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Version: 1.0.0

Alien Abduction

One minute you are sleeping, the next, you wake up aboard an alien ship. Collect the keycards and escape, attempting to not get transformed into an alien yourself. That is, if you want to stay human...


This is a small, escape style game, with a few different endings depending on how transformed you get.


- Fixed one of the escape doors not working

-The card machine shouldn't repeat itself if you've already inserted all of the cards.

-Reduced the cost of the Alpha keycard to reduce grind partially.

-Slightly retweaked combat - Buffed the stats of most enemies, gave some slight progression with skills.


1.0 - Released

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Review by Rem

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 05/25/2022

Personally I am fan of lore, and this game is lacking that.

It's incredibly small, consisting of six rooms. There are six important interactables, of which one is an NPC. There are three chests. All the other NPCs initiate a battle sequence where if you lose, you'll be slightly transformed. The game has a slow pace transformation that primarily relies on these battle sequences and you losing them.
And there is no break after losing a battle, meaning you can get stuck in an endless battle loop till your transformation is completed. (When you lose you're left with 1 hp, exiting the battle, the NPC immediately starts the next battle afterward). This loop issue can be annoying to deal with.

The game literally has only one goal, one quest. This quest is basically: "get 4 items to open a door". Two of these items are in chests by the way, the other two involve the only npc that doesn't attack you and... a door. Don't ask. xd

There are six endings which all depend on the transformation phase. One is completely unchanged, the last one is completely changed. Then there is slightly changed, female mode and particially alien as ending. The ending that takes the longest to get to is the Unchanged ending due to needing to win 15 battles. (transforming is made easier)

The NPCs interactible comments are kinda lacking; there is none basically. The lore is extremely simple. There is no real reason for the game to happen other than for the heck of it (bored aliens). Even the main character is just a random victim in this, seemingly and oddly enough only one NPC questions this.
Unfortunately even after you completely changed there isn't much deviation in the game. Basically your transformed state doesn't matter at all, not to the main character, not to any NPC. Except the last stage, which the only benefit is that it stops battles and NPCs telling you 'welcome newbie', basically.

It also seems the protagonist is a bit perverted considering the ending sequences, which is nothing more than some text about what happened after they decided to escape very globally.

So in the end: The value of the transformations involved in this game is about as much as much the value in a typical transformation sequence with nothing, other than the sequence and a pose basically.

What I would like to see in a game such as this is that the NPCs comment on your transformation or that the main character does so; making things either harder or more welcoming for him/her. For example, if he feels insecure, I think his stats should be reduced for example or be like "crap if I battle and lose again they'll just keep doing this to me" and give the option to run away quickly or something. You know, like that, make the transformation more important. You can also let the "game master" comment on the transformation phase, after all the aliens arranged it. I don't see why they don't get involved in commenting especially since they already did so at the start of the game. So those are things I would advise for the game developer basically.

That all said, it is a completed game. You can run from beginning to end and the only 'bug' I discovered was the problem where you can get stuck in endless battles. Its decent, I guess, but not too interesting. I would grade it with a number, but that makes people think it is worse than it is. My descriptions give a more accurate image.

Please give it a try and see for yourself, its the best way to grade. ;p It takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete (depending on the ending condition you go for). Good luck.

Review by Pewwaya

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/15/2022

I love these kind of games, but this one is too easy and the transformation is too slow as well. It's also very short. You would have to lose on purpose to get fully transformed, and that would make it feel too consensual for me. The different aliens in the game are cute and fun. Transforming into those different aliens would be exciting!

Review by Stanicus

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/14/2022

Decent game, takes maybe 20 mins to get through to see one ending. All the art is in Kisikae, which personally i like as it adds some personality to it. Not sure if more content is planned but i'll be following just in case

Review by Ailius1

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/13/2022

It's a pretty basic RPGMaker Game that falls into many of the classic traps, but it is complete.

Should take around an hour to get all the endings. I look forward to more from this author.

Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/12/2022

A solid but basic RPG maker game. A little grindy in place it probably doesn't need to be but otherwise not bad. Lose and get transformed, how transformed you are decides your ending. Basic combat and a find the four keys game design. Has an alien theme obviously if that's your thing.


Good for a quick diversion, but not explictly sexy if that's what you are looking for.

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