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Version: 0.1.3

Version: 0.1.2

Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.0.11d

by NerIne

An RPG maker game that focuses on a slow transformation into a half-vampire girl. Why half-vampire? Well, it'd be a major spoiler if I told you. If you're looking for something fast paced, then this game is NOT for you, but if you're fine with slow pace then feel free to check it out.


Current state of the game: Early Alpha
Current game's rating is PG. The game doesn't contain nudity at this point in time, it might change in the future. Though it won't turn into an XXX title.

Browser Version may work suboptimal due to assets being downloaded midgame. 


If you have found any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to share them in the discussion thread or on a discord server.


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There was once a magic school meant only for witches, it summoned its students when their powers first manifested. One day due to an outside interference a young man was summoned instead. Fortunately for him, the principal allowed him to stay in school until he can find the way home, but because it was an all-girls school, she had one condition. He had to disguise himself as a vampire-girl, the original target of a summoning spell. 





For full the changelog, look at the:
Devlog - Maledictis by Nerine (itch.io)

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Review by Shadow Rave

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 08/09/2021

So right off the bat the fights in the prologue are unnecessarily difficult.  The basic enemies hit hard and can outnumber you at the start.  You can miss often.  You can be inflicted with status ailments that you're not equipped to heal.  It could use a bit rebalancing.  That said there is definitely some good quality story telling from what I've seen thus far.  Has good potential.

Review by hellbeast10

Version reviewed: 0.0.11c on 06/17/2021

Really loved the concept and the start, found a gamebreaking bug in the intro, and a minor one on the school, hope I can see more of your work!

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.0.11c on 06/16/2021

I like what I see so far!  Love this and am imagining it becoming something like Magical Camp or Afterlife or Timeless Pantheon.  Keep up the good work! 

(>^_^)>    =^_^=    <(^_^<)


Edit: One comment removed bc taken care of.  Tyvm for that. =^_^=

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