy Dice is a game based off of choose-your-own-adventure type charts, but with the additional charm of rolling dice and using playing cards. However, if you just play the game once it is quite short. To get the most out of it I suggest playing it by carefully reading the cards and immersing yourself. As of version 1.6 there are 106 unique cards, many of which have multiple levels, and the game also supports user made mods that can be shared via the official mods repository, so there is plenty of room for replayability.

The art style is overall cartoony, but with greater variation than in my other games. Generally, I try to go for for a "hot, cute and wholesome" style, without too much explicitly sexual images. I've made a fair bit of the art, but I have also been given permission to use illustrations by artists like CrazyCowProductions, Blackshirtboy, Luxu and Bradtanker3. You can find the full list, with links, in the credits section of the game.

The transformations you may be subjected to are primarily centered around bimbofication, like breast expansion and intelligence loss. But there are also cards that give you bunny ears, a demonic tail and the like. Or how about sudden orgasms when you least expect it? Or maybe just a new hair color? Hopefully something for everyone! Unless you manage to just get the magic powers and riches like you want, right?

Have fun!

Update 1.2 adds additional descriptions for every card, an upgraded "chat" system and a settings menu that allows you to filter out TF content you are not such a big fan of. See patch notes and my blog post on Blushing Defeat for details.

Update 1.3 adds 10 epilogues with a total of 24 endings depending on player choice and some updated gameplay mechanics. Check the patch notes for details.

Update 1.4 adds unlockable endings, new cards, several updated illustrations and various fixes. See in-game patch notes for details.

Update 1.5 adds mod support, making it possible to add your own cards and endings. There are also new cards and various improvements, including being able to ban individual cards from play. See in-game patch notes for details.

Update 1.6 adds a system for player stats that affects gameplay, cards can affect player stats and there is now an official repository for browsing and sharing mods. See the (longest so far) in-game patch notes for details.

v1.6.0 - Satanistics Statistics

See in-game patch notes for details.

v1.5.0 - Miraculous Mods

See in-game patch notes for details.

v1.4.0 - Flamboyant Functionality

See in-game patch notes for details.

v1.3.0 - Epic Epilogues


  • One of 10 different epilogues is now shown upon completing the game.
    • The epilogue shown is determined from which cards you got.
    • Each epilogue has several possible endings based on your decisions, for a total of 24 possible endings.
    • Many thanks to Duhad for the help in writing these!
  • Added a new resource: mana.
  • Added abilities. Most abilities cost mana to use.


  • Many stages of the game will now give you 2 dice by default.
  • It is now possible to sell dice. Each dice sold will give you mana.
  • Dice will no longer silently reroll if they land on the same value as an already rolled die.
    • This means you will see a lot more duplicate rolls.
    • Selecting a card that was chosen by X dice will gain you (X - 1) mana.
    • Cards selected by multiple dice have stronger highlighting.
  • All bought dice now only last one roll, instead of being removed one per roll.


  • Moved status indicators closer to center of screen.
  • Cards are no longer visible before you have rolled how many to pick.


  • It is now possible to skip the intro sequence to jump directly into the game.
  • Reward cards can now be disabled in the filter settings.
  • Can now delete your collection from the settings menu.


v1.2.0 - Devious Dialogue


  • What types of cards you will see can now be adjusted from the newly added settings menu.
    • The filter will make corresponding cards invisible in your collection too, but they will be there again if you change your filter.
  • Transformations are now described in-between each round.
    • Most descriptions written by Duhad who did an incredible job! Thank you <3
  • Upgraded the text window to a full dialogue system.
  • Added a gender transformation description in the intro.
  • Added 2 new cards.
  • Added a few new card illustrations.


  • Your hand is now emptied after each round.
  • Can now use maximum 5 dice, up from 4.


  • Moved dice location to middle of screen for large screens.
  • Dialogue window is now styled as a chat window.
    • Status info (current round, bonus cards) has been moved elsewhere.
  • Added button for showing all picked cards or only cards currently in hand. Defaults to cards currently in hand.


  • Fixed that the end screen showed parent cards instead of the specific level of card you picked.
  • The Willpower card previously referenced on the Tummy Time card is now in the game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by MandyZane

Version reviewed: 1.6.5 on 07/28/2022

Feeling lucky?

Omg, I had such a blast taking a chance and rolling some Ditzy Dice. Author Gardamuse perfectly mixes excitement and nostalgia to deliver a uniquely horny experience that deliciously reveals what kind of bimbo transformations you're secretly praying for. The main delivery vehicle for DD's erotic build up is through the reading of each card's description and just like how you felt opening a new pack of trading cards you'll find yourself excitedly pouring over each card's text and imagining the world each sexy portrait invites you to see. Even the miss-matched artstyles reminded me of MTG in the most perfect way! The game also has a dynamic 'actions' box that reads out what's happening to you as you play, and delivers the dialogue taking place between you and the devil--sexy snippets are everywhere. Even though this style of game really isn't my bag, ya girl needs/prefers a slower burn, I still had a great time and enjoyed my two play throughs.

The game works by selecting the die or dice in the middle of the screen to roll for how many cards (transformations) you will have to choose each round (4 rounds to start...). You then select the dice in the center again to see which transformation will happen to, and depending on how many dice you have that round (you have risky options to choose how many dice you'll roll) you may wind up with a couple of cards to choose from... or 'divinely' just one. Some players will find the UI not to their taste, and that doesn't look like it'll change, but the game is complete and has it's own in game comment section directly attached to your window (scroll down in the play now to read other people's experiences!)

Even though the game can seem counterintuitive with its rolling, and the stats don't open to a larger game, the experience is still fast and fun and a perfect tease to get you going. The most powerful super power the devil may unlock for you is your own imagination...



Review by dextersinister

Version reviewed: 1.6.5 on 07/23/2022

Big fan of this game.  It's nice and light weight and very replayable.

Review by glossyandpurple

Version reviewed: 1.5.4 on 06/10/2022

This is one of my favorites. It has simple gameplay that is easy to get into while still retaining the fun of many ts games. I also love how the dice aspect gives rise to a feeling of lack of control.

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 1.5.4 on 04/27/2022

Pretty good. One of those rare TG ideas that works pretty well both as a game and as a story. Very original. And I agree with the older review that says this game would really be even more awesome with a paper doll or avatar, like Who Wanna Be a Bimbo. By the way, Ditzy Dice reminds me a little of Who Wanna Be a Bimbo, and I am not sure which game is the superior one. Ditzy Dice is more polished, better-looking, and the writing isn't in the slightly broken English of WWBAB. But WWBAB has more options, more interactivity and the paper doll. 

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 1.5.2 on 07/22/2021

Doesn't work for me. Dice infinitely rules upon start and never stops. Unable to do anything.
Edit: Seems fixed now. Can finally start playing XD

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