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Version: 0.1

Fairy Tale - The Witch in the Woods

Happy Halloween folks!

This is my second submission to the site and a last minute addition to the Halloween Contest!

It's incomplete 2/5 chapters but should have plenty of content for folks in the meantime.

Roughly 55k words in and the core systems are working. Lots left to do, in both content and polish but I think it's an enjoyable read for folks.

The Core Story is a very loose retelling of Hansel and Gretel, where the protagonists (Hans & Margaret) are a couple who get lost in the woods and come across a creepy house with an incredibly pleasant older woman who welcomes them in to feed them and give them refuge from the wilderness, while they figure out a way to repair their vehicle. The house and the surrounding inhabitants... quickly start to change them both. I'm expanding a bit outside my general comfort zone on content because I know there's a wide variety of interests in viewers on the site.

You play as both Hans & Margaret, choosing who to play at different paths in the story - though you can stick with one the whole way through if you'd like. There will be multiple objectives that will appear over the course of the game as the plot unfolds, but the main goal is escape as unscathed as possible (or not if that's more what you're into). Currently I have few unique endings planned.

People seem to respond well to other games with real world images, so I tried to embrace that philosophy this time, with a unified narrative thread but with frequent real world images to keep folks engaged and break up the text. So TL:DR I'm trying something new for me in this space, and still relatively new to Twine so I'm still learning lots of new (and often very basic) tricks. :D

As always, feedback, bug reports, etc are all welcome, just be aware because the game is incomplete "balance" is going to be fairly poor, and will be heavily rebalanced as more content is added. 

Please Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!


Will update this as balance is further along. For the time being don't worry about balance. The game is not possible to win or lose atm, because it is incomplete!

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Review by Tits69McGee

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 11/01/2021

Great game so far! It has some good mechanics and exploration along with some decent transformation and sex scenes. I just wish we could switch to the other character's perspective for exploring the same areas if they're normally just standing idle. But more than anything, I just want to see the content keep coming out!

Review by demosen

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 11/01/2021

Really good start. Not really clear on what I could do to come closer to winning, aside from avoiding sex, but it's enjoyable anyway.

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