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En-Fem-E No. 9

En-Fem-E No. 9 is a tale of forced feminization.  I plan for this to be a three part series.  The first part sees you start down the road to feminization ending up in the grips of a nefarious pharmaceutical company.  Part two will ramp up the intensity times eleven.  Then we will probably just get off the wall weird with part three.  I have worked tirelessly on the first installment.  I hope it brings all of you aspiring sissies out there as much inspiration and joy that it has brought me. 




Video Trailer: https://vimeo.com/527320235







Sarah's private photoshoot.


Main Menu

Main Menu


Sam & Don Outside

Sam and Don arrive at Victoria's house.


Sam in Victoria's panties

Sam enjoys Victoria's panties.


Victoria's Foyer

Explore Victoria's Foyer.


Sam serving Victoria

Sam submits to Victoria.


The En-Fem-E Shake machine

The En-Fem-E No. 9 shake machine... They are mysteriously delicious.


Victoria's bedroom

Explore the house and find your true self.


Found Sarah's thumb drive

A peak inside Sarah's lost thumbdrive.


Victoria gives Sam her panties

A gift of silk panties from Victoria.


Victoria Femdom

Victoria's dominant bedroom.


Sam and Don

Sam and Don have "The Talk"


Victoria with Sam in Okama HQ

Victoria and Sam arrive at the foreboding Okama Pharmaceutical's HQ. 


Sam and Victoria in

Victoria settle's Sam into his new life.



Title Screen


En-Fem-E No. 9 sees the main character start out as a normal college student.  His adoptive parent's relationship is on the rocks and the main character and his father move in with his fathers new mysterious girlfriend.  When the father is suddenly called away on important unknown business the manipulative transformation at the hands of his father's new girlfriend begins.  Part one wraps up with the main character accompanying his new mistress to Tokyo where he/she falls into the grasp of a nefarious pharmaceutical company with dubious and sinister plans for the main character's future.


Name Choice available in game...


SamSam - Main Character


SarahSarah - Sam's adoptive-mother


DonDon - Sam's adoptive-father


VictoriaVictoria - Don's new girlfriend & Sam's misstress


SamanthaSamantha - Victoria's unseen college age daughter


Mr OkamaMr. Okama - CEO of the nefarious Okama Pharmaceuticals


ENIDE.N.I.D. - The "En-Fem-E Neural Interface Device. (A collar worn by same that interfaces directly with Sam's brain.  Taking control and guiding the transformation process.)


LexiOfficer lexi - The voluptuous airport security gaurd


Dom1Masked Femdom 1-6 -  The first mysterious latex clad femdoms that sam encounters in the deep dark recesses of Okama Pharmaceuticals.


11/28/2021 - New build from Ren'Py version 7.4.4 to remedy a possible file corruption in the demo file.  Text and menu resizing.relocation.  Custom main menu buttons added.

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Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: Demo on 04/09/2021

The demo is not really helpful. It doesn't really provide you with enough info to evaluate where this game might go and whether it is worth supporting. Here are the major problems:

1) There are no choices that impact the story. So, the demo is essentially a kinetic novel introducing . . . something.
2) The pictures that are NOT IN THE DEMO, give you an indication of where this is headed. You get no sense of whether this will be a good game or not
3) The visuals are only so-so.

I guess the demo is intended to simply tease the player, but it doesn't really do a good job of doing so. The only real thing of value in the demo is that the father has been working on some kind of drug that is controversial and it causes conflict, related in vague detail in a fight between the mother and father. The fact that this is an MtF/sissification game is only verified by pictures not included in the demo and the tags.

I had the opportunity to play a longer version of the demo and was not impressed. It's basically a kinetic novel since none of the choices you can make have any impact on the story. It's also not a very well-written story. There are a lot of games in this genre that do a better job.

I don't find the cost worth it. I deleted the game shortly after going through what content I had access to.

Review by Thtoneguy

Version reviewed: Demo on 04/01/2021

so a major problem i see is that this game is labeled as a forced fem game and gives a demo with not even a hint of it. i have no idea if im willing to spend 5$ or not on it because i simply have not the slightest idea how the forced fem is going to go. there are a lot of directions that could be done but i cant be sure that ill like the way you have written.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: Demo on 03/29/2021

The demo doesn't show anything more than a few slides. For over 400 megs of download, it's a waste of bandwidth. Asking that we pay for the rest without even teasing a transformation doesn't give me a desire to learn more about En-Fem-E No. 9



Review by BobbyB3horn

Version reviewed: Demo on 03/29/2021

The art in this game is top notch.  I really enjoyed my experience.   Certain areas of the game could use a bit of TLC but all around a fun little game.   

Review by Plasick

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/28/2021

I order to give out a real passionate thought about this game, I had to pay 5 dolars for this. Now, five dollars for me is easy to get. I can get rather easily but let's talk about the deo before I get into the actual game. The demo is short. Almost no amount of game play and keep in mind that it's not much of a game but more like a visual novel. So to say that there isn't anything to do in the demo outside of naming yourself and parents is bad. Really bad. Now that is out of the way, let's talk about the game and spoilers to those who want to play the entire "game". 


First, it's very impressive for a visual novel. Aniations are clean and it oves rather smoothly. The iea on how th player is feinized while it has been done before, it is without a dobut has been done in a very good way. However, that's all I can give for the game. The story is nothing speical. But to sumrize the plot, your adoptive father ad other have a big fight and break up. You end up finding a USB that contains some files. Something about working in some company and working on a formulia. And then, a few days later, your dad finds a girlfriend already and invites the MC to stay over to her house. But, big shock, not everything turns out as it seems. Your new "mommy" is secretly turning you into a girl with a milkshake. And then, you peek on your care taker to do a puzzle...which I will admit, while easy, it is also stands out from the other games. Nothing really hard. It's better than the mini games that I had to deal with "in transtion". Turns out she has a penis. And gives the MC her panties to wear. I could go on with the details but there is really no branching paths here and I feel like I was scamed five dollars because I thought I was getting more content with branching paths. 


You see, there is no branching paths even in the paid game I found on itcho. If the game I played was the demo and th full game or at least the most recently updated game had far more content than the one I just played, I would have been fine with that. I would have been understanding but this is a poor tatic. And with a whooping 2GB +, you'd be better of playing one of the other games here. You want more people to play your gae, don't give them bait to pay an incomplete game. Why not just do what every other person on patreon do with their gaes and make the updates early access while the demo of the game could have the older version of the game? But until this happens, DON'T BUY THE GAME. 

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