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Version: 0.3


After graduation, you got a job as a replacement at a school located in another city. Your best friend from childhood received you at home while you were working at school. You have 30 days to gain trust and gain a relationship with professors and the principal to stay in school. In the meantime, you discover that the school is full of mysteries and secrets waiting to be solved.

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  • I work alone on the game and sometimes it takes a little longer but I look to release a new update at least once a month.
  • This is v0.3 but you can look for v0.4 on my patreon. There you can find two more games that I made, but unfortunately they are not finished.
  • If there are any problems or any bugs, feel free to let me know.

Very important

Sometimes a new update requires that you start a new game.


1. Take the laptop out of the bag and put it on the table.
2. Go to bathroom and bath in bathtub then go to rest then go to the kitchen.
3. Go to your room and change into a school suit and then go outside and talk to Alex.
4. Spy through the keyhole of the school principal's office and then go left into the classroom and then right into the gym.
5. Go upstairs and enter the security room to get a pinhole camera and then enter the cafeteria.
6. While you’re upstairs, check all the lockers to find the puzzle and then go back downstairs and spy again on the school principal’s office.
7. Before you leave school, check all the lockers.
8. When you get back from school, go to your room and change into normal clothes and then go take a bath.
9. When you saw Alex's mom bathing through the keyhole, go to sleep.
10. Day 1 - Change into a school suit and go to school. She is on the upper road. Before the first class, look at the schedule that the school principal gave you to know which classroom you go to first and at what time.
11. At 12 o'clock when you are free, enter the school principal's office. Read the strange note you found and then finish the other lessons.
12. At 3 p.m., when you've finished all your classes, enter the school principal's office ==>Finish school work (Only after 15:00).
13. Exit the school and go left where you will find the door, the door is locked so you have to find the key. Enter the school and the classroom where Julia is and ask her for the key.
14. Go upstairs to the security room and search the small locker where you will find the key. Get out of school and enter the janitor's room.
15. Read the message on the table. Quest will let you clear the debris that stands in the way of moving the locker. You'll need a shovel and it's outside the school on the left at the bottom.
16. When you have removed the debris, move the locker and enter the hole in the wall. You'll find yourself in a secret hallway where three whole ones are leaking and hot steam is coming out. Put in the valve you found and turn it on to turn off the steam.
17. Head towards the end of the hallway and take the paper that is on the way, t is another piece of the puzzle and then enter the room.
18. The janitor will send you to find clothes to dress in the locker room and the locker room is in the gym. Check first the third locker on the left and then the fourth locker on the right. Go back and give the clothes to the janitor.
19. When you have given the clothes to the janitor, go out and then enter her again. But this time, instead of entering, you'll peek through the keyhole.
20. Go home and go to sleep.
21. Day 2 - on day 2 there is nothing until 8pm when you get home. First change your clothes and then enter the living room.
22. Alex's mom will ask you for help to bring her old clothes from the basement. Go to the basement to fetch but you won't be able to until you turn on the light. Try to turn on the light but there is no fuse, click on the board to your left to put the fuse.
23. When you get the box, take it to Alex's mom and give it to her and then go to sleep.
24. Day 3 - When you come to school, first go to the janitor, but you have to be fast so that you are not late for class. She'll tell you you have to steal the formula from the school lab. Wait until 12 o'clock when you are free and then enter the lab and take the formula.
25. When you steal the formula, go to a private laboratory next to the house, but finish all the classes first.
26. When you enter the private lab, Dorkor Wilson will ask for 2,000$ to make a potion. Go home and enter Alex's room and then take the money to Wilson. And then go to sleep. (Before you leave the lab, search for a small locker).
27. Day 4 - When you leave the house you will see an unusual aircraft, but don't pay attention now. Go to a private lab and get a potion and take it to Alex.
28. When you're free go to the janitor and tell about the potion. She will tell you that you have to sing in the gym to train and get closer to Jaennifer.
29. When you have finished all the classes, go to the city and take the right road where they will take you to the forest. In the forest you will see a crashed spacecraft. Go and explore.
30. Enter the spacecraft where you will find Alien.
31. Go to school and tell the janitor about the spaceship and then go back to Alien. Go home and sleep.
32. Day 5 - Enter Alex's room. WARNING You may be late for the first class. Or you can wait to finish all the classes and then walk into Alex's room.
33. When you have finished all the classes, go to the gym and find the truck driver. When you scan it, go into the sauna and use the device Alien gave you. (Press Load Scan 1)
34. When you’re in the body of a truck driver, get out of the gym and get in the truck to transport the spaceship to the farm.
35. Go back and then enter the gym to get back into your body and then go to the farm and enter the spaceship and talk to Alien.
36. You need at least 120$ for this. You need to buy Alien clothes and a wig. Enter the boutique located right next to the gym and buy the things you need and then return to the farm at Alien’s. Now Alien looks like a human woman.
37. Now go home and finish the quest Alex gave you, to bring him clothes from his parents' room.
38. Day 6 and 7 have nothing. On those days, finish classes and train in the gym for up to 8 days.
39. Day 8 - Enter Alexandra's room.
40. When you're done, go to the gym. You have to have at least 50 strength to talk to Jennifer.
41. If you have chosen to use the device on Alexandra. Enter her room and scan her and then enter your room and transfer to her body. (Load Scan 2).
If you have chosen not to use the device version v0.3 is end. You can train in the gym to reach 50 strength and then talk to Jennifer in the professor's room at 12 o'clock. She will give you a quest but that quest is for v.04.
42. In Alexandra's body, approach the bed where the event will start. When the device is turned off, go to sleep.
43. Also You can train in the gym to reach 50 strength and then talk to Jennifer in the professor's room at 12 o'clock. She will give you a quest but that quest is for v.04.

- Add New Puzzle.
- Add New Character Alien Girl.
- Add 4 Location (Boutique, Forest, Sauna at gym and Farm).
- Add Mind control device.
- Add 3 New quests.
- Add Completing the second puzzle.

- Change the picture of bathroom and picture of events.
- Instead of taking a shower, now is taking a bath in bathtub.

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Review by ahoesko

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 03/23/2021

Alright this game is ok but extremely confusing to navigate without the walktrough. English is broken but understandable exept when confusing left and right in the walktrought. Im waiting for more as the concept is pretty good.



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