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En-Fem-E No. 9

Big Update!!   En-Fem-E No. 9 Reborn is here!
En-Fem-E No. 9 Reborn has arrived. More than double the content.  New game mechanics. Item inventory.  Outcomes based on "Sissy Level" and much more.

Windows Demo:


Android Demo:


New Trailer Video


Full Game:



En-Fem-E No. 9 is a tale of forced feminization.  I plan for this to be a three part series.  The first part sees you start down the road to feminization ending up in the grips of a nefarious pharmaceutical company.  Part two will ramp up the intensity times eleven.  Then we will probably just get off the wall weird with part three.  I have worked tirelessly on the first installment.  I hope it brings all of you aspiring sissies out there as much inspiration and joy that it has brought me. 









Sarah's private photoshoot.


Main Menu

Main Menu


Sam & Don Outside

Sam and Don arrive at Victoria's house.


Sam in Victoria's panties

Sam enjoys Victoria's panties.


Victoria's Foyer

Explore Victoria's Foyer.


Sam serving Victoria

Sam submits to Victoria.


The En-Fem-E Shake machine

The En-Fem-E No. 9 shake machine... They are mysteriously delicious.


Victoria's bedroom

Explore the house and find your true self.


Found Sarah's thumb drive

A peak inside Sarah's lost thumbdrive.


Victoria gives Sam her panties

A gift of silk panties from Victoria.


Victoria Femdom

Victoria's dominant bedroom.


Sam and Don

Sam and Don have "The Talk"


Victoria with Sam in Okama HQ

Victoria and Sam arrive at the foreboding Okama Pharmaceutical's HQ. 


Sam and Victoria in

Victoria settle's Sam into his new life.



Title Screen


NSFW Image:




"The entire game has been expanded, and requires users to purchase the new version to access the additional content. Users who purchased the original version can still download it at the following link: https://silk-savannah.itch.io/en-fem-e-no9

En-Fem-E No. 9 sees the main character start out as a normal college student.  His adoptive parent's relationship is on the rocks and the main character and his father move in with his fathers new mysterious girlfriend.  When the father is suddenly called away on important unknown business the manipulative transformation at the hands of his father's new girlfriend begins.  Part one wraps up with the main character accompanying his new mistress to Tokyo where he/she falls into the grasp of a nefarious pharmaceutical company with dubious and sinister plans for the main character's future.


Name Choice available in game...

 New Character - Devin

SamSam - Main Character


SarahSarah - Sam's adoptive-mother


DonDon - Sam's adoptive-father


VictoriaVictoria - Don's new girlfriend & Sam's misstress


SamanthaSamantha - Victoria's unseen college age daughter


Mr OkamaMr. Okama - CEO of the nefarious Okama Pharmaceuticals


ENIDE.N.I.D. - The "En-Fem-E Neural Interface Device. (A collar worn by same that interfaces directly with Sam's brain.  Taking control and guiding the transformation process.)


LexiOfficer lexi - The voluptuous airport security gaurd


Dom1Masked Femdom 1-6 -  The first mysterious latex clad femdoms that sam encounters in the deep dark recesses of Okama Pharmaceuticals.


11/28/2021 - New build from Ren'Py version 7.4.4 to remedy a possible file corruption in the demo file.  Text and menu resizing.relocation.  Custom main menu buttons added.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Si77ySarA

Version reviewed: Demo on 01/14/2022

I really enjoyed this game.  Great visuals and HOT content.  Can't wait to see more. 

Review by rez111

Version reviewed: Demo on 01/13/2022

What's here is short lived but the writing and scenes are hot, it def has potential, just needs more content and scenes, added to my radar.

Review by BobbyB3horn

Version reviewed: Demo on 01/12/2022

I just finished this game and I had a ton of fun.  The art is great and the story is fun and slightly dark.  The dev has put a ton of love into this and it shows.  Is it a triple A title? No.  But it checked all the boxes for my fantasy indie game experience. 

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: Demo on 01/10/2022

Played the full version. I liked it, for being very fetishy and pretty straight down the line into sissification - no big surprises there. It´s wank material without much side story buildibng up.  Conspiracy, shady unethical corporation, MC with according tendencies gets nudged and then pushed in the path until he enjoys it. The usual story-wise so to speak but in this implementation the lack of story innovatoin does not make me like the game less. It suits the trope and style. Although some sort of resist path is there but as in almost every such game the resist path just shows less content so that´s rather a "de facto" option you want to try once and then realize you see less wank suitable scenes, load a save in a branching option and maximize the according variables in your "see everything" play through. Maybe the resist path will get flashed out later a bit more. Gameplay - wise pretty linear with most effort been put into graphics. Again - it suits the trope, and it does that quite well. Looking forward to more conent.

Review by cr0ssdre55er

Version reviewed: Demo on 01/08/2022

Awesome game I reccomend it for everyone. The full version, paterons only, is even better

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