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The game is aimed at versatility of choice, and the least amount of unnecessary text. The game is being developed by one person, whose English is not native, but, I assure you, Google translator and a couple of hours of torment made the game playable.

The game is in beta - fully working, at the moment there are 13 possible endings. I assure you, my imagination coupled with visual graphics will allow you to have a good time.

One of these days the content will be added: animals, anthropomorphic creatures and others, since the theme of the game allows.

I hope you will like it!

You play as a college student who is not particularly liked by the team. One day he finds a site that allows him to change his personality. At this point, the game begins.

Ver 0.2 Beta: Added 7 endings, some of them with Myth-Creatures.

Ver 0.1 Beta: release

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Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/23/2021

It's somewhat short, but the pictures are great, and the idea is interesting. If you have a half hour to spare, you can get the 13 endings currently in the game.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/22/2021


Bit of a strange one with a touch of horror. Images work fine for the game, interactivity is limited right now but gets the job done (there are multiple endings), transformations are limited right now but there's more to come and the writing is fine and will keep you interested.

The multiple endings can catch you by surprise though as there are some bad endings on routes where you wouldn't normally think it was a risk off the game scene writing. While there is not much to the game right now given its beta state, but what's here is similar to The Pill with more detailed images.

Certainly worth a look and I'm interested to see the finished game for more pathway options and transformation potential.

Review by Chelinka

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/19/2021

Excellent Update, it still looks like an interactive story, rather than a game, but it is so well done. The pictures' quality is neatly made for this kind of story.

Overall Rating : WellDoneWouldLikeToSeeMoreOfIt/20

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/16/2021

Short and sweet story. I particularly enjoy the drawings and the descriptions. I hope to see many other twists and turns in the story. Maybe a few stories that last longer if that's possible. Maybe a story where you can meet the creators of the site. Or maybe transformations that make you go on adventures. 

Review by Rubzz

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/15/2021

I really love the idea this has gone so far, i just wish each scenario went on a bit longer, it feels like they currently end quite quickly, though if you first want to focus on building out the options that's also undertstandable

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