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Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0

To My Office, Ms Taylor

An interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" game about Taylor (the player) being fired from her office job at Aion Corporation. Unemployment is the least of her worries, as she faces death, transformation, and uncovers aspects of her world she never knew about.

The game is currently complete with 20 endings, multiple epilogues, and other secrets.


This is a sequel to my previous work "Happy Birthday, Alex". While it is recommended to play that game first to understand some references and get more information on shared characters, this game can be played and understood entirely without it. You can find "Happy Birthday, Alex" here (links to TFGS Forum post).

Taylor (the player) is about to be fired from her office job at Aion Corporation. As it turns out, unemployment is to be the least of her worries. Join her as she faces bodily transformations, untimely death, and discovers secrets about her world she could never have imagined.

There is a list of all endings and epilogues in-game, as well as a guide on how to unlock them.

A cheat menu can be accessed by clicking the word "IF" in the (DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU ARE UNDER 18) warning on the first screen. It is highly discouraged for first time plays, as it will bypass proper narrative progression.

V1.1 - Fixed some spelling and grammar. Tweaked some progression to be more intuitive.

V1.0 - Initial Release

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 09/22/2021


Interactivity is high with the way this game is essentially a "Groundhog Day" time loop, the writing is solid for an all-text game and there are no images. Transformations in the game right now are limited, but it'd be spoiling to discuss this further when the game has hidden story paths that you've got to loop through the game multiple times to find with 20 possible endings.

After playing through this game for a solid half hour and finding pretty much everything with brute force loop attempts, I have to admit it felt more like a grind than enjoyable. Nevertheless it is interesting and a different way a Twine game has been presented in a while with the time loop mechanic.

In two minds on this one. You'll either love it or hate it.

Cautiously recommended.

Review by Eric Force

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 09/17/2021

How the fuck are people confused, sorry frustrated by clicking links, buttons, and god damn checkboxes. Do they not get off unless a jacked up army man clad in body armor screams at them to cross the bridge and shoot the baddies while calling them a limp dick soyboy?

7/10 bad; not enough profanities aimed at my micro penis.

Review by Onedrift

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 09/10/2021

Well written, wonderfully paced, especially as this is a looping game. More information means more paths which means more information, etc. Love it.

Review by comisar

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 09/09/2021

Needlessly hidden options for maximum increase frustration. Work of art my ass.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 09/09/2021


This is a very cleverly written and coded twine game, and a stellar example of what can be done with the engine and a good hook. I did miss a few endings at first as I skimmed over some of the more graphic passages, but it was fun to explore all the different paths and see where the story goes!

There's quite a few times where I wondered "oh wait, now that this has happened, what of that?" only to realise that you've saved yourself quite a bit of effort by having some paths be mooted when others are in play. The final ending was very well put together and the closure thereafter was quite excellent; not to mention I spotted no typos, code errors and only one errant capital letter!

tl;dr - Play this if you're in the mood for an excellent, if kinky mystery / thirller. 's good stuff, but give yourself time to let the hype settle.

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