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Version: 0.0.01


i woke up one day with 15$ in hand and a need for more mind control games.

The end result: undertale but nano-control type mind control.

I made this concept demo over 2 days to see if people would like this, i've never made a game before so I hope this one ain't TOO terrible to play.

This game has like 99% of its influence from Nano-control, it makes me sad to see that it's the ONLY game like it out there, and i'd like to change that.

The game is incredibly barebones right now, but i plan on expanding the game and adding proper content as i can comission the artist (Full credit to Filler_Shmazman) for more art.

Generic hentai protag gets MC powers to get an easy harem.

The plot i have planned is deeper than that but this is basically what it is right now.


Chara: the evil murdergirl is here and not ready for mind control.

(Female) Asriel: sorry, but i had to. more info when i get to making them.

Frisk: The determined pacifist/murdergirl. snarky and flirty as always, will their determination overcome the control? find out when i get around to making them.

Clover: The yellow soul from undertale yellow is (not yet) here as well. more info when i get to making them.

Although there is some dialouge with asriel and frisk in the 3rd house from the protag's, chara is the only character with any actual content and pictures. She's on the far right house.


-POC Demo Release


-Intro added (no new images unfortunately)

-Updated some of Chara's faces and option dialogue.

-Topless Chara sprite added.

-Added hide text box button (Ctrl/Alt).

-Fixed some wall clipping issues.

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Review by bipbattler

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 09/08/2022

A mind control game? Great! I can't wait to see it. Keep up the hard work, and you'll get there. As it is right now, It's very broken and not really worth playing. Typically these kind of things should reach some level of completeness before you publish them. For example, finish the first town, complete the first act of the story, or introduce the characters. It's your game, you decide where that boundary is. Then you release updates that expand the game. It's bad show to publish a clearly broken project. But since it looks like you just started the game, I assume you just wanted to get the word out about your new project. I would recommend putting together a prototype to at least show off the mind control part of the game, instead of building out the world. I like world building too, but it eats up a lot of development time. Scope creep is a real problem, so I recomend making a list of all the important things you want to put in the game, then order them from most to least important. And try to start with a section of the game that is self-contained. Undertale started out as just the ruins, maybe start with something similar, then expand from there... GOOD LUCK and have fun! :D

Review by alias1

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 09/08/2022

So, i very rarely review things but decided to do so here because I've been making games with RPGMaker for 15+ years now and I know how important it is to get feedback.

Sadly I cannot provide much feedback here because there really is almost nothing to see. I don't have MZ because i decided to skip it and head into unite once it releases but what i see ingame looks to be fully RTP for now. Some Images that are in the folder but couldn't be accessed ingame as far as I can tell are nice but without context nothing more. The writing in the intro is not very engaging to be honest. there is absolutely no incentive to relate to the hero and with just a black screen for quite a bit of time it is not very graphic. I am not a native English speaker but even I noticed some minor spelling mistakes in the script.

The game might become interesting at some point but at the moment there simply is no game to review.

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