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Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0.0

Mistress Mindgames 2


Mistress Mindgames 2 is a little different from the original.
The main difference is, instead of a single generic/blank character with a variety of TF options,
there will be several characters with mostly linier transformations, each with a different theme.

The basic gameplay is pretty simple, and possibly a little grindy^^
Generally, you wake up, and go through the characters daily routine.
At night, you must navigate increasingly difficult obstical courses where you avoid balls of light.

If you fail, your character will transform one step, which will be reflected in their daily routine.
Each character will have at least 10 possible endings, depending on how transformed they are after 14 days.

As I mentioned before, this game is partially paywalled.
As I add more characters, I will update this post with the new content, 
and change which characters are paywalled and which aren't.

Check the Changelog for a list of free/not free characters.

EDIT: After getting some feedback, I have added this game to Itch.io
for people who can't use my Subscribe Star!
I should mention that it's $15.00 on there, instead of the $10.00 on Subscribe Star.
This is because it's a one time purchase that will give you access to the game forever.
Here's the link:

The specific plots vary for each character, but they all share one thing in common:
Mistress has chosen them as a target, and will be turning them into someone else.
They have the ability to resist her influence, but it will get harder over time.

There is a list of each characters basic plot in Characters.

Andy is a recluse and a computer gamer. He barely leaves his apartment.
Mistress decides to try to turn him into a sexy livestreamer!

Shane is a city boy, who has wound up having to work on a farm,
much to his dismay. Mistress decides to try to turn him into a sexy farmgirl!

Wilson is a short, skinny, shy young man, and his two friends Harry and Vicky
have dragged him to a beach resort to try and get him out of his shell.
Mistress decides to try to turn him into a sexy beach babe!

Carson is a MAX Security inmate, in for murder. He has a life sentence without parole.
He has to deal with the other prisoners and the guards every day.
Mistress decides to turn him into a woman,
but to also allow "her" to have some control over her own fate.
(NOTE: Carson has been updated, but at the moment the player is restricted to MAX and MED)

Little is known about the mysterious Mistress.
She is the antagonist of the game, using her magic to transform the player. 

The game has a tutorial under "Key Items".
Just press ESC to open the pause menu, and navigate to it.



Shane(No Auto)





Carson(MAX and MED, Auto)




Suzanne(First female character!)

John(16 year old, AR/TG to 6 year old girl, no sexualization)




V 1.0 Initial release

V 1.1
Added new character "Shane"



V 1.2
Added new character "Wilson"

V 1.3

Added new character "Carson"(MAX ONLY)
Added text box message when Willpower is reduced
Added text box message when Willpower is increased

V 1.4


Updated "Carson" with MED SEC
Added "Auto" and "Super Auto" modes
Added door to kitchen in farm house(Shane)
Made it so the lights will reset after being hit in the gauntlet
Lights will now permanently disappear when you touch them
Added new gauntlets for Normal and Hard mode
Fixed minor Willpower bug





Review by Prince of Elsewhere

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 03/19/2023

This game is way to grindy with not enough variation outside of purposely loosing to see trasformations. For my playthrough I aimed for the Andy(4) since I like feminizations sans mtf. This led to a great many repetitous days where nothing new happended and at the end of it all it felt like the grind meant nothing since there is nothing I could do to change the character outside of continuing the transformation through loosing.  

Review by Pewwaya

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 03/18/2023

I can't get over how cute the transformations are in this game! I enjoy this a lot more than the first one, and the dodging game is fun. My problem is with the 14 day limit being the objective instead of trying to beat all the levels with unlimited days. I'm sure I would have lost the last few levels 14 times, and it would have been more enjoyable to be transformed that way. If I want to be fully transformed, it means I have to commit to minimizing willpower and losing each of the 14 days, otherwise the transformation is cut short. And when I do try to get transformed every day, I don't think I get to explore all the new options that present themselves because it looks like I need 2-3 days to see all the new choices for a phase of the transformation.


I think it would make the game a lot more challenging if each character had different levels. It would quadruple what's already there, but it would make it harder to win the game when I've already beaten it with another character. That way my practice won't be applied to other characters.


Thanks so much for making this game! You're easily one of my big favorite game creators! Wilson has to be my favorite character of yours - I need more! I can only think of one or two transformations you've made that I like around as much as the few I've seen in this game! (So far I've fully finished Shane, Wilson and 33% of Carson.)

Review by BigPervert

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 06/05/2022

Well... although I love your Deviantart animations and stuff, Thriller, this just isn't a good game again... Everyone pretty much covered it so far. Dodging is too easy with running, the dodging is monotonous, very monotonous daily stuff, and too large of rooms. Wasn't keen on watching my character navigate the large rooms on their own in order to get to breakfast, either. Especially when there was no engaging or new dialogue.

Review by UnfortunateSon

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/27/2022

I'd say good.  Not worth $15 (I got it on itch.io), but times are hard so I understand why prices might be a bit higher than reasonable.

Nice things I have to say:
The Mistress is a good concept in general: a powerful God/spirit/whatever who goes around fucking with people and bending their minds and bodies?  Unlimited potential.

Concepts are good and executed well enough.  You're not putting out stuff that will change the world of TF literature, but it's good for busting nuts. 

Puzzles are easy to fail if you want to fail them, but easy to pass if you want to pass them.  In general, games where failure (and the degree to which you fail) is the point should allow you to easily enough 'choose your destiny'.


Flow patterns.  You need to think of how long it takes to do very mundane stuff and arrange the rooms to best suit this.

This is very noticeable for Shane (the farm worker).  His bathroom is at the center of the 'coil' that his room is, so you have to go to the furthest point from the exit, and then work the way out.

Also, having to walk all the way around the house to get to the kitchen to talk to Ms Jolene?  Mother of God.  I opened VX and edited a hole in that wall myself.

Some of the female models you used for RPG maker look absolutely feckin weird.  Something about the big white eyes. 

Review by Narg

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/24/2022

A little bit of a grind when it comes to the daily events, but there was some nice variation of things once there were enough TF steps. I think the little dream sequences should be made more difficult, my suggestion being that they should probably be longer before reaching your goal. I hope that in the future there might be more characters to transform for free, since it was a bit disappointing to only be able to go through with one character so far.

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